Kailasa Paramparagatha Salem Sarvajnapeetham

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On 12 Nov 2006, The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam was coronated as the head of the Kailasa Paramparagatha Salem Sarvajnapeetham with the inauguration of the Salem Aadheenam at the land identified for it. He declared it the headquarters of Tamilnadu. A program packed with events, those who were present took back tremendous moments to share with one and all.

Starting with preliminary fire rituals and other offerings on the 11th, and continuing through the night, the actual inauguration was on 12th morning.

Welcoming The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism

Welcoming-Swamiji - DSC_3586.jpg Welcoming-Swamiji - DSC_3588.jpg Welcoming-Swamiji - DSC_3684.jpg Welcoming-Swamiji - DSC_3756.jpg

Final Offering of Poornahuti at the Guru Homa

Final-Offering-Poornahuti - DSC_3793.jpg Final-Offering-Poornahuti - DSC_4020.jpg

Abishekam And Arathi

Abishekam-And-Arathi - DSC_3875.jpg Abishekam-And-Arathi - DSC_3884.jpg Abishekam-And-Arathi - DSC_3894.jpg

Inauguration Ceremony

Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_3922.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_3959.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_3990.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4073.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4075.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4078.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4079.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4154.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4188.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4189.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4191.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4195.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4198.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4200.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4205.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4207.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4215.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4224.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4267.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4328.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_4335.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_5008.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_5023.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_6964.jpg Inaguration-Ceremony - DSC_7021.jpg

Official Function

Stage-Events - DSC_4356.jpg Stage-Events - DSC_4408.jpg Stage-Events - DSC_4457.jpg Stage-Events - DSC_4487.jpg Stage-Events - DSC_4508.jpg Stage-Events - DSC_4516.jpg Stage-Events - DSC_4561.jpg Stage-Events - DSC_4580.jpg Stage-Events - DSC_4668.jpg Stage-Events - DSC_4703.jpg Stage-Events - DSC_4715.jpg Stage-Events - DSC_4760.jpg Stage-Events - DSC_4835.jpg Stage-Events - DSC_4954.jpg

Maheshwara Pooja

Maheshwara-Pooja - DSC_5055.jpg Maheshwara-Pooja - DSC_5089.jpg Maheshwara-Pooja - DSC_5092.jpg Maheshwara-Pooja - DSC_5106.jpg

Holi Celebrations

Holi-Celebrations - DSC_5578.jpg Holi-Celebrations - DSC_5684.jpg Holi-Celebrations - DSC_5764.jpg Holi-Celebrations - DSC_6205.jpg Holi-Celebrations - DSC_6252.jpg