March 13 2013

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March 13, 2013


In today’s morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals a new definition for authenticity. Authenticity is living at the peak of our capability. We determine our ultimate capacity by becoming aware of what we expect of ourselves. Part of it is from our inner self-image, called mamakara in Sanskrit. Two other portions of our self-expectations are projected out from our suppressed ideas about ourselves, and are reflected back to us in what others ask of us. These are called ahamkara – what others believe we already are – and anyakara, what others hope or wish we will become. Once we understand that others are merely showing us what we expect of ourselves, we have found the path to self-realization and achieved a state of authenticity. Swamiji also gave a new definition of freedom. Freedom has nothing to do with external change – new car, new home, new job if we don’t enjoy the old ones. This is actually just restlessness. True freedom means aligning our free will with the possibilities we create for ourselves in life. We only can enact lasting change once we integrate our inner desires with our external choices. If what we long for clashes with what we choose in the outer world, we are actually in bondage, not in freedom. Further, Swamiji unveils a new definition for aparigraha, the monastic principle of non-possessiveness. This principle has erroneously been interpreted by many translators and philosophers as “poverty” or “owning nothing”. Its underlying intention is to release attachments to materialism and to dissolve the emotion of greed. Nithyananda re-defines this principle as responsibly owning, as exercising responsible ownership. In order to reach out to the world and enrich the lives of others, some possessions may be required and useful. Ownership is permitted for necessary items, but with the responsibility of using them only to embody the Four Truths of life.




16th Inner Awakening,

13th eN genius,

5th THE Samyama,

10th Nirahara samyama level 1- first day,

9th nirahara samyama level 3 - first day

Swami gives Ma Nithya Brahmananda birthday blessings


I think I already announced in the sangha meeting, but now I wanted to announce. so I lift the ban on Facebook. Now you will not have any more ban on Facebook. Earlier for adheenamites I put the ban because these guys spend whole life on the Facebook. And now I lift the ban. You be responsible. Be responsible and as I said for all the swamis and swaminis, please listen, not for naishtika brahmacharis, not for karma brahmacharis; for swamis and swaminins and rishis I am redefining aparigraha- responsibly possessing. Ok? Not even possessing, the word is responsibly owning, responsibly using. Ma owning is a better word - Responsibly owning and responsibly using. Clear? So there is no such thing as….

Not having anything is not the purpose of life - having the things to enrich people with these 4 tattvas. Ok? You can have whatever you want which is directly to enrich people, only to enrich people; but it should be minimum. For example - you can enrich people by going in the car and going in the helicopter also; means you should be having only car. Not that you will buy an helicopter and justify the reason!! No, no, no if I go for helicopter, helicopter, helicopter I will go village to village, village to village, village to village and enrich people.


That is what suddhananda will tell that is why he is laughing. Suddhananda and gnanaswarupananda will tell that only. Gnanaswarupa will ask me to create a airport in every village. No, in helicopter I cannot stretch my leg; only in the flight I can have a business class seat! So anything for enriching is ok, so each one of you guys decide responsibly owning. You can have Facebook, Twitter, anything but be aligned, be aligned to this one satya – living and radiating this 4 tattvas. Live and radiate these 4 tattvas. With that tuning, see when you are in the tuning you actually don’t own anything; satya owns everything. Now you yourself are owned by the satya. Then how can you own something else. No.


But still naishtika brahmacharis and karma brahmacharis have to learn for some more time to be with the tattva and satya before you start going for this interpretation of responsibly owning. See as far as the naishtika and karma brahmacharya is concerned you should have only the principle of non possessiveness. But for the swamis and swaminis and rishis they will have the understanding of responsibly owning. Clear? And swamis and swaminis also have one more commitment. It’s not just commitment as a lifestyle; anything belongs to you anybody asks it is theirs. You should continue to radiate that. So from today Sadhana TV, everyday live satsang will happen between 8:30 to 9:30. Maybe from 1st April it will be moved to 8-9 itself. So the pada puja conductors you have to make sure you chant it in such a way that it starts sharp 7 ends sharp 8. Ok?


Today Sri Ramakrishna’s birthday as per the Vedic calendar; so I bow down to Mahavatara Sri Ramakrishna who is the source of inspiration for me and the sangha who is everything for us.

niranjanam nithyam anantha roopam

Bhaktaanugam baadritha vigraham vai

Eeshaavataaram paramesha meetyam

Tam ramakrishnam shirasa namami.


I bow down to Sri Ramakrishna the source of inspiration for me and our sangha and it’s very nice, on this very day we are declaring our sangha to the world. By today night we will be releasing the four order. Brahmacharis - means krama, naishtika, sanyas, rishi, all the four orders; the first set will be released today.


Now I have collective responsibility from French sangha. Let me bless that. The French sangha declares with sampoorthi, shraddha, upaayanam and aapyayanam that it develops 2 trusts before April 2013,

Oh God! In a month?

Which eNreach and touch from 500 thousand people and one million people within 2 years through articles and teachings, education, worship, e programs, programs and satsangs and the 4 tattvas as well as through humanitarian services. A Kalighat temple is created in Paris by July 2013.

Blessings. Blessings to Paris sangha. Tathasthu.

With an adheenam on the second floor this temple is also Vedic university where 8 teachers introduce many aspects of Vedic tradition and temple hosts and coordinates an online university which will be set up before the end of 2013.

Great tathasthu.

The temple flowers to become a monastery of the Nithyananda order by 2020 with 30 sanyasis and 50 trained teachers and expanding the 4 tattvas and the Vedic tradition until it becomes a main religion in France.

Blessings. Blessings you guys, blessing.

From 2014 to 2020 the Nithyananda yoga meditation Vedic university grows and becomes an international university with 100s of students coming from all over the world to study the Vedic sciences in Paris and sangha builds up an infra structure to welcome them all.

Blessings. Done.

In parallel an NGO is developed that funds humanitarian projects up to 50000 euros by 2014 contributing among other things to the creation of Nithyananda meditation center in Senegal and agro ecological development projects along with trainings and methods that will help make the land more productive in order to improve food security. This project will help Senegalese people meet their needs especially through the setting up of micro credits and then eN vidyalaya will take care of the kids and there is no school between…

Wow. Blessings to the whole collective responsibility. Tathasthu.

Between 2013 and 2016 this NGO will set up temples, annalayas and en vidyalayas in France Paris …….… south of France, Romania, Morocco, Madagascar, Columbia, and Africa. Senegal with the help of the sangha and donors and sponsors supporting the NGO will reach 100,000 people by 2016.


So Darshana, Chandra and Nirgunananda all you guys need to understand first you should start enriching at least 100,000 lives with Inner Awakening. Only then your declarations become reality. So start that. Blessings. Tathasthu for your declaration, collective responsibility!



Today I will expand on shraddha. Authenticity, the word shraddha happens in katopanishad, the earliest record available to us the word shraddha happening is in katopanishad where nachiketa was described as shraddha vivecha owned by shraddha. Please listen, shraddha, you should not be owning it. Shraddha should own you. With integrity - you will be owning it, you are the owner. With shraddha it should be owning you. I will describe shraddha - authenticity. Authenticity is the state where you are established in the peak of your capability and respond to life from who you perceive yourself to be for yourself, who you project yourself to be for others and what others expect you to be for them. Listen, now what I gave is a definition. Let me expand on it. What you feel as you, what you show yourself to others as you and what others perceive you as you - all these 3 put together is your personality - is your being.


Being, your being has this three component - what you show to yourself - what you believe yourself to be yourself, what you show yourself to others, what others expect you to be. Living in your peak capability in all the three is shraddha. Let me describe (hindi). Please understand I will expand now. The three components of your being - the identity you believe as you, the identity you project as you to others and others expectation about you; living in the peak capacity in all these three is shraddha. What you believe as you should be in your peak - raising it, raising it, raising it, raising it. What you project yourself to others take it to its peak raising it, raising it, raising it. How you fulfill others expectation about you, how you fill their life about you - Stretch yourself, Stretch yourself, Stretch yourself to the peak of fulfilling others expectation about you.


Dhyan se suniye one of the important problem we have is

‘Swamiji I am responsible for what I feel as me and what I project myself to others. But why should I take the responsibility for others expectation about me?’

Please listen, in everyone’s inner consciousness who has expectation towards you, you yourself sit and make them expect you; some of your words and body language is responsible for them to have that expectation from you. Living to your peak responsibility is shraddha. I wanted all of you to understand an important truth. Some part of you which is suppressed by you which wants to realize itself only goes and sits in others heart, becomes an expectation about you, so that the suppressed part is realized. Listen. When you are not ready to listen to your own heart and expand, divine helps you by creating the expectation in others so that you can expand.


I have seen in my own life, from my own experience I tell you, when I decided to fulfill others expectations about me, when I started stretching myself, I realized this is what is my own expectation about me also. When you fulfill others expectations about you and realize this is what is your expectation also about you, you reach the space of self realization. I will define shraddha, Authenticity, please listen. (hindi). What you feel as you, what you show as you, what others perceive as you expect from you, being in the peak of all the three is shraddha. How many of you, listen, listen, When you started stretching yourself to others expectation about you and realized this is what exactly your expectation about you also; raise your hand. I tell you guys, you are travelling on the path of self realization. You are travelling on the path of self realization. As long as you think you are stretching just because of others expectation you will carry a continuous irritation, agitation, heaviness. Wait. When you realize this is what is your expectation about you, now you will have fulfillment, joy, joy of renunciation, joy of sacrifice, joy of vairagya. This is what is vairagyananda, thyagananda.


People may ask ‘how can renunciation be joyful, how can thyaga be joyful’. I tell you, if renunciation is done, if sacrifice is done because of others expectation it will only be painful. But when you click with the truth, when you start stretching yourself to others expectation, you realize this is what is even your own expectation about you. Then it is no more anyakara, you are expanding for your mamakara and ahankara. Now nobody else is forcing you.

Listen this is one of the important realization I had today morning pada puja time. Because I was sitting and deciding how am I going to stretch myself to the anyakara of some of my disciples. Then I suddenly realized, arey it is not for them. It is for me! This is what I also wanted! (hindi)


Some part of you which is suppressed in you, yet to be realized only goes and sits in others heart. When you fulfill the expectation of others only then you realize it is your own expectations that are fulfilled. Expectation from others is only a wake up call based on the time you fixed. Alarm is not your enemy. You fixed it. Others expectation towards you is not your enemy. You fixed it. Alarm only is helping you to wake up because you requested it. Others expectation about you is only your friend helping you to wake up because you fixed it. So when others have expectation towards you, bow down to them as ‘the embodiment of Mahadeva, antaryami, who is in you is waking me up’. I tell you, today exactly this is what has happened. The moment I felt, when I met the disciple again, I could see the person is different now.


So, unfulfilled part of mamakara - your own ideas about you, your own ideas about you which you are not ready to listen, which you are constantly suppressing, comes from others heart; because at the root of the mamakara all of us connected. If you suppress in one body it comes out in another body. After all the root of the mamakara is ananda gandha - in which all of us are one. So when you suppress in this mamakara, it comes out in another mamakara as anyakara. (hindi)

When I decided to fulfill my disciples anyakara, that, my disciples expectation about me that I should speak in Hindi, when I started speaking I realized this is my own expectation about me. How many of you cognizing it? Really; see when I decided and committed that I will speak in Hindi; of course the decision came because my disciples expected me and requested me. When I started doing it I realized it is not their anyakara, their expectation about me. It is my own expectation about me which I was not ready to listen, which I was waiting or postponing or putting it as a second priority in the back burner. When you are not ready to expand, Divine helps you by creating the expectation in others to expand you. (hindi)


Others expectation about us is not out of enmity, forced, suffering, torture. I tell you today morning when I discovered this truth I literally want to jump eureka, eureka but I was in the pada puja so I can’t afford to. No, this one understanding now takes away all the suffering and agitation you carry about fulfilling others expectation. How many of you literally clicked with this truth. So you should know when you, you live satya it shows you the deeper and deeper, more and more beautiful ways of living it. Satya is swayam prakasha, self illuminated, self illumined, swayam prakasha. When you live it sincerely it shows you deeper and deeper and deeper truths. Others expectation towards you is not your enemy. (hindi)


Root of mamakara is your jeeva, soul in which all of us are one. If you suppress in one body it comes out in another body. (hindi). Your expectations about you when you are suppressing it in your body and not ready to listen, it comes out in your wife’s body, in your husband’s body, as expectation about you giving you the one more chance. So I tell you others expectation about you is nothing but one more reminder, one more chance lord gives you, eeshwara gives you, guru gives you, god gives you . So today I commit I will fulfill everyone’s expectation about me with this realization it is my own expectation about me. With this one cognition, with this one cognizance, with this realization it is my own expectation about me.


Today I was really, sitting during the pada puja I was feeling there are some expectations of the disciples which still I am yet to fulfill. So that creates certain uncomfortable zone among the people who live around me. So I was thinking how can I, thinking means I don’t have exactly thinking-thinking, kind of a visualization. I was visualizing how can I expand to remove this uncomfort feeling. How can I be responsible? How can I take the responsibility of this uncomfort zone and healing it. Then I decided I am not going to give up on anyone of them. I am only going to expand and stretch myself to fulfill their expectations about me. When I was visualizing how I am going to do it, do it, do it, suddenly the bubble busted and I realized eh god this is what is my own expectation about me. Then I looked in, how come this did not get revealed to me. I realized it was always there in me as a experience. Now it is getting revealed to me as a visualization so that I will have to transmit that to all you guys. (hindi)


Your own expectation about you - experience about you is mamakara, how you show yourself to others is ahamkara and how others expect you is anyakara. Living in your peak capacity, performing in your peak in all the three, expressing your peak potential in all the three, expressing your peak highest possible energy in all this three is authenticity-shraddha.

Today’s this revelation should be celebrated as the important revelation. Understand how much ever I was telling to live up to others expectation many of our disciples were not convinced. They were still carrying the thorn in the flesh. Why why why Why Why Why Why like ambulance siren sound. So we were carrying in our heart Why Why Why Why Why. If the why and if is added it becomes wife. They will ask why and if you answer they will say if. I know constantly the why and if, why and if, why Why Why Why Why was going in our head.

So beautiful today Mahadeva revealed this truth the others expectation is not others expectation it is our own suppressed part, our own suppressed component.


Now I can understand how the truth reveals deeper and deeper truths when it is lived. I tell you decide to live. That is the best gift you can give it to you. That is a greatest blessing you can do to you. The greatest blessing you can do to yourself is decision to live these truths.

I bless you all let you all achieve, experience, live, express, radiate, share and explode with integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching in eternal bliss, Nithyananda.

Thank you.


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