August 28 2019

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Facebook Updates from Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam


  • I welcome you all with my love and respects, I am ready with all the beautiful gifts
  • I am committed to make myself available and all the best things from Kailaasa to make it available as user friendly day to day practical user gifts.
  • All the best things from the Kailaasa will be made available to the whole of humanity whether it is science of power manifestation or mandalas or planets
Please understand I am not using the word plants.
  • Graha mandalas which create an energy field when it is placed in your home or office - the graha mandala this is the next gift from Kailaasa. I am committed to make it as user friendly and available to all of you
  • To all my disciples I wanted to tell, from today we will be having morning satsangs in English, evening satsangs in Tamil and Kailaasa senate meetings,

Kailaasa congress meetings, Lok sabha meetings, Rajya sabha meetings.So those parliamentary meetings also I will be available everyday doing pada puja and all the dial the avatar calls.

  • I will be available to all of you.

That is the first assurance to all my disciples, yogis, yoginis, my kids, sanyasis, I know it was a very difficult 1 year for all of you, continuously for all of you. Means all those sufferings and all those from today I will be continuously available. In 2003, 2004, 2005 in those years because now the internet facilities are available - I will be available more than 2004 - maybe I will be available for 18 hours a day, other than that I will be available for 6 hours for parliamentary meetings - Kailaasa meetings, Kailaasa lok sabha, rajya sabha.

  • All the sciences power manifestation, healing, raising the quality of your existence, consciousness, everything Paramashiva has gifted is downloaded in the system is manifesting for humanity.
  • Understand, All my disciples - All of you will realize - you will realize now the waiting was worth because of the quality of gifts downloaded in the system - the amazing gifts Paramashiva has downloaded in the system.
  • I am overflowing with gratitude, awareness, integrity love, faith, belief, oneness, all this are one and the same when you think of Paramashiva - faith in Paramashiva and be aware of the existence, or oneness with Paramashiva all this are same.
  • I am overflowing with that space and will ensure that all of you that declare integrity to me also experience the same space
  • Understand first thing I want to share is nothing is needed from your side other than simple integrity and listen to these satsangs.
  • This system is fully ripe, extremely compassionate and life positive attitude.
  • When I declared my simple integrity to my Guru - all I know is - what he loves, I love; what he hates, I hate; what he wants I will want. That is simple integrity.
  • You don't have to struggle, I am going to give you the most powerful cognition's.
  • Just by knowing the conclusion we know how to execute the conclusion, but whoever talks like that they fail when they start executing. If you try to jump to conclusion without loading enough powerful cognition's and when you struggle, your struggles, your powerlessness, your frustration and anger turn towards Guru.
  • Whenever you are not able to make conclusions into reality - gather more knowledge
  • Realizations can become a reality in your system.I am loaded with powerful cognition's.All you need is simple declaration of integrity to me, nothing else.
  • When you listen to these powerful cognition's, they will make your conclusions powerful enough to make reality.

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