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Tapa is the necessary process for ultimate flowering.

Experience Tapa With Master, and Apa with Life

Some times in life you go through Apa. Apa means unnecessary suffering.

But master takes care you do only Tapa, the necessary process for ultimate flowering. With master , there is only Tapas . There is no Apa, there is only Tapa. Just purification. Only the necessary processes which is mainly some times painfuller ,whatever you call it, but only necessary.

I do not allow my people suffer one mg extra that what is necessary for them to breaking out of patterns or Enlightenment.

Understand , Mahakala as witness , I give you this statement with integrity and authenticity I never allow my people to suffer even one micro milligram extra. I myself dont like suffering because of that I don't like my people suffering.It is a simple straight forward policy- I dont like suffering, so I dont like my people suffering. Only the minimum basic required - some times you dont listen without suffering. Only at those moments, the minimum required dosage like anesthesia , how the minimum required dosage is used., same way minimum required dosage suffering is allowed in your life to wake up nothing more, nothing more.If I don't do ,life will do.

But unfortunately in life there is no regulating mechanism, it is an automated anaesthesia. Some times more than what is required in life wake up calls also land in you.

.. Please understand ,I want to make the statement very clearly to the humanity as the integrated carrier of this great name Nithyananda , I love Bliss and the joy which is the shadow of Bliss and I neither accept nor promote or recognize any suffering in any way.Naturally because I dont accept ,i will never ask suffering in your life.Wherever a little pain you may have to go through is nothing but a wake up call.

Let this be very clear ,if you avoid the wake up call from the Master, there may be some thing else in life . If you avoid the fire alarm from the master, then you have to go for sprinkler only ,life sprinkler, our alarm is much better than life sprinkler.

I dont give up on people even when people give up on me. I tell them alright when life teaches you ,if that is more difficult come back,I am there available, because in life there is no automated regulatory mechanism sorry there is no intelligent mechanism ,it is automated regulatory mechanism ,till you wake up, suffering is sent to you. and you don't even know why it is sent to you.

With Master the thing is Tapa; with Life much is Apa - Apa means unnecessary non-required suffering.

My biggest strength is I dont give up on people .I wait, wait, wait, bring that to your Ananda Ganda. No question of giving up on people .

Please understand this, contemplate on this very deeply , authentically and answer me with integrity ,how you give up on people in that same speed If I am giving up on you ,please tell Me ,how many of you think you will not be here. Then you know the speed with which you give up on people in that same speed and frequency in that same way if I made my decisions to give up on you all so any of you will be here wasting your time. So dont give up on people.

Understand people are life nothing else is life. Not money ,it can be created by people not buildings.It can be created by people ,any thing can be created by people but nothing can create people. People are life. The people you give up on in your life are the minuses of your life People whom you did not give up in your life are pluses of your life.This is the maths of life. Sit and do maths of your life. How many you did not give up all of them are your plus , how many you gave up a,all of them are your minus.See whether your life is running in loss or profit. This is the balance sheet of your life .balance sheet of life is different from your balance sheet of economy.The money balance sheet , every body knows how to do it. Your auditors know how to play with ,if you are with IRS , your IRS agents know .Your balance sheet is a game between auditor and IRS agents. That is not the real balance sheet

Take Conscious Decisions

Understand, all the so-called natural responses you are having in life was created by you at some time! Whatever you say as happening spontaneously in you is also created at some time in life. All your responses are either prarabdha or sanchita. It is not swatmaprakasha, self-effulgence. If you have a natural taste for sugar, do you think it came by itself? No. You created it one day. Because the responses you feel as natural had been taken up by you long long ago in unawareness, you don’t feel the load of it.

Now, I am asking you to take conscious decisions. Your liking sugar is not good for health, drop that response. But you say - no, no, it is like forcing! So when you started liking sugar, did it happen spontaneously? No. That was also picked up long ago. Whatever you feel as natural in you right now is nothing but the plastic flower shaking in the wind, showing as if it is alive. Understand, there is never a thing which will be naturally flowering except enlightenment. All natural flowering will not be a response, all natural flowering is responsibility. If anything other than responsibility is happening in you, understand, it can never be natural. When the boat goes into the ocean, naturally it feels shaky. But life is expansion, life is ocean. So anything that can expand you, make you responsible - just take it up. I will not call it force, I will call it tapas.


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