Patanjali Yoga Sutras: LIFE HAS NO CONFLICT

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LIFE HAS NO CONFLICT - Patanjali Yoga Sutras-56


In this 56 Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes a part of 5 Sutra in Chapter 2 of Patanjali Yoga Sutras. He describes about conflict-free living.

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LIFE HAS NO CONFLICT - Patanjali Yoga Sutras - 56


I am continuing the same sutra. Anithya, Asuchi, dukkha, anaatmasu, nithya, suchi, Sukha, atma khyadihi avidya It is such an apt sutra. How the poor human beings suffer with ignorance. It is such a powerful Non eternal impure pain and non self is taken as eternal, pure, joy and self. Let me define Sukha. Sukha is an experience which leads you to deeper, deeper realities means higher and higher possibilities of reality. As a side effect of it whole body feeling sweet, whole mind feeling joyful, face beaming, you shining are all side effects. Do not hold on to the side effects. The moment you hold on to it and try to repeat to it by holding on to an act, you fall into dukkha. For eg. Sweet. Craving for sweet is like a thought. The joy you experience is because of you getting back to your source and not by the object getting in touch with your sense. But unfortunately, the mind is in such ignorance that it thinks the object coming bk to the sense is the one that gives the joy. By the time you come to the 5th sweet, body starts resisting, by 9th sweet, it will vomit. The Ignorance which makes you think that the act is responsible for the experience is the cause for sukha not happening again and pain being mistaken for joy. Ignorance is not always bliss! Ignorance of your basic existence and reality is too costly. Sometimes after wasting your whole life, you wil realize that whole life you have lived in such ignorance. One major thing modern world is facing in this world is depression in old age. In countries like newzealand, to reduce old age suicides, they give you money to maintain yourself and to your paid partner – you can pay another person to take care of you. Because suddenly your inner consciousness tells you that you lived your whole life out of ignorance. Understand, if you are young and fortunate enuf to come in contact with this great wisdom and science to exist feel blessed that you found out that it is a paper shredder before you put your life into it. And this paper (your life) is too c ostly becos you have only one. Whether it is a sweet, music, or seeing or smell or touch – if you just look into the science of sukha, the science of happiness, anything which leads you to deeper and deeper reality, stronger and stronger reality is happiness. The process that makes you levitate is leading you to deeper and deeper reality and it cannot leave you. By nature, you are travelling towards the deepest reality of your existence. If you mistake the source of happiness and the outer world happening as connected, then there is a possibility of pain being mistaken as pleasure. But if you catch the root of happiness which is the higher possibility of existence, higher form of reality, it will never leave you. I am not even bothered of levitation. It is just a by product. We are working towards raising your consciousness, in the process, sometimes your body and mind also will raise. That’s all. Next process is floating on water. That is next process. So without creating a ripple, you are expected to stay in the water. In the water, your prana also needs to be balanced. Without creating a ripple you will be stable on water if both your samaana and prana are controlled. Even the people who are levitating, so much joy. Joy being pumped into the body! Don’t try to land in a hurried way – that is the insecurity. When you try to land you will think maybe this bliss will go away. My guru Raghupati Yogi made me levitate. He would make me inhal and hold. Inhale and holding is called Kumbaka. Then he will remove the beds. I have to remain the beds. I have to remain in that space for 60 secs. And the floor beneath was hard cement floor. Then my landing would be slow becos I know if not my back will break. Your balanced samaana will make you land on the ground slowly. Ramakrishna and Vivekananda’s love – how close they were. But in modern day perverted idiots interpret even that as homo sexuality! So it was such a joy for me. Everyday morning my guru would come, hold m y finger and make me walk to the temple. He would give me whatever I asked for – puffed rice, coconut balls (village candy) and coffee. He used to bring all that and keep it like a museum and make me climb all the pillars after which he would release them one by one. He used to make me do it so lovingly. After all that climbing up and down, pillars and posts everything – still even now I can climb any tree without any risk – just like that. I never thot it is a science – I only think – I am a man, here is a tree climb that’s all. Then he would take me to the temple tank, put ash on me and make me take a bath, make me do pranayama there itself. The amount of joy he added took care of my whole practice as joyful. Sometimes he would make me do Surya namaskar from sunrise to sunset. He would put a stick and I have to follow its shadow. He would have all his coffee, candy everything and he would give me in between! It was such a joy. I sometimes really feel I am not honoring his tradition. The amount of love and care he radiated. Especially physical process needs a lot of love and care. Somebody whom you really feel deeply connected with can only make you do it again and again. Fortunately I had a lot of time with him. But today, neither that much time is possible nor the physical nearness is possible as a life style. Of course, even physical nearness is not reqd. But time is. Once he caught a cobra and made it bite me. Just to prove the science of removing poison from the body. Then he had a herb which he put at that spot and sucked the poison. He was showing me the peak of consciousness and unconsciousness – how to go to peak of consciousness even when poison is spread into your body. For even a second, I did not have fear. He made the cobra bite, I was slowly falling into the consciousness, he was instructing me balance your samaana. I could feel at that moment that a spot in the Sahasrara got opened and got connected to the Visuddhi – to the throat and intense flow of sweetness was there. All you need is – give up the insecurity that this joy will go away. Trust the master who is making you go thru this process. If you lose the insecurity of losing the bliss, the landing will not be so hurried. Develop trust and feeling connected with the master and the power of the process he is doing. You will then not land in a hurry. You will land in a beautiful way, you will not have suffering. When the insecurity is removed, you will realize the sukha which leads to deeper and deeper reality, becomes the experience of your being. I tell you, dukkha is an experience which leads you more and more to the superficial realities. Sukha is the experience which leads you to deeper and deeper, solid solid, stronger and stronger, higher and higher reality. Do not mistakethe dukkha as sukha. Just be honest and strong to look in and see, catch the sukha as sukha and suffering as suffering. Just if you catch suffering as suffering, happiness as happiness then you are intelligent enuf and you become programmed to go beyond happiness. You don’t need much to get enlightened. You just need to see happiness as happiness and dukha as dukha. You are inbuilt to go after happiness and joy. When you do not know it is suffering, you pay for it. The moment you know it is suffering, you are intelligent enuf to break free from it! Then you will get into the deeper and deeper reality and possibility of existence. Like how, when the sweet is put in the mouth, the joy is experienced, use that moment to go to the source of where that joy is coming from and establish yourself in that source. You will become insensitive to music if you are exposed to loud music. Ears have lost their sensitivity. Whether it is touch, smell, hearing, tasting, anything is lost. Assuming suffering as joy is the basic ignorance. The whole life will have a big shift when you understand the joy and suffering. Next word – Anatmasu atma – taking the non-self as self. As I said y’day – which has conflict cannot have a life, which has life cannot have a conflict. Don’t give life to conflict, don’t feel life has conflict. Don’t give life to conflict, don’t bring conflict to life. How we give the credibility of the atman to the anatman – non self – so many 1000s of ways, we go on mistaking the non-self as self. Non-existent as existent. How in the fear in the darkness you assume the rope as a snake, in Vedanta tradition – rajju sarpa nyaya. Rope being felt as a snake – there is no snake – neither before, during or after your perception. But because of your perception, you make the rope into a snake, shiver, go thru fear and suddenly the fear brings a certain intensity into your body which makes you look into it deeply. This makes you realizes the rope as a rope. But if that intensity takes you away from the rope, forever you will always think rope as a snake. Actually rope is always a rope – in past, present and future. But by your fear, it gets projected as snake and gets you into the exp of a snake – which is a lower reality. Then you may respond to it by either looking into it with awareness or escape from it. If you have the awareness of looking into it, you will realize the perception of it as a snake and will be free from it! One Raghupati yogi was explaining this rajju sarpanyaaya to me. He wanted to get a rope and show it to me as an example. He searched for a rope, he did not find it. He made some sound and then a snake appeared from no where! He explained the whole thing with the snake. He was a master in sounds – sabda tatva, vaak tatva. I have seen with my own eyes. He would take a copper metal lump. He would create some vibrations thru sound. The whole copper became like a heated lump. He was explaining the whole thing with the snake and that snake is cooly lying down. Usually on rope you will project snake and understand. But I learnt by using actual snake and project the rope and understand. But he would never hurt anyone. That’s why animals were also so loving around him. He would never let me touch his feet. He always told me that history would curse me if you touch me. I am here to prepare you to show the world that you are an incarnation. The other day, devotee was telling me that he cannot touch his shoulder. Even I experience it. But he would immd tap on that part and the body will just do what he says! He knew the science of awakening your innate body bio memory. Anatmasu atma. How a non-self is taken as self. In so many ways the mind plays the game and projects the self as non self and non self as self. I can give you 100s of examples. There is a very beautiful verse in a great spiritual work called ‘thiruvandiram’ by ‘thirumular’ who was an enlightened siddha. He lived for 3000 years and wrote one sutra each year. He would go thru a process for a full year and express it as a sutra. Very beautifully he expresses how the anatma is taken as the atma. The translation is: If there is an elephant carved in wood, if you see it is a wood, you will not see it as an elephant, and if you see it as elephant, you will not see it as wood. Same way, if you see this world as God, you cant see it as world and vice versa…the 5 bhutas – water, earth, ether, space – if you see these 5 elements you will not see the cosmos. If you see the cosmos, you will not see the 5 elements. If you see as jewel, you will not see as gold and vice versa If you see senses, you will not see self and vice versa Your sense covers yourself. If you awaken your self, your senses disappear into yourself ! Anaatmasu atma – how the atma is mistaken as anatma and anatma is mistaken as atma. I think I am really feeling intense with this energy – pregnant. Let me initiate you directly. To summarize – don’t see with the eye, hear with the ears, taste with the tounge, smell with the nose, feel with the body. Anything which happens thru these 5 senses say no. do not believe. Any perception that comes from the 5 senses, don’t believe. Say I am going to sit till the right perception beyond these 5 happens in me. What is perception without these 5 senses perceiving? Everyday process is equal to one zen koan, one maha vaakya. Now the process is what is perception without 5 senses perceiving? The senses cover the self. If the self is awakened, the senses dissolve into the self! It is the highest truth of Vedanta which can simply become reality.