July 16 2006

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Sapta Yaagam – 16, 17, 18 Jul 2006, Salem, India

On 16, 17 and 18 July, people of Tamilnadu witnessed a yajna (offering of fire) on a humongous scale performed by Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam himself. This yajna was an offering to the seven presiding deities for the seven chakras in the human system. The human system has seven major energy centers called the chakras. These chakras are associated with our various emotions that cause disturbance in the mind and therefore in the body. Each of these chakras is associated with a deity which when worshipped symbolically, takes one beyond the clutches of the associated emotions and liberates one in that sense. The seven deities are:

Ananda Ganapathy - Mooladhara chakra

Ananda Subramanya - Swadhishtana chakra

Ananda Surya - Manipuraka chakra

Ananda Venkateshwara - Anahata chakra

Anandeshwari - Vishuddhi chakra

Anandeshwara - Ajna chakra

Guru - Sahasrara chakra

A 108 fire offerings were planned with one person offering at each of them. Therefore, 108 times 7 fire offerings were made during the three days. The purpose of this yajna was to cleanse collective negativity, purify the ozone layer, perform yajna as a deep and intense meditation and not just an offering, and make people understand the scientific basis of a yajna and its offerings. His Divine Holiness said, ‘Fire rituals have always found a place in ancient lore. Fire is the purest form of the five elements that are earth, water, fire, air and ether because it can never get contaminated. It is the ideal element for meditation. Any yajna when performed in the proper way, harnesses the Cosmic energy through the mantras that are chanted and transfers the energy to the water that is stored in pots for this purpose, which in turn is used to energise the place and people. At the end of each of the seven homas, prasad (a special item made as an offering) to the pertaining deity was distributed to each one in the gathering. On all three days, His Divine Holiness individually blessed each one at the gathering. Following are a few pictures from 16 July 2006 Day 1 of the Saptha Yaagam

Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 37--DSC_0063_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 36--DSC_0065_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 34--DSC_0070_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 33--DSC_0108_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 32--DSC_0121_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 31--DSC_0110_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 30--DSC_0114_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 27--DSC_0143_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 25--DSC_0180_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 23--DSC_0214_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 22--DSC_0246_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 21--DSC_0251_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 20--DSC_0256_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 18--DSC_0259_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 17--DSC_0367_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 16--DSC_0382_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 14--DSC_0266_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 13--DSC_0277_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 11--DSC_0283_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 10--DSC_0313_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 08--DSC_0023_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 07--DSC_0319_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 06--DSC_0305_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 05--DSC_0378_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 04--DSC_0022_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 29--DSC_0038_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 35--DSC_0061_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 28--DSC_0042_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 03--DSC_0046_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 26--DSC_0008_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 19--DSC_0008_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 09--DSC_0030_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 12--DSC_0348_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 24--DSC_0197_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 15--DSC_0272_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 02--DSC_0047_watermarked.jpg Saptha Yaaham Day01 - 01--DSC_0077_watermarked.jpg