January 07 2005

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Science Of Breaking Effect Of Time Part 1


Name of Program: Atma Spurana Session on: Science Of Breaking Effect Of Time Part 1 Date : 07 January 2005 Venue : Adikailaasa, Bidadi, Bangalore

In this video Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism HDH #Nithyananda​ explains to us how to be in the center of the time shaft. He is revealing the sacred​ secret of how to break the effect of Time​ (Kala) on us and settle into Nithya which is eternity.

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Vishuddhi - as long as you are there, you will have low self-esteem, jealousy and have competition. The moment you are not there - wherever you live, you will be just expanding and expressing your uniqueness and creativity. You will understand you are unique. You will not bother about anything else. Ajna - as long as you are there you will have headache and life will be serious. The moment you are out, you will be utterly relaxed - you will be enjoying. Sahastrara - as long as you are there, you will have discontentment - you will have dissatisfaction. The moment you move out, you will have just gratitude and overflowing. Life will be too much - life is too much. Just move out. Get out of your system. Only one word for today’s message. This a only introduction - the one word: get out - get out!


If you are having a thought to move the hand - witness. If you are having a thought to say something - witness. Continuously, continuously witness and if you are feeling bored - witness. Even the thought is thought that you are feeling bored - witness; continuously witness. Because, the moment you create space between you and your thoughts, intelligence starts happening. That space is where the intelligence starts flowering. The atma spurana starts happening. Now, it is time for Me to give the introduction for the word 'atma spurana'.


I tell you honestly, when I came I don’t know what I am going to draw and what I am going to explain. Now just it is happening - it is landing on Me and I am expressing. So if you fall in tune with Me you will understand what I am going to do.


All right, let Me explain. This is what I call time shaft. Time shaft means the time - Kala Chakra, continuously moving. The future is continuously entering into past, this moment.

You see, the next moment is future - by now it has already become past. Future, now I am - already it has become past. The past is continuous - the future is continuously becoming past. The time, the future time is continuously becoming past. The time is moving - the time shaft, continuously it is rolling and moving, in this direction - in this direction. For Me, the past and future one and the same. Actually, in a way it is a complete shaft - so, what your so-called future is nothing but past - nothing but past. Your future is also nothing but past. You are seeing only one portion of the time shaft. I am seeing the eternity - Nithya. In Nithya it is a circle. It just comes and gets connected. That’s what we call 'kalpa'.


'Kalpa' means: again, which again and again happens. 'Kalpana' means: which again and again happens. Why do we call something as 'kalpana'? Imagination, which again and again happens. Once you experience it, the imagination will never happen - that’s why it’s called 'kalpa'.


The future is becoming past. This is the time shaft. Past, future and present - all put together is only eternity; Nithya. See, the whole thing - past, present and future, everything only put together - eternity. Nithyananda means what? Eternally blissful. In the past, in the present and in the future. In all three times who is blissful - is only Nithyananda; eternal. The all the three put together it is called eternal - eternity. Future is continuously becoming past. Future is continuously slipping into past.


Now, how to achieve eternity? How to achieve eternity? Present moment is the only moment where you can touch the time shaft. Present moment is the only moment where you can touch the time shaft. Can you catch your future? Can you catch your past? But you can catch the present. You can be in the present. Actually, the eternity - eternity means past, present, future. All three together only is eternity. This, the whole thing is eternity - and beyond this board and that side; eternity. You see this the eternity. Eternity means Nithya. We haven’t touched Nithya. We have to become Nithya.


Where is the relationship between you and Nithya? Only present moment. You see, where is the relationship between you and the planet Earth? The place where you are touching - where your feet is touching. Is there any other place where you are connected to planet Earth? No. Planet Earth maybe this side so much of land is there, this side so much of land is there. But you are connected to planet Earth, where? Only where your feet is touching the earth. Only in this place you are connected. So the time shaft is also there.


Thousands of years are over - thousands of years are going to come, but you are connected to time when - where? Only now - only now, this moment. Thousands of acres are there this side - thousands of acres are there that side. But you are connected to space planet Earth only in these two feet, where your feet are touching the planet Earth. Thousands of years have gone and thousands of years are going to happen, but where you are connected to eternity? Now, this moment, am I right? You are connected to eternity, the present moment. Not, not to the next moment or the last moment, no. This moment only you are connected to eternity. So, if you want to touch the eternity, if you want to touch the time shaft, you have to come to the - this moment, present moment. This is the only space, this only time. Now is the only time, here is the only space. Now - here or nowhere. Now - here or nowhere. If you can give awareness, comma, between 'now here you are 'now here'. If you just remove that comma, the awareness is the comma.


Anyhow, now is the only space, only time. Here is the only space. If you have to penetrate Nithya, if you have to touch Nithya, if you have to touch Nithyananda. If you have to even see Nithyananda, please be very clear, you have to be now and here. You can’t see Me if you are in the past or if you are in the future. Don’t think you have seen Me. The big problem is you think you have seen Me. That is a major problem. You think you have seen Me. The moment you think you have seen Me, you have missed Me. You cannot see Me - unless you see Nithya.


So many people, so many hundreds of our devotees in ajna meditation, they had the experience the chair is empty - chair is empty. So many hundred, they said that the backs, completely they are able to see the screen - the chair is empty, you are not there. What has happened? Actually, I tell them, I am not there. Here nobody is speaking, please be very clear. Here nobody is speaking. Nobody is standing in front of you. Nobody is holding the mic, I don’t know how you will understand. Or get confused, no problem. Nobody is standing. The problem is, if you really penetrate Nithya, the present moment, you will understand, here emptiness is there. Just here emptiness is speaking with you. When you don’t know, when you are not able to penetrate Nithya, you start thinking you have seen Me - you are seeing Me. Only when you penetrate the present moment, Nithya, only when you penetrate the time shaft, Nithya; you come to the clarity, you can touch the Nithya.


Now the atman is in eternity - atman is eternity - atman is eternity. Atman is everywhere. Atman is present in all the time. Atman exists, Atma exists in past, present and future. Now, how will you touch the atma? How will you become one with the atma? What is the way? Only coming to the present moment, only this moment you can relate with atman. You can’t relate with atman with any other moment - only this moment. This moment is the only time you can relate with the atman. Thi - this is the only moment you can relate with the atman. If you have to have the atma spurana, you have to come down to the present moment - present moment. Only then you can penetrate the eternity. Only then you can penetrate the eternity. Only then you can penetrate the atman.


So the whole thing, which we are going to do these three days. Not only these four days, whatever I have done, I have done only for this. All your ASP, NSP or SSP, any SP - till ASP to Zed SP - have all the SPs I have done only for this, nothing else. You are supposed to come to this, this moment. You are supposed to be brought to this moment. To bring you to this moment is the only work, to bring you to this moment is the only job, to bring you totally to the, to this moment, is the whole purpose of this program, or anything. People ask Me, people, many people come and ask me“, Swamiji, when we sit around you, when we are, we are around you, we do not know how time passes. Just time flies. We do not know how days are passing. How time is flying. What is happening - what is happening? We do not know, what is happening?”


And the other day we went to Thiruvannamalai. And some of the other guys forgot even the date. Even the date, day, everything is forgotten. And they don’t - they didn’t even remember the days and dates. Time is forgotten - dates are forgotten. Everything is forgotten. What is happening? How things, how it is happening like this? See, if you sit with the person, who is boring you, even 10 minutes will look like a 10 year, you will continuously again and again watch the - see the watch. And if you sit with the person with whom you are in tune, you are enjoying - days are passing but you don’t feel like a time is gone - time is up. You don’t feel like time is moving. How this happens, you need to understand, deeply. See, when you are with a person with whom you are not happy, you are uneasy. Number of thoughts happening in your system is more - number of thoughts happening in your system is continuously so many thoughts are happening.


Thoughts are nothing but your movement between future and the past. Understand, I am defining the thoughts. Thoughts are nothing but your particle or yourself. Consider yourself as a particle, as particle. The particle is yourself. Your, this particle, if it moves from past to future, past to future, in high frequency, that is what is called thoughts. Your thoughts are nothing but about your past and the future, is there anything else? About the past or about the future? Your thoughts are nothing but your illogical, irrational, idiotical movement, between you past and the future. Your thoughts are nothing but your illogical, irrational, and idiotical movements of, between future and the past.


And one more thing I wanted you to be very clear, there is no good thought and bad thought. Please be very clear, now I am breaking one more stone. There is no good thought and bad thought. All thoughts are bad, over! No, really. Even your thought to become Enlightened is bad. Even your thought to become Enlightened will stop your Enlightenment. In ultimate sense, that is what will be the final hindrance. That is what will be the final hindrance. Any thought is bad, that’s all. There is no good garbage and bad garbage, no. No question of good and bad. Your thoughts are as such bad. Simply as such your thoughts are bad. There is no question of good thought and bad thought. Don’t think that, "If I do some punya it is a good thought, otherwise it is a bad thought," no. The very movement between past and the future. Just running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running. Actually you are, that is what you are doing. Don’t think you are sitting. Jug, jug, jug, jug jug, jug, jug, jug, jug. Actually now you are doing. Actually that is what you are doing - you do not know. And this is the same thing you are doing. Continuously you are doing. Between past and the future, past and the future, past and the future, past and the future, past and the future. No, that is what actually you are doing. Past and the future, past and the future, past and the future. Continuously the frequency you are vibrating, you are oscillating. This side and that side, this side and that side, this side and that side. So much of movement is happening.


That is what I call thoughts - your being moving irrationally, illogically, and idiotically between the future and the past is what I call thoughts.

Now, in this there are few category. Hundred thoughts per second means high frequency. Just “do, do, do, do do” - like a two bee runs, two bees running, “do, do, do, do do, do, do, do.” This is hundred thoughts per second - hundred thoughts per second. When the frequency - that’s what TPS; new term. TM and SM - service mark. TPS, thoughts per second. If it is a hundred and using the word - just a hundred thoughts, for a mark, there is no such thing as a hundred. I think it will be a little more, I don’t know. Hundred thoughts per second. If that is the case, you are too much away from the time shaft. You are too much away from your center. You are too much away from the Nithya. You are too much away from your atman. Your atman, center, Nithya everything is one and the same. This is your atman - atman, center, Nithya, everything is this only. Please be very clear, in this space you and Me are one and the same.


Participant: “If chronologically plan is still thinking, that means to lead a life of...”

HDH: “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.” Now let me, you see, as long as you are inside your manipuraka - all you are thinking will be only psychological worrying. The moment you are out, all your thinking will be chronological time. As long as you are inside your manipuraka - yesterday that is what I gave you the technique. Just sit, don’t move. Don’t move by your thoughts. Witness, witness, witness. Create maximum space between you and your thoughts.


There will be time when the core becomes too much - you are not able to sit, you want, your body wants rest. Automatically your body will get up and go, move. You will not even have any feeling. Neither you will feel like controlling nor will you feel like a not controlling. You see, when you walk that way, you will not have weight in you.


Understand, this is the key. You will move but you will not have the weight in you. Usually you always have weight in this space. In this place, you will always have a weight. Always you will have a weight and a solid feeling in this place. Am I right? In this place between the manipurana and the swadhisthana. In this place, always you’ will have a weight - you will have a tightness. It’s a continuous. When you move in that way, you will not have any weight. That space will be totally relaxed. That space will be just empty. Try two, three days. Nothing wrong, then naturally you will see, all your psychological worrying will become chronological planning. Just get out, then things will become all right.



Breaking Effect of Time || Part 2 || ASP

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Video Audio


As long as this 100 thoughts per second - you are too much away from the time shaft or Nithya or eternity; atman. When it is 80 thoughts per second, the difference is little less - now less. Then it’s a 60, then little less. You can say just like a kilometer speed only. 100 kilometers this Ragini drives and 80 kilometer Chitrama driving and this 60 she is driving - no she is driving…And, when you come to 60, the moment is there. When you come to 40, still low. When come to 20, you almost manage - you almost manage. The thoughts per second, if it can be brought down; that is what is meditation. Meditation is nothing but techniques to bring down the TPS - bring down the TPS. Whatever helps you to bring down the TPS is meditation.


When you carry your child, if you are just totally relaxed and TPS come down - that is meditation. When you are playing, you are totally relaxed - TPS comes down - that is meditation. Whatever makes your TPS to come down is meditation. Please be very clear - whatever makes your TPS to come down, anything, if it makes your TPS to come down is meditation. It is path to eternity, Nithya. Whatever makes the TPS up, it is Nithya. Sometimes even our meditation makes TPS up. So, whatever makes your TPS up is Nithya. Whatever makes your TPS down is Nithya. See, I am giving you the sutras to create meditation techniques. I now - I thought enough of meditation - now I am giving you the sutras that you start creating techniques. Whatever brings your TPS down is Nithya. Whatever takes your TPS up is Nithya.


Participant: “Easiest version - easiest version”.


HDH: Straight - that’s all; straight! The more TPS - more suffering, the less TPS - less suffering. The less TPS - more ecstasy, more joy, more bliss. Because you are near Nithya. You are coming near, nearer, near to Nitya. Don’t think because you are sitting here you are near to Nithya. No! That is what we think - that’s what we tend to think. We think if you are sitting in the front row, we are near Nithya. No! If you are sitting, don’t think if you are sitting there you are near, again one more complex. "Yes, yes I am near Him". Where you are sitting is not doing...if you are sitting you are near Nithya. If you are doing, then you are...

Participants: Nithya.

HDH: If you are sitting you are near Nithya. Just sit, you will be with Nithya. Just sitting with Me - you will be Nithya; nothing else.


Understand. The number of thoughts - the TPS, if it comes down; naturally you are near bliss. If it is high, you are away from the bliss. Now, let me give you a theory, that is Upanishad concept: your atman, your being is covered with five sheath: Anamaya - anamaya means 100 TPS. Pranamaya means: 80 - means coming down; coming down, and down. Then don’t ask, "Between the 81 and the nine, 90 means which kosha, Swamiji?" This the area - so pranamaya, then comes mano, then comes vijna, then comes anandamaya. Even this Anandamaya is not Enlightenment. Please be very clear - even this anandamaya is not Enlightenment. When you cross the anandamaya what happens is what is atman.


If your thoughts are continuously moving this side and that side, this side and that side - you are in anamaya; high speed. If you are in high speed - you are, you are going to the...

Participants: “Kailaasa."

HDH: No, not even - no what to Kailaasa, somewhere else. You are in anamaya - you are in anamaya. If the frequency is too much, you are in gross level. Only the gross level things can give you the joy - only the gross level things can give you ecstasy. You are too gross - anamaya. If the frequency comes down, it becomes pranamaya. If your - the frequency is more low - you are penetrating the manomaya. If the frequency is more, little more down then you are penetrating vijnanamaya. The frequency is little more down you are in the anandamaya. If frequency is totally stopped - nothing, just - then anandamaya, atma-maya or Nithya-Maya - you can call it as Nithya-Maya or atma-maya.


These four days we are going to work only to penetrate these five layer. Penetrating these five layer means stopping the - stopping the moments. Continuous running between past and the future, bringing it to a stop. Giving a break to time - give time a break. Where is this advertisement?


Participant: Pondicherry.

HDH: Give time a break. If you go to Pondicherry also you will not give a time a break with this mind. And actually I tell you, the guy - the person who do not know how to give time a break can never have vacation. I tell you honestly; even if you go to beach and sit, what will you be doing? You will start thinking about when you are go to the next day office. "What will I do in the next day office?" What else you will do? And I tell you, all your vacation is just foolishness. All your vacation, all your holiday is just changing the worries - just changing the worries. You can not have vacation, you can not have a holiday, you can not have any enjoyment, unless you know the technique of bringing down the TPS.


Tell Me - what do you know about enjoyment? What have you enjoyed, tell Me. All your enjoyment is nothing but changing the worries. Instead of worrying about how to clean the house and how to do things, you go and sit on the beach and start worrying, “When will I go to office and what will I do?” Worrying in the house is work, worrying in the office is profession, worrying in the beach is vacation - that’s all. In your life this is nothing else. Worrying in the house is work, worrying in the office is profession, worrying in the beach is vacation. Nothing else - what else you know about vacation? Nothing else. Unless you know how to give time a break, you can't have a vacation. All your vacation is just an idea about vacation, not originally vacation. Be very, very clear - all your idea about vacation is just idea about vacation, not vacation itself. Only when you can give time a break, that is only way to have a vacation.


Now really, this 4 days you are going to have a vacation. That is why, even with all the difficulties I told to the kitchen guys: give food whenever they come, give food whenever they come. Here, they will making the announcement for regular times, but you are not suppose to - you are not compelled to follow the regular times. It is up to you. Continuously give time a break - continuously give time a break. One thing, by giving this freedom - I know there is - it is a big job for them. It is a big job for the kitchen people. But here I am trying to create a space where the TPS can be brought down - where the TPS can be brought down.


When you are with the person with whom you don’t feel comfortable, happy - naturally your TPS is up. That is why, what you do? You feel bored, you are in suffering - that is why all hell is called eternal hell. Why, you know? You - you feel the time is not moving. Even if it is 10 minutes, what you feel? 10 yuga. You don’t feel time is moving. You feel time is not moving, again and again you see the watch - time is not moving. It looks like a eternity. Even if you spend half an hour, it looks like a eternity. And heaven always looks very short. Oh! Time is up. Days are over. Heaven always looks short.


Even if you enjoy your whole life in the heaven, you feel: “Oh, over! Ended!" Again it’s over, you - you feel it is ended. Why? Because the frequency is less. If the frequency is less you don’t feel the time passing. That is why in Sanskrit, they say - in Sanskrit time is measured psychologically not chronologically. Kshana - kshana means gap between one thought and the other thought. See, in this level kshana is too small. In this level kshana is too big. In this level kshana is too small. In this level kshana is too big. That is why for Devatas - for us one year means for Devatas - no for us one day - for one full year is for Devata's one day. For us one year, what they say for Devatas? One day. That is why Nataraja will have only six abhishekams. In Shiva temples per day they will do six abhishekam. For Nataraja, for whole one year they will do only six abhishekam. Because for Nataraja - the Devatas time is only calculated.


The Cosmic dance frequency is very - only when you come down in this frequency you can tune in that - that frequency; Cosmic frequency. You go near the time shaft - He is dancing in the time shaft only. See that circle is time shaft, that circle is time shaft. Below you see the two snakes will be there - swallowing - the past is swallowing the future. From the past, the mouth of the future, the time shaft starts and ends in the mouth of the past. He is dancing in the time shaft. Only when you go near the time shaft, you will experience the Cosmic dance. The bliss, the joy, Ananda Tandava - Ananda Narthana.


Only when you go near the time shaft, you can understand what is Ananda Tandava and what is Ananda Narthana. Otherwise what will you do? Mmm, mmm - that much only you will do. Nothing else can be done. You can never understand real Ananda Tandava - you can never understand real Cosmic dance. You can never understand the real joy. When the frequency is silenced, that is why He is called - He is - He is doing His Cosmic dance in silence. Utter silence and the total dancing is one and the same. When the frequency is not there, where it is almost zero frequency, you can see the Cosmic dance happening.


You can see the Cosmic dance happening. Because He is in that frequency. That is why once in a year only we do the six abhishekams. One year is considered for - as a one day for Nataraja; for Devatas. Only the guys who are living in that frequency can really understand who is Nataraja. All other people can only see He is dancing, that's all - nothing else.


Participant: When you were talking about chronological worrying as opposed to chronological planning - this thing already upsets me because I don't know how to do it. I can understand it conceptually.

HDH: That is why I am creating a space for you now - these four days don’t move with the mind. Just witness the mind as much as possible. Don’t - don’t give food, don’t - no, don’t do anything; just witness. Let us see how much the body can pull you, how much the mind can pull you. Give a break - give time a break, that’s all. These four days that is what I am trying to give a love - to create a loving space. Let Me explain how the Master’s presence is working in this.


Participant: Swamiji, yesterday some of us had a very confusing experience.

HDH: You shouldn't have discuss with others then it will be confusing.

Participant: No, no after You left - we were sitting for maybe 45 minutes to one hour.

HDH: You shouldn't even calculate if it was one hour.

Participant: No, no, they say; we didn’t get any thought.

HDH: Then? That’s all - sit, that’s all. Sit for eternity - what is the wrong?

Participant: We are getting sleepy after that.


HDH: Then, then - naturally then; you see, if the sleep is too much, either your body will tell, “Let’s go and sleep in room or sleep here itself.” Do that,- what, that's all. That is what I told you. I am creating a totally loving space, where you can experiment with this. You see in the house only you have thousand - one thousand problem. "I can’t sit here, I can’t sit there. I can't do this, I can’t do that." Here four days give - give time a break. I am creating a space for you, where you can experiment these ideas - where you can ripe, where you can become fruit. I want spiritual fruits, not religious nuts. I am trying to work on religious nuts to make them as a spiritual fruits. As long as it is a faith it is just a religious nut. Only when it is - when you are ripe, when you work with these concepts you become a spiritual fruit.


These four days give time a break. We are here just for that. If you - if you sleep, nothing wrong, sleep and if you witness that also, don’t sleep. And even when your ideas 'want to sleep' comes - just witness. Let the body fall by itself. Let things happen by itself - that is what I told you. That is what today morning I understood, none of you understood the technique - none of you understood the technique. I told you: witness 24 hours till the end - whatever happens, let it happen; witness. You will not die - you will not die. These four days we will totally work; witness. Go ahead and just be a witness.


Naturally, your TPS comes down step by step. Now, we are going to penetrate layer by layer, step by step. Actually, this area, the transite - there - you will slowly stuck up, then again and again work. Again and again work deeply, so that we can penetrate to the end. So we can penetrate the eternity, the Nithya.



Breaking Effect of Time || Part 3 || ASP

Link to Video Audio

Video Audio



So as long as your frequency is more, the past and the future is more- you can’t have any idea about your life. If you are staying here can you see your life - actually all your past and future incidents are printed here. Here, all the past incidents are printed here. - your birth, your school, your marriage, everything. Here all your future incidents are printed - your son, your son driving you to the old age home. You dying in the old age home all these incidents are printed there. Here, all your past is printed. There, all your future is printed and all your past and the future is totally printed. From here can you see your past and the future clearly? No! If you come down, you can see a little bit of - little bit, little more. If you come down, you can see, little more.


You see, actually, from here you can see only this much of your - this much of your past, and this much of your future- and if you can come to this level then you can see little more - this much of your past and this much of your future. If you come here, then little more of this much of your past, and this much of your future. If you come and touch this moment - the present moment, simply you can see the whole future and the whole past - you can see simply the whole future and whole past.


San Jose ASP someone asked Me, “Swamiji, in some parties when I go there - suddenly I have a feeling that I have come to this same party earlier, and this same group was here and next thought I get - somebody is going, some particular person is going to come in, or some incident is going to happen. Within a few minutes, that incident happens - that person has come. And same way when I enter into some house I feel already I came to this house earlier and I know where - where, which side rooms are, and where things are. When I go there I see where everything is, there, everything is in, right place. How this happen, Swamiji?" He asked Me. Then I asked, “How many of you had this same experience at least once in your life?" See! Then how can this be coincidence? How can this be coincidence?


Whenever this happens in our life, what we think? What we think? What we think? Coincidence! How can this happen in everyone’s life? You see Coincidence means, which happens rarely - coincidence. If it happens in every one of your life, how can this be coincidence - it is a incident. Only thing you do not know the cause and effect relationship - cause and effect relationship; actually, fortunately, or unfortunately, you - for the one second, knowingly or unknowingly you fall into the present moment. For that one moment, some reason you relax, nothing to worry - you slowly stop swinging, you slowly relax from swinging. The moment you relax from swinging, for one glimpse, you see the time shaft. That one glimpse time shaft shows you the five minutes future - maybe, you have come down to 40 TPS.


Participant: “Swamiji, physicists talk about the time continuum and all that. They haven’t quite - they haven't come close to this at all”.

HDH: They are in 100 TPS - how can they come close to time shaft? The guy who has penetrated the time shaft is only Kala- Kala, the Kalatidha or Kalabhairava - Shiva. The guy who penetrated the time shaft only is Kaala-Kalaa, or Kalatidha.


Those guys - physicists who are staying in not even 100 TPS I think 1000 TPS, and where can they find any idea about time shaft? The man who penetrated the time shaft - He is the guy is Kalabhairava, or Kaala-Kaala, Kalatidha - Shiva; Kaala-Kaala means Shiva; Kalatidha. Understand. For that single moment - you fall, your TPS comes down, suddenly, suddenly when you relax the TPS comes down. When the TPS comes down, you start seeing few minutes of the future. The few minutes of the future is revealed to you. Immediately - it simply happens. If you can bring down the TPS, the whole future and past will be, revealed to you.


Touching the time shaft - zero frequency. When you touch the time shaft the whole, past and the whole future is known to you, whole thing is revealed to you. If you just, relax in the same present moment - you continue to be in the same present moment, you start penetrating the time shaft. You start penetrating the time shaft if you are - for 11 kshana - for 11 moments; if you are continuously in the present moment, totally, totally you will have the choice to alter your future moments; future incidences. You will have the choice to alter the future incidences. If you live, 21 kshana, in the present moment, the same present moment - you just penetrate the time shaft and break it. You disconnect that past and the future. Then the whole future is simply under your control. Whole future is simply under your control.


The future will not be the repetition of the past because you have disconnected the past and the future - you have penetrated, you have penetrated the time shaft; you are no more bound by the future. That is why we say Enlightened Masters are not bound by the future - Enlightened Masters are not bound by the future. Just they create their future - they write their future - they create their future. There is no standard, formal future for them simply they write their future. Simply the future is written by them because the time shaft is broken - the time shaft is penetrated. They are no more under the time shaft. Time shaft cannot cannot play anymore - play a role on the Enlightened Masters.


And, what to say - this is the way, when you penetrate you become Enlightened. Neither your past has got any say over you, nor your future has got any say over you - you are just liberated; you just create your future. Sometimes you don’t even bother to create the future. Relax - you simply relax. That is the state, when a guy don’t even bothers to change the futures - future and create the future He relaxes. Simply, Kala chakra happens. He is neither bound by the Kala chakra, nor touched by the, Kala chakra - just things happens, He is there; here.


Participant: “Swamiji, for someone is very very troubled by their past - then you say to them if they can come present then the past will no longer will hinder them.”

HDH: Simply it will die. Past is dead past. After all, after all it is a dead past. If the frequency is more, if they are again and again visiting the past, only then, it is hurt and moreover the more you visit the past - the more your future will be impressed by it because you have come here and you go there, you come here and you go there - it is like a - you think, you see, this is a food, this is a dirt - the bee comes and sits in the dirt and goes to the food, sits in the dirt and goes to the food. What will happen to the food?

Participant: "It is contaminated."

HDH: That is what you are doing - that is what exactly you are doing. That is what exactly you are doing. You just make your whole future like a past - the more, the oscillation towards the past, the more you will be towards the future. If you are too much of past hang - if you have too much of past hangover, too much of your future will be destroyed. It will be because the same nail only decided that side.


Participant: “Swamiji, how exactly do we see your presence?”

HDH: When you come exactly to this present moment - totally when you don’t have anything called past and the future - just here.


Participant: “When people stay at home that they fell a very strong presence...”

HDH: Yes, all those things in this level only. When the TPS comes down also you feel My presence - the less TPS - more Nithya. The more TPS - less, Nithya. Simple, clear equation.


Participant: “Swamiji, a lot of thinking about You Swamiji...”

HDH: And we come down now to this question - lot of thinking about Me, lot of thinking about Me. Again, that works in the other way. How, you know? You see, I am here - I am here where there is no TPS; just zero. You are here, hundred TPS.,, when we both meet - when you let Me work on you, naturally the 100 is pulled down to average; average to the 50. That is why when you think about Me when you remember Me so much of joy, so much of bliss, because the TPS is...

Participants: “Come down.”

HDH: Brought down - automatically the TPS is brought down. If you let Me work on you, simply I, Myself, will pull you down to zero.


There is the one thing where you, yourself will work, and bring down to zero - that is what is part of meditation, part of self-inquiry. You will be doing that. There is another one path where you will let Me do - surrender. From here, I will raise and pull you down and put you into the zero. Letting Me work on you - understand this one thing: letting Me work on you means utter surrender - total relaxation. Come to utter surrender. Whatever I do on you - relax; let Me do. Naturally you will come down to this zero again. Actually, in the ordinary level - now, for a - for example: the moment you remember Me in the house - naturally from the 100 you come down to 80. If you are already 80 you come down to 60 - it starts coming down.


And when you are in the present in My presence - physically, when you are around Me, when you are near My presence - you see, when you are in the house, all your five senses are not engrossed in Me - all your five senses are not engrossed in Me. In all your energy - maybe only 10% is engrossed in Me. Naturally only 10% of the TPS will come down, and now the majority portion of your senses are engrossed with Me - seeing, hearing, listening, feeling, everything is here. So, naturally the percentage is?

Participants: “More.”

HDH: The percentage of letting Me work on you is more - so naturally TPS is down. Knowingly or unknowingly for any reason if you are around Me - the TPS will simply drop. TPS dropping is what I call Ananda Gandha chakra working.


That is why all our healers you can see - when you are around Me, automatically, the Ananda starts working. TPS simply drops. When thoughts-per-second drops, naturally the Ananda chakra starts working. The energy starts moving in you. The TPS dropping is what I call the 'presence'. TPS dropping is what I call 'work of presence'. When the TPS drops that is what I call 'presence working on you'.





In this video Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam explains how we carry the past into the present moment, and how it affects our future. When we penetrate this time shaft we can move beyond this phenomenon, we can break it and create the future we want. #Karma that influences us, in Sanskrit referred to as “Samskaras”, affect how we experience the present moment. We can experience heaven or hell in this very moment, depending on how we are influenced by the time shaft. When we don’t penetrate the time shaft, we go on reliving the past and attract similar situations, people circumstances – we are stuck in a revolving door.

HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam explains how we can break free from this vicious cycle, and how the presence of a master immediately stops the affect of the time shaft, of karmas, on our lives. Not only on this lifetime, but even at the time of death and beyond. Learn the secret of clearing your karma by mastering time.

Link to Video Audio

Video Audio



Path of Bhakti and the path of Jnana is helping each other. Path of self-effort and the path of surrender is nothing but a complementary path with each other. They complement each other. People ask Me, “You’re such a big enlightened master, why do you worship Dakshinamurthy? Why do you put the vigraha? Why do you do kumbhabhisheka? Path of surrender and the path of self-effort, both of them are helping each other. So whatever you know, you think as meditation or self-effort, that will be encouraged. That will be helped when you surrender, when you surrender. A little bit of surrender, a little bit of worship will be a big technique for you to go into your path. So from here also, way, he will come and pull you down. From here also you will move. Actually, enlightened master is a person from outside by his techniques and teachings, through his techniques and teachings he pushes you. From outside he pushes you, the, the, he makes you, makes the TPS fall down. From inside, in the form of grace, he just pulls you. Outside I push you in through meditation techniques and teachings. From inside I just - So the master does both the job, pushing from outside and pulling from inside.


Participant: What makes going up? HDH: Ah here, here comes what makes going up? That is where actually problem starts. And actually if you are deeply interested only in the annamaya kosha pleasures, or the annamaya kosha sufferings, not only annamaya kosha pleasures, annamaya kosha sufferings. If you are happy with annamaya kosha sufferings, then naturally you will start staying with that.


Participant: Swamiji, how can anybody be happy with sufferings? HDH: You don’t know. That’s what we are doing actually. We are very happy with our sufferings you don’t know.


Participant: Swamiji, even while meditating sometimes we feel more thoughts coming in, sometimes it is... HDH: Means the TPS is high. Participant : No, but then after some time you feel that it has come down. HDH: Means you’re falling, the transit period.


Participant: If we take the case of children, whenever they go and play they have never had enough, even if they play for two hours they will tell no… Does it mean they... HDH: Means the TPS is very low, intelligence is active. Participant: But then when we are doing something that we like and enjoy very much, then also TPS is low? Does that mean we are still in the annamaya kosha or what? HDH: No, no, no, no, no, naturally, you are in anandamaya kosha. Anything you like, anything you’re totally enjoying and if you do it, you are penetrating the time shaft, anything. There is no worldly pleasure or heavenly pleasure. Everything is one and the same.


Participant: So total enjoyment is also ok? HDH: Total enjoyment which does not makes you unconscious. Of course, drinks will make unconscious. That’s not total enjoyment. Any enjoyment, anything when you totally, which you enjoy is meditation. Utterly meditation, go into it. Don’t have any guilt.


Participant: Swamiji, when you say I do not know my future, that’s fine, I understand. But what do you mean I don’t know my past? I know, I think I know my past. HDH: Hmm.. no, your, your thing is right. You think you know your past, as you lived, not as it happened, ok? Participant: Right HDH: Not as it happened, as you lived. Means When you jump tak-tak-tak-tak, you go and fall on some incident and fall on this incident. Wherever you fall, only that you remember. You remember only your mother’s beating in the young age. Do you remember so much of care she took? No! There are so much, so much of past has happened. You don’t remember that. Only what you lived and what you’re living, you remember that. Means only where you are touching, this side and that side. Visualize that past shaft is there. You go and touch, come this side, come that side, come that side. Wherever you go and touch and fall, only those things you remember, not as it happened, ok?


Participant : Swamiji, In NSP there is a <unclear>. Is there any context linked to this? HDH: Yes, yes, yes, yes. Your whole, the whole generations after generations is liberated like that only. This timeshaft only. All your hundreds of past lives and hundreds of future lives which is going to happen is this time shaft only. Unless you penetrate the timeshaft you will be continuously taking birth. The timeshaft will go on, go on, go on, go on. Kala chakra, Samsara chakra will go on.


Participant: Swamiji, the timeshaft is same for everybody or different timeshafts for each one? HDH: Hum, here comes the. Timeshaft is one and the same. That is why when a man who has stopped the timeshaft, when you are around him, all your timeshafts stop. It comes down. You see, if your frequency usually is hundred TPS, it will come down to fifty. If your TPS is usually eighty, it will come down to forty. But, it will become average. You and Me is you plus zero. I am zero. When you and Me, you plus zero average, then what happens? That is why we say - Enlightened master nullifies you. Enlightened master nullifies you.


Participant: Swamiji, somebody asked you a question about the, how does the TPS rise and you mentioned sinking into Annamaya Kosha. HDH: Enjoying the sufferings of Annamaya Kosha. Participant: But then later on you said both lower and higher pleasures as long as you indulge completely. HDH: When you indulge totally into the pleasure, you don’t create pain. When you don’t indulge, only then you create pain. Please be very clear, any sweet, any taste, if you intensely enjoy, you will never create hangover. You leave a hangover because you’ve not enjoyed it. Even when you’re, when the sweet laddu is in your mouth, your TPS will be too much. Then how will you enjoy? Unless the TPS comes down, how will you enjoy the laddu? Laddu will be in your mouth. You may be somewhere else! Gongura chutney will be in your mouth, you will be somewhere else. How will you enjoy Gongura? No! Unless the TPS comes down, you will not be able to enjoy even if you have everything. Once the TPS comes down, you’ll be able to enjoy even if you have nothing. If the TPS is not down, you will be, you will not be able to enjoy anything. If the TPS is down, you will be able to enjoy everything. That’s all. The whole secret is TPS down.


Participant: There is nothing else than the “Nithya”, then from where I come to enjoy the suffering and joy? HDH: And that is where the problem starts. Actually, there’s nothing else but Nithya. But when you start becoming very vague, you start creating a idea. It’s like a mist, it’s like a mist. How it happens, you can’t say. You can say only how to escape, how to escape. You see, when you make a statement - There is nothing else except Nithya. That statement has not become your experience. It’s only an intellectual syllabus which you read and that’s where starts, starts the problem. Because you do not know what is Nithya, you, the first statement you make without the experience. Let the first statement we made with experience, then the second statement will not raise. Create a gap between you and your thoughts. That’s all, nothing else. Don’t move with your thoughts. This four days, try. Simply try. Now, let Me tell you the importance of the Master’s presence. You see when the Master is here, when the, he is in the zero state, he is beyond the timeshaft. He’s beyond the timeshaft. Simply when you are around him, you see when you just attend some programs, you’re in hundred TPS. The hundred becomes, what to say, hundred plus zero is hundred. By two means what? You come to the fifty, average. If you’re doing some meditation, naturally you come down to eight. Eighty plus zero is then, that way it comes down, forty. Then if you have letting him work on you, means living in his presence, then you become a sixty. Sixty plus zero, by two is thirty. Actually, by totally surrendering or relaxing to the Master’s presence, if you totally trust him and relax, he simply stops your timeshaft and wipes it. Simply he stops the timeshaft. His presence can simply stop the timeshaft. Simply the presence can stop the timeshaft. Just if you relax, simply the timeshaft can be stopped.That is what we say - just by relaxing in the presence of the Master, the whole future can be changed. Thousands of people come and tell Me. This has happened, that has happened. You helped me this way-that way. How? Timeshaft has stopped. The timeshaft has stopped. Naturally the past never penetrates into the future. If you, if you are too urging, “Swamiji, you do it immediately, do it immediately”, what will happen? Then what happens? How much of energy I put, what will happen? Because you, you become, you see, if I put hundred percent, you become two hundred percent. You sit on that like a monkey. Then what will happen? You will come down only hundred. You will not be less than hundred TPS. So if you can cooperate and surrender and relax, simply the future can be altered or just brushed. It can be altered or just brushed. That is why there’s a beautiful sloka which says: “Brahma sits; with all his sweating, tiredness, goes on writing on your head, your life, your future. Guru just walks and wipes it and goes away. Because of the timeshaft, this is the way the future is changed. The future is changed. Otherwise the future can never be changed. The Dharmalingam, he was, according to the timeshaft he was supposed to live throughout his life only as a handicap, only as handicap. When he let the eternity to work on him, when he opened up with so much of trust and surrender, naturally, the time, future is just wiped. The future is just cleaned. Life is moving. That’s all. This is the only way all miracles can happen. I think this is the ultimate diagram. This explains the science of miracle, science of meditation, science of ananda, timeshaft, everything, samskaras.


Participant: There are three movements actually, circular, vertical and oscillation… HDH: That’s what, length-breadth-depth. Length-breadth-depth, over, the whole cosmic theory. It’s the whole cosmic theory. No, Vibrations are only depth. See, length(making circular motion), breadth(making vertical motion), vibrations-depth, over.


Samskara... You see the vibration touching this and touching that. See, when you touch past and touch the future, you exactly reproduce the past in the future because you know only that. That’s all. That is what is Samskara. That is what I call samskara, Reproducing the same things which has happened in your past into the future is what I call samskara. It’s what is samskara, that’s all. You know only that much. You see, if you're trained to feel the saliva in your mouth, the moment you hear the Gongura chutney, Gongura chutney, immediately the saliva. Naturally whenever the Gongura chutney is brought in front of you, what will you do? Same reaction. So the past and the future movement. If you’re trained to get hurt, somebody hurts, somebody criticises you, if you choose to get hurt when somebody criticises you, naturally you will be continuously getting hurt whenever people criticise you. If you choose to be happy and relax when somebody criticises you, naturally you will start - choose to be happy and blissful. When somebody criticises, it’s just your choice. Your choice can help and work if the TPS is less. Your choice, your conscious decisions always brings the TPS down because the force of the oscillation is stopped. You see, not only TPS and, you see, you come near the timeshaft not only when the TPS is brought down, even when the oscillation is brought down, when the frequency is brought down. Again you come near the. You understand. You see if these movements are reduced, naturally the TPS also will became less. And that is what is TPS. TPS also will be reduced.



Master Time, Clear Your Karma || Part 2 || ATSC


In this video Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam elaborates more on the affect of time on an individual, whether it is human being or animal. He explains in depth about “TPS” (Thoughts Per Second), and what happens during the Near-Death experience. Other interesting topics that include this mind shattering talk include the importance of #surrendering to the master, what dreams are and who we are.

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Video Audio



Participant: Swamiji, Are the samskaras from the past, the samskaras from previous births also? HDH: Ah yes past means all your yesterday, previous birth, previous to previous birth, everything, everything.


Participant : So the low TPS is those actual conscious words in our life… You told us during the NSP that at the time of death, there is a fast forward and the conscious moments are the only ones that actually we carry along. Since more and more, less TPS and more and more conscious moments, less and less karmas we carry along. HDH: Yes, less and less karmas you carry if you touch at least once the timeshaft in your lifetime. And the end, again you’ll be only sitting in the timeshaft. You will be thrown to the timeshaft.


Participant: Swami, is this the tunnel where everyone talks in Near Death Experience? HDH: Ah yes, NDE tunnel, this NDE tunnel.


Participant: What is NDE? Near Death Experience. HDH: Near Death Experience. There are thousands of people who are, had near death experience. There’s a doctor who runs a website called nde, just nde. He has recorded thousands of people’s experiences. The beauty is, whether they are Hindu, Christian, Muslim or whomsoever they may be but the NDE is one and the same. NDE is what I speak in NSP. Same NDE only everybody had. This shows very clearly: ultimately God doesn’t know who is Hindu, who is Christian, who is Muslim and all. He knows only Consciousness.


Participant: NSP experience came to... HDH: Ah yes, yesterday, we had, we received a email from our Prabhavananda, Oklahoma devotee, Robin, Robin. Her mother did a NSP with us. Here is the, here’s the testimonial for NSP. In NSP, I think even the last NSP I told, if you have done NSP and fall into unconscious at least once, only then you will understand what NSP has done to you. Here is the email which says the mother was slowly passing away. The daughter and the mother, both did NSP. Daughter is sitting. She saw very clearly the sahasrara opening and the energy moving out, Swami standing in white dress and laughing, laughing and energy slowly moving out and disappearing into the, existence, just becoming one with the cosmic energy. Even the doctors and nurses, they were shocked to see so much of energy in the room, in that room. Just yesterday we received email. Alright, any questions about this timeshaft theory?


Participant: Swami, now that so many people when they receive a healing, even a physical healing, after a while the tps goes back up. HDH: Yes, yes, I see and the tps it goes up, naturally they will create more disease, more disease. That is what, that is what I’m telling. If you just heal them, it will be like giving them fish. If you give them meditation, it’s like teaching them to how to fish. So, you see, teach them meditation. Naturally they will not create the disease again. You see, when they come with a headache, healing headache is OK, but teach them how to keep the head calm so that they will not create headache once more. Now all of you understand this timeshaft theory? Anybody who’s not able to understand? Yes..hmm..


Participant : When we go to office, Monday through Friday or Saturday, it goes just like that. But on Sunday, I find the time is moving very slowly when we are not meditating. But the same way, we look at the year, last year Jayanthi to this year Jayanthi it appears just like that. How it is related to time shaft? HDH: Hum, you see, it means in your life you’ve not met much of sufferings. Your TPS is by naturally your TPS is less. Something, what you’re doing, you are enjoying some way. That’s the reason you feel the time is flying. If you are feeling the time is flying it means, it can be, you can have, you can pat yourself. You are doing something nice. You’re enjoying what you’re doing. Then go ahead with your life. Nothing wrong, perfectly alright. But if you feel time is not moving, if you feel time is not moving, horrible, then, naturally, you have too much of TPS. The more TPS, more depression, that’s all, more suffering, that’s all, nothing else, more mental torture, that’s all, nothing else.


Participant: Swami, you spoke about surrender. Responding to the call of the Master and surrender, is it the same? HDH: Yes Participant: Now, there is a call from the Master and there is something happening there. Now, one responds to call. And something’s happening here because of our non-presence. How do you handle these two things? Because it is a very practical problem that many women especially face. HDH: Simply respond to that Master’s call. Everything else will be taken care.


Participant: When you don’t bring yourself but witnessing is the opposite … and your belief, you create your diseases? HDH: No, when you witness, actually the small “i” disappears. You become capital I. You see, when I say “get out”, I say small “i”. When I say “witness”, bring the capital “I”. When you witness, you bring the capital “I” in, small “i” and capital “I” confusion, that’s all.


Participant: “Swami, if you, if you want to create some future, and they say to imagine about that. And if you are imagining and giving up on that, you are going to a future... HDH: All your imagining about the future, All your imaging about the future will be nothing but the expression of the past. If you have enjoyed something deeply in the past, or you thought you enjoyed something in the past, that is the same way you’ll create about the future. Don’t create anything called, your so-called future. Just penetrate the time shaft. Future will be, you see, if you create a future, you will be creating. If you let Me create the future, I’ll be creating. You are intelligent or I am intelligent? Decide. Who is supposed to create your future? Decide. If you relax, I will create. If you create, you will create. Who should create? Decide. Next.


Participant : Those who surrender to You totally, will You be there at the time of death? HDH: Yes, sure, I’ll be. Even after the NSP, even after the NSP, whatever way you live, you will see that at the time, last moment, I’ll be there.


Participant : It’s a gift for everybody. HDH: Yes, who has done complete NSP, it’s a pure gift. When you are totally surrendered, even physically, even your life will be there with Me. You see, when you, at the moment of dying, just you have the physical Master’s presence or spiritual presence is not a big job, not a big deal. Having that presence when you’re living also, that is the real beauty. That is the great beauty. Enjoying now, if there’s a big treasure, will you say let it be there, after fifty years we will enjoy, No! If you really understand it’s a treasure, you want now, let us enjoy, why tomorrow morning? Tonight, now. Naturally you will say now.


Participant: Is the TPS only for human beings? or what about other animals? HDH: All other animals, too much of TPS. The more TPS, totally unconscious. The more TPS, you become more instinct. Now at the human level TPS, you become intellect, the less TPS, you become intelligent. Instinct, intellect, intelligence.


Participant: Intuition, where does it come in, Swamiji? HDH: Ah, intuition, when you touch the timeshaft, when you just touch the timeshaft, where the future, whole future and whole past is seen, that’s intuition. When you penetrate the timeshaft, you become individual or Enlightened.


Participant: Swami, I read in the newspaper that when the tsunami was there at this time the animals came to know 10 minutes earlier and they all ran from the shore. HDH: That is what, instinct, instinct. And actually instinct is also little bit OK. Intellect, intelligence also little bit OK. This intellect is the greatest trouble. Hmm.. That’s what human beings are only guys who are in trouble. If you become Enlightened you have no trouble. If you are just animal, if you are a monkey, then also no trouble. Neither monkeys suffer nor Enlightened Masters suffer.


Participant: What about mentally retarded people? A neighbor of mine has a mentally retarded daughter. HDH: Too much of frequency only.


Participant: Swamiji, in dreams once in a while you see impressions of ancient times. HDH: Again, again, too much of frequency.


Participant: Is it too much of frequency Swamiji, or less frequency, because of seeing the future and the past? HDH: And actually, see, too much of frequency only you will see. In the less frequency, actually, less frequency it will come different vision, less frequency what comes is a vision, too much of frequency only dreams happen.You see visions will not make you tired. The dreams will make you tired. The early morning when you get up, if you’re tired, dull, want to rest, tired of taking rest. If you’re tired after getting up, whatever you had is dream. If you are fresh, alive, bubbling, jumping. If you feel like dancing, the moment you come out of your bed, the moment you get up, not even come out of your, the moment you get up, your steps should be more like a dance, instead of steps, then you are having visions. Otherwise it is just dreams.


Participant: Does the mind get blocked when the frequency reduces? HDH: Does the mind gets blocked. No, mind gets open when the frequency reduces. Mind gets blocked only when the frequency increases. It becomes solid stone, blockage.


Participant: Swamiji, if a person is able to move beyond the speed of light, he will become a different weight? HDH: Yes. no, not infinite weight. He will become anima. Anima, Mahima, Laghima, Garima is one and the same. Anima means what? Just becoming the whole. Laghima means what? Just becoming Nothing. Becoming nothing and becoming whole is one and the same. He says you will become a big weight. I say you will become nothing. Both are one and the same.


Participant: But what is the connection with the speed of light? Why one has to travel beyond the speed of light? HDH: You see, this all frequency level, in certain frequency level, you are a human being. In certain frequency level, you are in the dream world. In certain frequency level, you are in a causal body. In certain frequency level, you are in Deva. He says about the Deva loka.


Participant: Is this more physical or more thought level? HDH: Physical, thought level is one and the same. Nothing is two different thing. The more is hundred TPS, means you’re physical. If the TPS is less, you are mental, that’s all. Your thought and you are not two different things. Please be very clear. Your thought and you are not two different things. You are totality of all your thoughts. All your thoughts put together is what is you.


Participant: Swamiji, When we are working against some time targets, although we enjoy the job and still do it, we always feel we are running short of time. HDH: Again, the TPS is too much because of worrying. Yes, again, then pressure, pressure brings the TPS. You may enjoy the job but not the fear. Again, pressure, pressure brings the TPS.


Participant: Swami, is our body structure related to our past? HDH: Yes, directly. Participant: So, we can change it? HDH: Yes, simply you can program your body. Now, I am coming with a book called “Designing your body”. Designing your body, Nithya Yoga.


Participant: Swamiji, in one the lectures you talked about energy going out to seven energy centers. You said once it comes to, to navel center then people have ability to predict the future. HDH: Yes, that is what, you touch the timeshaft. Length. Participant: Lower TPS is operating from the state of the being. HDH: No, I’m operating. Lower TPS is what is operating from the state of the being.


Participant: Swamiji, one small doubt is there. You said when we come close to You we feel the presence. People who got Ananda Gandha initiated it works. Why it is the Ajna also? HDH: If you are centered on that particular chakra, the particular chakra will start working. And one more thing, all my music is having My presence through ears. I’m giving a big rubber stamp, understand. All my music is having My presence through your ears. All My pictures are having my presence through your eyes.


Participant: Doesn’t that go straight into the chakra if you practise <inaudible>. If someone were deaf, could they actually still receive it directly? HDH: Hmm Any other questions about this time shaft and this Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vijnanamaya, Anandamaya koshas?


Participant: Swami, this answer, this explains stuff that's taught to me in movement. In the Tai Chi they say “slow is fast, fast is slow”. This is perfect explanation. I never understood it before. HDH: Actually, when you meet a Master, living Master everything falls zig-zag, all the zig-zag puzzles fall in line. Everything falls in tune. As long as you see a living Master, whatever you learn is just puzzle. Just they are here and there. Once you meet a Master, living Master, everything falls in line, tak, as if something is pulled and sucked up. Anyhow, all this, so much of reading, nothing is understood. The moment when you see a life, living Master, everything falls in place. When you are in the Master’s presence, the TPS comes down, intelligence starts working, everything falls in line, falls in tune. The less TPS, more intelligence, more bliss, more energy. Bliss, intelligence, energy, compassion, everything is one and the same.


Participant: Swamiji, people who are not physically close to you, I mean, this whole theory? HDH: Ah, this works. Less TPS is enough. Participant: No, but if we are away from you. What are some other techniques by which you can still? HDH Of course, I have produced so much, so many of My techniques, and My photograph, My kirtans, My message, all these things are naturally.


Participant: Ok, if we listen to them, that is all.. HDH: That’s one of, that’s one of the wonderful steps and just remembering Me, Ananda Gandha. Ananda Gandha is straight. When you fall in Ananda Gandha, straight practically you fall to zero TPS, just zero TPS. You see, the moment you penetrate the Ananda Gandha, energy starts happening. You’re less than twenty TPS. Be very clear, less than twenty TPS. The moment you fall clearly to Ananda Gandha, you’re already in zero TPS.


Participant: Swamiji, if only time shaft breaks, even the space break... is the? HDH: Yes, timeshaft and space is nothing but one and the same. HDH: Yes, yes, you see in the hundred TPS, even this distance is too much. In hundred TPS, even this distance, what I say, you’ll misunderstand. When the TPS is more, what I say, you’ll misunderstand. And what, even if you see Me what will you think - “What is this? He is such a young guy? What he can teach?” You have your own, people have got their own ideas. People have got their own ideas. I dance and... They have got their own ideas because their TPS is more. They project themself on Me. Even if you live around Me, when I fire you, you think I am a human being. When I bring My energy to destroy your human aspects, you think I’m human being. All your misunderstanding is physically around Me and too much of TPS. This too much of TPS guys create problem for Me also actually. I tell you honestly, this too much of TPS guys only create all problems for all living Masters. All problems created for all living Masters is too much of TPS only. When you are actually, when you’re not, if you’re not matured to certain TPS, better don’t live near the Master. Otherwise you will hurt yourself and hurt others, hurt him also. So, if the TPS is less, even if you are sitting in San Jose, you’ll be falling in tune with Me. No problem.



Master Time, Clear Your Karma || Part 3 || ATSC

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Participant : Swamiji, I’ve got a question. When the Ananda Gandha opens, we are full of joy and ecstasy. So you’re coming on physical body on us, and feel like you know I am imitating you, what should I do? HDH: Ah nothing’s wrong. In the beginning it will start happening. The presence of the Master is so strong. I have always seen “na maadada ella nallada nallada pesru arambhichittanga Everybody has started speaking My language. Everybody has started picking up My language. Everybody has started moving, moving the hands and everything automatically and, and, and so much has started happening. So in the beginning, it will start happening, don’t bother. Let it happen.


Participant : Even your face, hair, drinking, everything is something like you know I am imitating you... HDH: So naturally it starts happening. If it starts happening, don’t bother. Relax. And automatically when it is necessary, it will disappear. And imitating Master is a sort of wonderful way to Enlightenment, continuously you remember him. Actually, the Master moves in the zero TPS, so there is a special grace. It is not even a beauty, be very clear, grace. It’s a grace. Nothing is arranged. Everything is so spontaneous. It’s such a grace, automatically your heart gets attracted. You see, everyone of you want to go to that zero TPS. Everyone of you have a deep yearning for the zero TPS because zero TPS is bliss. So all your search is nothing but zero TPS. So when a man acts from that zero TPS, naturally you start imitating him. You start imitating him. Simply, without even your knowledge you start imitating him. So, naturally you fall into zero TPS. There are guys who act, act from hundred TPS, all actors I think thousand TPS. So when you imitate them where will you end up? You will end up only with the thousand TPS. You will try to have same like a bike, same everything, all the things and you will try to do the same thing, you will end up only in the thousand TPS. When you imitate a guy who is acting from the zero TPS, naturally you fall into the zero TPS. Your hero decides your path and your goal and your end. Your hero decides your path, your goal and your end.


Participant : Swamiji, shall we say that scientists, great scientists, their TPS was low? HDH: For that one moment, and without their knowledge, they fell into the low TPS again they are thrown out. They didn’t stay there, that’s what I call satori. Participant: Like Einstein HDH: Hum, One glimpse, Newton one glimpse.


Participant : It’s all something and they noted it down. HDH: Noted it down. Not even, there is not even a zero TPS. They fall only to forty TPS level. That’s all. Zero TPS, you’ll see, you’ll know the whole science ot the Universe. Zero TPS means you would have produced a master philosophy. You wouldn’t have produced such a idiotic theory which can kill the whole humanity.


Participant : It’s not complete Swamiji. It’s not complete. HDH: And moreover, when he has reproduced the formula also, he would have reproduced the formula which will only help the society, humanity. You see, Buddha reproduced the formula Vipassana. It can never hurt anybody. It can never hurt anybody. But Einstein’s formula can hurt. The possibility of hurting itself shows the formula is not hundred percent. It’s only the intellect, not intelligence.


Participant : Swamiji, When he invented, he didn’t implement for a negative... HDH: No, no, no, even the possibility, even that gate if it is kept open, it’s not complete intelligence. Buddha closed all the possible negative gates, you understand? Even the future possible negative gates should be, will be locked by intelligence.


Participant: When a great master was there then why he can’t prevent those negative things to be happen? HDH: Ah, you see, one thing, preventing negative things are different. When you produce formula, that itself, that time itself doing is different. The one, just see. Now, for example, the negative formula is created and the process is also done. Now the product is ready to be launched. Then stopping is very difficult. Because already it has riped. It has became a fruit. You see, when it has become a fruit, it’s naturally difficult. But in the seed, seed, the small growth, the small thorny bush can be destroyed. But can it become, can it be destroyed if it become a big tree. It can’t be destroyed if it becomes a big tree. So this formula’s also, if it is in a very seed level, the producing time itself it would have been destroyed. But when it becomes a seed, when it becomes a big tree, now, so much of energy is necessary to destroy. Come out with the question.


Participant : Formula was invented after Buddha’s ... HDH: But Buddha was not physically alive that time.


Participant : As a enlightened master he could have stopped whatever is going to happen in the future like... HDH: You’ve said that that time itself he could have stopped the Einstein’s happening. But every, every individual has got a total freedom. You see, people ask Me, “Swamiji, why don’t you change my mind and make you as disciple?” And so many people, especially all these wives come and tell Me, “Please Swamiji, do something to my husband and make him your disciple.” I can’t do that. I can’t do that. I can’t interfere in his freedom. You see, God gives you the freedom to be in bondage. Please be very clear. Even bondage is your choice. If the freedom also is forced upon you, it’s not a freedom, again bondage. You have a freedom to be in bondage or to be in freedom. So freedom or bondage is your choice. I can’t interfere. Somebody asked Buddha, “You know enlightenment is a great thing, why don’t you give enlightenment to everyone?” He said, “Who wants? Bring them.” Who wants? Nobody. So, it is your choice. God never interferes in your freedom. He gives you the freedom to be in bondage. It’s your choice.


Participant: Swami, that is the reason why disaster like tsunami and all cannot be prevented? HDH: Yes, it’s a collective negativity. When it become too much, Earth nullifies itself.


Participant : Swamiji, this is really a universal theory of spirituality. HDH: Yes Participant : Not theory, theory means that.. HDH: You see, theory is a word, dead word. Philosophy is a dead word. Philosophia, Darshana. Darshana means what I have seen. Philosophy means what I thought.


Participant: Intellect HDH: Philosophy is what I think. Darshana is what I’ve seen. So this is a Darshana, we can call it Nithya Darshana. Nithya Darshana.


Participant: And that does not have an English word Swamiji. HDH: No, Darshana don’t have English word because in English, no Darshan, no Rishi happened. No Rishi happened. Nobody who has, who had the Darshana happened. You see in Tamil there is no word for tsunami because tsunami never happened in Tamil Nadu. Throughout the history, the tsunami never happened in Tamul Nadu. So there is no word for tsunami. They’re using the same word tsunami. There is no word because it has never happened. So, there is no word for Darshan because Darshan never happened in that area. All happened is philosophy, philosophy. Only the intellectual theories. Suppositions, not actually Tathātā. Darshana means Tathātā.


Participant: This sounds very simple, but in practice, I know that I, many people have resistance to lowering the TPS. HDH: To lowering the TPS? Then live with high TPS itself, enjoy, that’s all. Nothing more can be done. There is no need to bother. You see, in the practical and theory, it is simply simple. It is simply simple. The moment you say it is not simple, you try to make it complicated. One more TPS. That’s all. One more TPS.


Participant: The materialistic world is high TPS, really Swamiji. HDH: No, in the high TPS, you are in materialistic world. When you have low TPS, same world, but not materialistic. You are not materialistic. The same M.G Road is there, kids hang around everyday night but none of us go there. It’s not that we become, we entered in a different world, same world, everything is same. But we are only not going, that’s all.


Participant: Swamiji, we are just witnessing or observing the thought, that finishes the thoughts, the TPS comes down. HDH: Ah, yes TPS simply falls down.


Participant: Swamiji, you said that while penetrating, if you are able to stay there for 11 Kshanas. So one Kshana itself is the gap between the... HDH: And it means, it means the, actually, to tell you honestly, by eleven Kshanas, when you start staying, the kshana concept will disappear. Just to give you an idea, at eleven Kshana, twenty one Kshana, means more time. That’s all. Actually, when you come to zero TPS, there cannot be any kshana. How can there be gap between one thought and the other thought? That’s all.


Participant: Swamiji, in practical terms Swamiji, “staying there” means remaining aware of the thoughts? HDH: Relaxed. Yes “aware”. When you become totally aware of thoughts. When you, all your energy is, becomes a witness, there is no more thoughts. When you intensely witness thoughts will not be there. Because where is the energy to think? You’ll be totally a witness.


Participant: What about greatest musicians,Swamiji? HDH: Ah, their TPS falls down.


Participant: Swamiji, when You say you witness your thoughts, it is actually our mind which is witnessing the thought itself, right? HDH: Witness, the witness itself.


Participant: So the mind is still present? HDH: No, but when you start witnessing, the mind will not be there. Whenever you forget witnessing, only the mind will start moving. It’s like you play the double game, Ma. Ma, When you start witnessing, you play the game of the mind and you. It’s like you sit in a chair and start, sit in this chair and speak. Like, you take a subject and you sit in this chair and speak for the subject. You sit in that chair and speak against the subject, and tac, tac, tac, tac, tac, tac, tac, tac. That is the game now you’re doing. When you start witnessing, slowly you will stop moving to that chair. You will just become this chair. Naturally, you will see.


Participant: but then who are you here, as a witness? HDH: Ah, that, that you don’t bother.


Participant: That, that is still a different identity. HDH: The, the witness is what is energy. You became nobody. You become Nithya. You just become Nithya. Witness intensely, witness the witness.


Participant: Sometimes during the NSP meditation, it is an intense… <inaudible> The experiences were fantastic. But at the same time it was as though we were seeing it from the outside. HDH: That is what


Participant: But does that mean that my mind is still active and viewing that experience? HDH: Ah, your mind active and viewing. You see, viewing is not your mind. Viewing is your being. Acting is your mind.


Participant: So that experience is being witnessed by my Being, reflected by my Being.. HDH: Means your, the, you, you experienced that you are witnessing. That is the real experience, ultimate experience.


Participant: So, it’s not that you forget everything. HDH: No, no.


Participant: Is that what is called as Zen Master’s one hand clapping? HDH: Yes, one hand clapping,


Participant: Koans are supposedly to reduce your... HDH: Koans are nothing but just breaking you, pushing you straight from hundred to zero.


Participant: NSP breaks what you give us, similar to Koans? What you ask us to make plays and say now you are going to play like this ? HDH: No, it is not exactly like a Koan. It’s a different, you can call it Nithya Koans. That’s all.


Participant: But the thought reduces. HDH: Ah yes, thoughts comes down, Nithya Koans Participant: It is supposed, it is supposed to increase but it comes down. HDH: Nithya Koans


Participant: Swamiji, when you think of your being, it comes from the Ananda Gandha, is that where your Atman.. HDH: Yes Ananda Gandha is, is where you and Me are straightaway connected.



Catch The Moment Shiva Happens! || Part 1 || ATSC


In this video Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam answers the questions of participants. He guides them to witness the breath and catch the point when the mind is at zero thoughts per second, and experience the 'kshana' when Shiva happens.

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Video Audio



Because the TPS drops, you’re able to sit. Not even you’re able to sit, you see, one thing, the many thing, this gap once created will never leave you totally, completely. Understand, that is the main thing. The gap which is created never will leave your way. You can never again go back to hundred TPS. It will only be 90. Always the, what to say, this effect will be there. It is a permanent effect created on you. If you are really, if you are really witnessing, working, automatically you will stop sitting, speaking. You will stop talking.


There are so many instructions which I can’t give. You see, it cannot be given as a rule. It can only be given as a technique. Automatically, other thing will happen. See, everything else should happen. It shouldn’t be a instruction. If you really intensely witness, simply in this three-four days, I can bring it to zero, zero TPS, because My presence is working. You see, you do only half, half of the job. Everything else will be taken care by Me. Simply the zero TPS can be achieved. Zero TPS is what our goal. Zero TPS is our aim. That is the thing to be achieved. Alright.


Now, let us make a small group and give you a small work. But again, here if I give homework, you will start again working on homework. Alright, no homework, better you carry this itself as homework. Continue, continue, continue and continue. Just watching the four cycles of Prana. Today, whole night, whether you want to sit here or you want to go and lie down in your room, is up to you. Again, don’t follow your thought. When your mind says - ‘I want to get up and go’, don’t follow the mind: sit. When it is too much, when the, when you are really sleeping, when you are really feeling it is not even under your control, simply your, let your body walk and go and sleep. Just be a little careful I saw a bear walking, going outside the ashram. It was going outside the ashram only, I saw. I was coming by walk. Participant:It was there yesterday night. It was just walking by the park. HDH: Yesterday night it was there. I think it is same guy, ya, same guy. He loves to stay around us. Participant: But very friendly


HDH: Very friendly, never disturbs anybody, never disturbs anybody. Only in the village, it bites few people and kills, that’s all. Inside ashram, it never bites. Now, nobody will sleep. Anybody who sleeps in the night will never become enlightened. Please be very clear, that’s the truth actually. Gita says very clearly, Gita very clearly says, you see, a real rogi, real bhogi, real yogi cannot sleep in the night. Rogi cannot sleep because of coughing, coughing, the disease. Boghi cannot sleep because he has to enjoy. Yogi cannot sleep because he has to meditate. A real yogi, real bhogi, real rogi, real yogi cannot sleep. If you are real yogi, you cannot sleep in the night, at least, what to say, from My experience I can tell you, it is just because of the meditations in the night I became enlightened. When I was, even when I was, I spent some time in the Ramakrishna Math. Even that time, I will just pull My, I used to wear mala, with that mala I will tie a rope and the mosquito curtain, for that to tie the mosquito curtain, there will be a rod, attached to the cot. I will tie, tie a rope on that cot. Even if I sleep, even if I doze, I can get up. That’s the way I used to meditate. Except that one fellow, nobody else is a meditator here.


Actually how, if you have the deep burning, how can you meditate, how can you sleep, tell Me. You can’t sleep. If you’re sleeping in the night, relax and sleep. Actually you can’t sleep.


For example understand, next to your room, a big treasure is there, one crore of the treasure is there. Can you sleep in this room? Will you be able to sleep? You’ll just be waiting, when to break the wall and take it and spend. You will be trying all your best only to break, not even next wall. Inside so many crores treasure is there. How can you sleep? If you’re sleeping, either you don’t have faith there is a treasure or you don’t think it can be achieved or you don’t want the treasure.


Gita says clearly, yogi is a man who sleeps when world is awake and he’s the man who is awake when the world is asleep. So all the bears are yogis. That’s why!


I have never seen any lazy fellows becoming enlightened, any lazy fellows becoming enlightened. Anyhow, alright, now try to work. I wanted at least few people will have some deep experience of their inner self. You see, I don't want you, I don’t even feel that, I don’t even have agreed that you should become enlightened. At least let the TPS come down, let the TPS come down. If you achieve that much, then ok, My four days are useful. Any other doubt in the meditations? In the meditation what you are doing now? Any doubt, or any clarification?


Participant : After the first session was over, I sat near Dakshina Murti deity. I did not even attend the second session. Cosmic energy entered me and started dancing around me. I couldn't eat or sleep after that. With this small energy experience, I’m feeling like this. How will I handle the full energy residing within?


Swamij: Even this experience, don’t be carried away with this experience. Witness it again. Just be witness.


Participant : Swamiji, I don’t know if I’m witnessing or doing pranayama? HDH: No, no, no, don’t do Pranayama. When you are doing, you will not be able to witness. Just witness. You see, here I am creating all these techniques, it is not that something are new. Everything is old techniques only but you will not have the space to do these techniques in your house. Who will give you time, time, food if you are sitting and meditating? People will throw stones at you. They will ick, just kick! Who will give? So I’m trying to create a space where you don’t have to bother about food and sleep, where you don’t have to bother about anything. Just work on you. Relax and work on you. Relax and just go deep. At least, you will carry the glimpse within you. You will carry this glimpse with you. So don’t miss the glimpse, don’t miss the time and one more thing, even if you do it in your house, even if somebody gives you the food, they can’t give you the presence. So, if the master’s presence can do something that is what I am trying to do. The techniques are very old. It’s actually Buddhist techniques. The first technique which we practiced is from Vipassana. Actually, the whole thing is Vipassana in a altered way. Four-five steps are Vipassana, whole thing is just 4-5 steps are Vipassana. Morning, the second technique for Prana body what you did, for prana sharira. First technique from Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. I have already started talking on Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva Sutras. First technique from Shiva Sutras and especially the visualization, locking. If you just lock your body you can’t move. Simply you’ll be able to sit. Simply you’ll be able to sit if you just visualize you locked all the joints. You can’t move, it will be there just like a stone. It will be there like a stone. So it’s the first technique from Shiva Sutras, watching all the four. No-no, four movements of the breathing, Prana. But that curve, curve is the place where zero TPS. Actually, you see, every curve, you come down to zero TPS and go. Between every curve, you come to zero TPS. If you can watch a single curve, you will come to zero TPS. That is what, you see the inhaling and out exhaling time you will be having some forty-fifty TPS. The curve time, in kshana, without even your knowledge, you will touch the zero TPS and go. It is so sensitive, you will miss it. But don’t miss. Again and again catch only that point. Actually in that curve, only Shiva happens. Shiva means that consciousness, Shiva consciousness happens to you. Participant: Curve, that only, gap Swamiji, because then..


HDH: Gap actually, not even a curve, gap.


Participant: During the cycle, the breath in and out, both are vanishing, almost becoming nil... HDH: Nil, hmm, again you, you are almost near the zero TPS. If you don’t see any movement, you’re near zero TPS.


Participant : Even weight is, pulling like this. HDH: Shallow But you will see, your whole lungs will become energetic. When the breathing is shallow, your whole lungs will become energy because prana will start storing, getting stored there.


Participant : It gets tightened HDHi: Prana will start staying there. Participant : Swamiji, only if you do the Prana really, and the first technique we don’t have to do? HDH: No, no, no, no, no, we are supposed to do only step by step. You can’t do, you can’t do this technique four hours if you have not done the first technique


Participant: A few times, in the Ajna chakra the energy exploded. HDH: No, no, no, don’t, all this experience is just bullshit. No experiences. Don’t allow any experiences to happen. Witness, witness, witness, just witness and go down, As I was telling you yesterday, today. All your experiences are nothing but one more thought, one more thought, TPS, nothing else. Next or question.


Participant: I have the experience of just uncontrollable laughter across the night. HDH: Ah, that’s nice, OK. Again witness. That’s experience. Again, it's not going to help you. You see, it’s like a: Bangalore 30 kilometer. It is only board. It can show you that you’re going near Bangalore. You are going in the right track. It is not Bangalore. So you are going in a right track, OK, but don’t stop there. If you just catch hold of that board, Bangalore 30 kilometer, ‘Oh, Bangalore has come, Bangalore has come’, what will come? Nothing will happen. So, don’t stand there. Just witness. Let everything disappear. No experience, don’t give respect to any experiences. All are just thoughts.


Participant: So, there is still the experience of pain, but I did not have the suffering. It’s just as if.. HDH: Yes, witness, witness.


Participant: I was near Dakshina Murti deity, I am able to hear whatever You are saying all the way there. I am able to know inhaling and exhaling of Your breath. HDH: Witness. Don't respect these experiences. OK. Actually good experience, but don’t stop there, don’t respect. The moment you give respect, you will miss, you will become stagnant.


Participant: Swamiji, my hands become numb after sometime. HDH:Yes, let your whole body become numb. That’s what is supposed to happen. Any other question? Yes


Participant: shares his experience HDH: That’s OK. Witness again. Participant: Swamiji, is it possible to do internal ajapa when we sleep? HDH: Ah, yes, I used to do japa when I was asleep. I will have two malas. I will totally be sleeping and both malas will be rolling and inside I used to be so clear the mantra will be going on. The mantra will be going on. Even now, after becoming enlightened, I have only one line of My, like a thread I have just to speak with you all, just to do the, this basic activities. Even now you can see sometimes, My hand will be moving like this. It will be moving like this.


Because if you have to stay with the body, something should be there which will hold you, some anchor. Some anchor should be there, otherwise you can’t hold the body. I have the mantra as anchor. I have this mantra which I used before enlightenment. That is what I am using as a anchor to hold, to catch. That’s why even when I sign, I don’t sign My name, what I am signing is not My name. There’s a mantra which I used before enlightenment. For Enlightenment, of course it didn't help for enlightenment but it has just dropped My vipassana. Only from Vipassana I slipped, so. Of course it has done a lot. It has done a lot. It has done a big service to Me by putting Me into the higher level techniques. Anyhow, that’s a mantra which I used and you can’t understand which language it belongs to. Neither I know which language it belongs to. Just allow the vibration to happen and allow the hand to move along with the vibration. Whatever is written is written, that’s all. Just that vibration is transmitted through the hands and becomes a script and which language, neither I know, nor... When I Myself don’t know who will know? It is neither English, nor Sanskrit or Tamil. I don’t know! We can say our known Nithya Bhasha! That’s what I use as My signature. Even legally that is My signature in passport or everything because I didn’t …. see, first time after enlightenment, only for the passport, first time, I was asked to sign. That’s the first time they brought the application and hmmm, asked Me to sign. I said, how, what shall I sign? I don’t feel any name is connected to Me. What to sign? Neither the name, the old name Rajashekaran I am feeling connected. Even those days, I don’t feel connected with that name. Somehow I never felt connected with that name or this new name. Neither this new name Nithyananda, I feel connected. Totally, I feel that I am a stranger. So, what to do? Alright. This is the only thing which I know, the mantra which I loved, which I liked. So let Me start writing, over. I started putting that as a signature. Any other question?


Participant: What is the mantra? HDH: Ah, that is what! Asking business secret. No, actually that mantra, I think this is hmm, it is too big to understand with a logical mind.That’s why I don’t initiate that mantra to anybody. Maybe when I find somebody qualified, I may give that mantra. It is too, of course I express that concept again and again, what is meant by that mantra, I again and again say in the teachings, but I don’t give exactly that word itself, okay. Once you have, once people become mature to receive it, then let them have.



Witnessing the 4 Movements of Prana || Part 2 || ATSC


In this video Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism HDH #Nithyananda Paramashivam answers the questions of participants. He guides them to witness the breath and catch the point when the mind is at zero thoughts per second, and experience the 'kshana' when Shiva happens.

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Participant: These are all the preliminary stages of couples, Swamiji. First time I feel like studying. ASP, NSP and all was enjoyable <<unclear>>.

HDH: That is what entertainment. Singing and jumping around means what, dancing, singing and dancing, jumping around is what… enjoyable only. That is what I said intense enlightenment intensive!


This will be a deep enjoyment. Let the TPS come down. Any more question? That’s all? Alright, close the eyes, then sit. Sit straight. Close your eyes.


You see, she says when she was doing meditation, she saw the Lakshmi and the Parvati. She didn’t see the Saraswati. So she was thinking, “How come I am not having Saraswati with me?” Now, she got the Saraswati. Wow! Nice!

Sit straight. Close the eyes. When you feel really too much of, too much like sleeping, go to your room and sleep. But till then, try to sit. Try to sit as long as possible. Even if you can add one more minute, add. That much of meditation, try to do. Close your eyes.


Meditation in progress...

Close your eyes….

Start witnessing the ingoing prana and the prana taking turn, and the prana going out, and the prana again taking turn...

Witness all the 4 movements of the prana….

Witness all the 4 movements of prana… Continue to witness……



Deepening the Witnessing || Part 3 || ATSC


In this video Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam answers the questions of participants. He guides them to witness the breath and catch the point when the mind is at zero thoughts per second, and experience the 'kshana' when Shiva happens.

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Two, three days threw stones.. even after the stones they are sitting, they are sleeping. Not even Indian get up then I thought waste of stone then I dropped, and drop the idea slowly, slowly. Two, three correctly hit not like yesterday’s miss. You are..you have no problem… He is not hurt? Okay can we try once more? 😊. It’s funny😊. Alright 😊. Anyway you got Saraswati already hmm. So Laxmi and Durga you have seen and you have Saraswati also, that’s enough. Hmm… How many continued even today morning after coming back? Ah okay hm. Actually it’s like a….in the beginning see when you come down from a hundred to sixty it will be boring after sixty it will not be boring. After sixty it will not be boring. But till that hundred to sixty you will have the sensation of going. That is the reason these four days if I give some other option, some drama, some program, some relaxation you will do that; that’s why I am not giving anything.


Otherwise I generally put you in such a dry thing. I always give some eh.. relaxation. But here no other way at least till the manomaya kosha you have to move with the intensity. Nothing else should be an option. Nothing else should be helping you to turn away... Especially see, unless you really go intensely nothing big can happen. Big can’t happen. See actually ASP, NSP and all is more like a more I’m helping. This also I’m helping but in an intense way. Unless you have your house in zero TPS, see it’s like a retreat home. Retreat resort so many of you have farm house. How many of you have farm house outside the city? You see, Annamaya kosha hundred TPS is like a house in the MG road. Zero TPS is the house in Bidadi; house in Bidadi. You must have at least one apartment in Bidadi ashram. So that once in a while you can come and rest, relax, rejuvenate and then again go and fight; start doing your regular job.


At least one apartment in the zero TPS, I am trying to create one apartment for you in these four days. So that whenever you want you can rest. You can have vacation. Give time and break. So that is the reason construction time especially digging and making the foundation time it’s always little difficult, bear with Me and go with it. Don’t bother by evening you will have something else. By evening once you go into manomaya kosha then okay. And of course I am very happy that a at least prana maya kosha you will be successfully doing. Annamaya I don’t know why you guys didn’t understand? What was happening first day. Otherwise right now you would have crossed manomaya, okay. First day instruction, first night instruction nobody understood. Only next day morning after time shaft theory only people start understanding what’s going on here. Otherwise they thought I am going to do the regular play. 😊 No regular play now.


Swamiji: Any question? hm. Participant: okay I have two questions in the intensity. It seems like the natural course of the meditation, the breathing slows down. But when my numbing was so great and the pain was great, I …. Swamiji: Witness the pain ma. Participant: I witnessed it. But I increased my breath. Then I felt totally like delirious and dizzy and don’t know what is going to happen. Swamiji: You are not supposed to increase the breath. Why there is no need just witness, witness, witness. Till the end only one technique, only one word witness. Witness the witness. Participant: I have a question about the numbing. Because I still can’t get my right leg awake. Swamiji: Sit in the chair that's all.


Participant: It’s been like that all night Swamiji: No, sit in the chair. That’s all. Participant: Swami, I just, I wanted to share that it was just been the greatest healing for me because twenty five years ago last night when the time we were doing this meditation, was when I got the news of my daughter’s death 25 years ago. And so my laughing was like I, I was concerned, I tried to suppress it for a while because I knew I might be disturbing people, but it was like I can’t believe that I am so happy. Because I just thought I will never be happy again. Swamiji: 😊 Wonderful. Participant: I wanted to start a laughing club. Swamiji: 😊 😊 Of course we are laughing club only. 😊😊 And our guys were uproarious laughter; the whole city will shake. If I let this in the hall ma, I don’t think ten people and all? Just two, three is enough to shake any city. Any other question?


Participant: Last night I was meditating under the banyan tree with chin mudra, then my anja chakra then brahma muhurta. Swamiji: No, no you shouldn't have mixed the techniques, now forget about everything else and go only with this pranamaya. I tell all of you, you will not do any other technique. You will not do any other technique. You see I'm working in a deeper angle with you. Whatever you know ananda ganda will become more sharp when you will go through these things. But don’t please mix any other technique. Now do only these techniques.


Participants: unclear??? Swamiji: no, no, no, that’s okay. The regular mahamantra here will be happening. If you participate okay, if you don’t okay. But no other techniques in the particular timings. Participant: When I shifted from anandamaya kosha to pranamaya kosha I felt that my third eye closing and I stared (not audible) after sometime my hands became so heavy. I could not shift it in spite of my efforts. Ultimately I requested him go away I have to go. Slowly it became very light and I came out. Swamiji: There is no need even to come here, you just witness the thoughts. It will become more and more soft, okay anyhow. But continuously witness, witness, witness. Yes..


Participant: After laying down also the consciousness only on break. In the middle when we get up also is the same. Swamiji: Again 😊 ah, ha 😊😊😊 Ah it means you are successful. Participant: Even my walking... Swamiji: Ah that is what. Achieving vipassana is nothing but having the breath watch in the dream state. Already you have entered; you entered vipassana. When it is done systematically with the clear understanding. Especially this diagram is I think some unique gift. This diagram explains practically all the questions. All the basic questions are answered just by this time shaft and this diagram, practically over. When the clear clarity happen to you straight away all your energies are concentrated into the technique. Especially in the right technique step by step when you go in simply things are achieved. Nice. See you achieved the state of upasana, he achieved the state of vipassana. Upasana means is having the darshan of the devata. You have the darshan of Dakshinamurthy. He achieved the breath watch he stayed in the brain, both are great achievements. Generally how long it takes? And they say if you chant any devatas mantra for twelve years only then you will have have the vision. And you do twelve years of breath watching only then you will achieve vipassana. You guys are simply happened. That’s nice. Next.


Participant: When I am watching my breath, it feels very relaxed and the breath slows right down. It becomes very very small and it’s hard to see the four points. I can’t see the change. Swamiji: No, again make your witness more sharp. Let the witnessing consciousness become more sharp. But it always happens only as four cycle either four or no cycle. It totally stops. It becomes a straight line; not even straight line, just a point. So then you have to only improve your consciousness, go on, go on. Participant: (Tamil) After finishing meditation I was laying down to sleep for an hour when your voice said to witness the sleep. Swamiji: That’s nice, witness.


Participant: (Tamil) witnessing means watching the thoughts in the mind. Then who is watching that witness? Swamiji: (Tamil) That is consciousness; that is your being. Even the idea of witnessing will disappear only then the atmanjna…. The atama spurana will start happening. Participant:(Tamil) The four prana movements happens in the nostrils, I feel the first other three I do not.


Swamiji: Even inside the nostrils no movement should be there...just becomes silent. Participant: (says in Tamil) I am already meditating annapurna. But that is different? Swamiji: Anapanacity is different. This is not anapancity. But anapancity can creates schizophrenias. Be very careful. Anapancity straightway schizophrenia. Schizophrenic status: be very careful with anapancity. It should happen like by step by step; You see first…(not audible) like this step by step it should happen. And moreover in NSP I already I cleaned the guilt, like this, this, so much is already digged out. Now if you go deep nothing much will come out. But directly straightaway if go what will happen? All the septic tank - mandapa vasal will open 😊 Everything else will come out. Participant: (Tamil) All pranayama that we are doing it happens on its own without our efforts. Swamiji: hmmm Participant: Swamiji you said at some point it becomes a point when we watch it, what do you mean by that. Swamiji: You naturally come to manomaya kosha. Participant: is it just as one awareness?


Swamiji: No, no no there will be grieving at all, just you will be there. Just it will be like binary, zero, one; zero one; zero one that is all like tck tak; tuk tak; tuk tak; eh matter and energy, just the binary will be there nothing else,else. Actually binaries originated from here only. The binary concept is brahma sakti. From brahma sakti concept only binary concept came. Participant: Swamiji but it is not always constant; as I go through the four cycles once in a while I have this. Swamiji: hmm that’s what then you have TPS is becoming high, you are again thrown out starts scrambling😊. When you become little silent; when you become satchitananda then you become nobody. Then become scrambling as sheep and again thrown out 😊.


Participant: Swamiji even the body pain or the nose keep breathing out, is because of TPS. Swamiji: Any body pain is nothing but too much of TPS. Any physical disease also is high TPS only. Participant: It is the posture, the sitting posture is pain Swamiji? Swamiji: Ah’ Okay you see in that way even if you witness actually even that will melt down. That will just melt down. You see just visualize just put a lock and lock it. You will see simply the pain will not be there. You can’t move actually the body. Actually h’m, h’m. Participant: (Tamil) Swamiji the body consciousness is lost but is it because of the sleep problem or meditation.


Swamiji: 😊😊That only you understand, if you are aware of body consciousness losing then meditation. If you are not aware then 😊 that’s all. Participant: Swamiji I noticed one more thing for me, that there are less thoughts coming. Swamiji: That TPS coming down, TPS dropping. Participant: when the breathing is slowing down, I am feeling all around that the intensity also slows do


Participant: so many.. I would like to just ask whenever sort of breathing in, breathing out and then overlapping I was having all that four things just on the duct. That means I felt that whole thing is narrowed down and I could, I was very deep breath, when I was breathing out before that I could see there is a, everything is in a tranquilant state! Swamiji: That's wonderful’ that’s wonderful. You see if you just see in the state continuously you will be rejuvenated, continuously you will be rejuvenated. Actually prana is not breath. Prana is the energy which is taken through the breath. Breathing is like a lorry. Prana is the stuff which comes inside the lorry. So in that.. if you stay in that state, it’s wonderful. It will lead you to manomaya kosha. It will bring down the TPS, wonderful thing. You see if you chant Gayatri one lakh two lacks time this state will be achieved, lacks and lacks of Mantra Japa will bring you down to the pranamaya kosha. That’s why we do the Mantra Japa. But not with the full speed. (fast chanting the gayatri mantra)……...😊 that will not. That will only increase the TPS. Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ Tat-savitur Vareñyaṃ Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt a gap, awareness, one gap of awareness then again Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ Tat-savitur Vareñyaṃ Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt


Actually in this way if you will chant, within few minutes you will feel the syllables are too much on you. The mantra words are too much on you. Your mind is dropping below the mantra. Simply the mantra will drop. Only then, prana cycle will be happening. Now actually for people who touch the pranamaya kosha if you try to chant the mantra it will be too heavy on you. The TPS will be increase you will be able to find out clearly, The once you touch the pranamaya if you take up any mantra TPS will increase so you will become mantratita, or you are achiever of the siddhi of mantra. You won’t need any more mantra you cross the pranamaya. Till Pranamaya only you will need mantra, after that no mantras. Participant: (Tamil) when I am inhaling and exhaling breath during the turning point I feel a force from my mooladhara to ajna chakra. Swamiji: (Tamil) witness it, it is not a thing it’s good experience, but go ahead witness. Participant: Swamiji the curve when we exhale and before inhaling that is much longer than the curve from the inhaling to exhaling it is very short. Swamiji: That shouldn’t be the case, because continuously witness that shouldn’t be the case because this gap should be small and that gap will be more. Only then you will have life, long life. So that shouldn’t be the case, continue to witness it will become automatically adjust itself.


Participant: (not audible) Swamiji: You see the outside to inside turning; outside to inside turning must be less. Inside to outside turning will be more. Only then the life will be longer. Your life thing will be longer. These are all very intrinsic yogic secrets. 😊 Actually just by holding the hand of a person, you can tell how long he will live. Simply you can tell how long he will live. 😊 Participant: When TPS is more you practice this meditation. Swamiji: Ah yes. When the TPS is more just you see I am now we are working so deeply by tomorrow, today evening I will get result for zero TPS. Great result, then you don’t need to anything else, you do only anandamaya kosha technique, anandamaya kosha technique will be more deeper. By now you will have the tract and reach the anandamaya. So whenever you are in the high TPS, hundred or something, wherever you are in the high TPS, the moment you become anandamaya kosha technique, simply it will be dropped, you will drop into the anandamaya kosha. Simply the TPS will drop. The very remembrance, the very remembrance; that’s what just smriti, smarana is more than enough.



Science of Thoughts Per Second || Part 1 || ATSC


In this video Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam guides his disciples through a simple 4-steps Prana Technique to zero our Thoughts Per Second (TPS). We have 4 movements in our system and by observing each movement with awareness one at a time, our TPS drops. You can be enlighten by being a TPS dropout!


Science Of Thoughts Per Second || Part 2 || ATSC

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Video Audio



Participant: “Swamiji, couple of days back, I in fact felt that I was at a very low TPS (Thoughts Per Second), I did not know the definition until you told me today and I felt a lot of your presence.” Swamiji: That's true. The moment you come down to the low TPS, you will see that I will be there. Participant: “And it was very buzzing. It was very, I felt like a high. Swamiji: That's right. High. Participant: And then I took a major decision in life. Swamiji: Hmm. High. No, you see. Whenever in the high moments you take any decision, it always helps you. In the low moments never take any decision. In too much of TPS, never take any decision. Don't take any decision when the TPS is high. Take, just… If you are in any tension, any problem - relax. Bring down the TPS level - then decide, then take any decision. Never do any decision making, regarding any subject in your life, when the TPS is high.


Swamiji: Intelligence will be low. Intellect will be there, but Intelligence will be low. Participant: [Inaudible conversation] Swamiji: Oh you are afraid? Somebody else told me. Come on you. Don't bother, unless you are worthy, it will not come to you. Somewhere or other, you must be worthy of that. I may not aim properly, but the stone touched by my hand knows where to travel. You see, Rama actually doesn't know how to aim, but Rama Baana has got intelligence, because of his hand the Rama Baana gets the intelligence. So that directly travels and does the job and comes back. So it's a Rama Baana. I may not know how to aim, but I know how to give intelligence to the stone. All these are stories, but only we have to have. Don't bother.


Participant: “So Swami, when you said that we hear what we want to hear. Is it based on what we expect? What is the differentiate …? Swamiji: You can't understand. Relax. Understand this much, that’s enough. Now just give a gist of what I spoke last ten minutes. Can you? No no, give a gist. Participant: Swami you spoke about Rama. Swamiji: This is a gist from your set up and If I ask somebody else, they will give a different gist. Means what? You have recorded only what you want to record, what you want to listen. So you have not heard, what I spoke. You heard only what you want.


Swamiji: Actually when the TPS comes down, twenty four hours you will have the same flirty mood - that ecstatic mood. If the TPS is up, even when you are near, you will be only tensed. You’ll be only attention. Actually one more thing, even the flirting can bring down the TPS. That's one more technique. Of course, I won't speak about that technique much - it’s enough. Utterly relaxed, just by the deep, Divine Presence of the Master, asking nothing more, ‘Just You are enough, Your Presence is enough’. You being around Me or Me being around You is enough. It's such a deep, relaxed - utter relaxation, without any possessiveness. You should never have that feeling, ‘Oh, that person should not come, this person shouldn’t come’. With a deep mode of sharing, when you are around him, simply the TPS falls down.


Participant: We would like to give our all the problems to You, Swamiji. Swamiji: No those fools used weapons only to kill. I am here to use everything to heal. Why do you think I kept all the weapons in my throne? All those weapons cried, ‘That time - we have been corrupted totally, just used killing, killing, killing, drinking those bloods and we have being corrupted. Then I said, ‘All right, next time I'll use you all for healing and let you guys be liberated from the sin of hatyas. That's all. Now they are liberated from the Brahma hatya and all hatya - all Ati-doshas, by being used for healing. Yes. That's why I put all the weapons in my throne. Let them all be blessed. Otherwise these guys are sick of continuously killing others. Actually if you continuously kill others, naturally you feel sick. How long you can do that?


Swamiji: That's all. So now we will enter into the next - Prana - next level TPS. You see, this is a nice technique. Again… Okay. Now this is a wonderful technique and for this technique a small rule - no question of opening the eyes and moving from the place, till I say move. Now I'm going to attend one function in Bangalore. Participant: A very grand, new technique.


Swamiji: A small function, in Bangalore. So soon I will come back and… Soon I will come back and move you from your places. It's a very simple technique, very simple technique. I'll guide you first, step by step. I'll guide you first step by step - four steps. You have four prana movements in your system. The prana going in, prana taking turn, prana going out and again prana taking turn. You understand what I said? You have four movements. Prana going in, taking turn, going out, again taking turn. You are supposed to witness all these four movements.


Swamiji: First, I will guide you. You will witness only Prana going in. Next you will start witnessing only the prana taking turn. Next you will witness only prana coming out. Next you will witness only prana taking turn. Step by step we will, first five minutes we witness only this point. Let everything… All the four will continuously be happening. But you don't have to witness, you don’t have to be aware of other three things. You can relax in other three points. But this one point you have to be aware. Next five minutes - the second - only the turning, you have to be aware. Third, only this going out - the exhaling you have to be aware. Fourth, only the taking turn, you have to be aware.


Swamiji: Understand, very clearly - five minutes, five minutes, five minutes - after 20 minutes you have to be aware of all the four movements. You should not miss even single movement. Same awareness I’m drilling with the Prana techniques. First the Annamaya techniques - the gross level. Now the same awareness, same technique. I am...same old wine in the new bottle. I'm working with the Prana level, working with the Prana level. Then we’ll work next next with the different, different levels. Now we are working on the prana level.


Swamiji: Understand. When I put that… When I gave this technique to few of our devotees, some six months ago, I put them in this technique and went away. More than eleven hours, they were just sitting. You do not know. You yourself will forget everything. You will forget the eleven hours passed and I give you the freedom - the moment you feel like coming out, you can open your eyes and go out. Understand. The moment you feel totally bored or you are not able to sit any more, you can go out. But still, you will not even feel that. You will not even feel that. Don't even bother to give importance to the thought; even when the thought comes witness it. Sit, don't let any thought raise in your being. Just relax, just sit. Any doubt in the technique? Any doubt? If you want to go and sit in the chair, sit now itself, because I don't know how long you are going to sit. Participant: In between we can’t change the position? Swamiji: No one, two, three. No one, no two, no three. All here itself. Participant: Here also we can’t change the position? Swamiji: Haan, you can change the...I think better not to. Participant: Swamiji, if we get some hard struggle, just... Swamiji: Witness.


Participant: “Swamiji, will you be here to guide us?” Swamiji: Haan, that's what I'm telling, that these five, five minutes of, what to say, that guiding you, will give you that awareness in the turning point. Hmm. Participant: ”Swamiji, is it deep breathing or normal ordinary breathing?” Swamiji: Ordinary breathing. It’ll become automatically deep. No, no, no, no - don't have to bother. It’ll happen automatically. You will see the deep breathing. You will even feel that the wheezing is happening in you. Whenever the awareness becomes too much, some kind of a mild wheezing happens in you. One day, suddenly I had a wheezing in your house when I was staying, that at early morning these guys started shouting: “Oh Baba, hilarious, that Sunday, hmm? They started shouting: Oh,[ Tamil translation required (12:12 - 12:15). I got up. Arey, I am here, why are they shouting so loud? Anyhow. No really. They started shouting so loudly, still I remember that incident. I had a shock. I thought something seriously wrong happened to somebody.


It's a great blessing. It can never forget God. But it’ll torture us nah? Tortures - remember. Participant: “Swamiji, do we use nose only for breathing?” Swamiji: Yes, naturally you will do, only through nose. Only that hole is used for breathing - breathing in. Participant: Can we not go to the bathroom? Swamiji: Now quick then. Rush. Haan. No after that you will not feel like, because I'm locking all the locks.


Alright. Close your eyes. Lock the body. Just visualize, you have a lock in the knee and you're locking it. You have a lock in the back and you're locking it. You have a lock in the shoulder and you're locking it. Visualize step by step, your body is getting locked. Feel the lock and key sound - tuck-tuck, tuck-tuck. Your body is just locked. All your joints are just locked with a key. You are almost becoming a statue in the same sitting position. Feel, your neck is locked. Both shoulders are locked. Backbone is locked. Knees are locked and just locked - that's all.


Just lock your whole body. From toe to head, lock all the joints. Visualize you are locking all the joints. Lock literally.


Lock your body completely.