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Out of deep compassion and extreme thyaga, cosmos/existential energy takes a human form and descends to the lower planes time and again for the benefit of humanity. His Divine Holiness Bhagawan Nithyananda Paramashivam was born on January 1st, 1978, as Rajasekaran, the second child of Sri Arunachalam and Lokanayaki Amma in Thiruvannamalai, home to Arunachala, the spiritual heart center of our planet. On the tenth day after his birth, an astrologer was summoned to cast his horoscope. Awed by the unique configuration of planets in His birth chart the astrologer exclaimed that He would grow up to be a Raja Sannyasi - A King among Sanyasis.

The Birth

1978 | The Avatar recalls the Conscious Descent thus: "It was neither dark nor light-filled; an indeterminate color covered planet Earth… A world where darkness covered darkness; I saw the Cosmos. Suddenly, a bright light appeared from a region, which I now see as Southern India. At that time, I did not know where it was. Borders are what we draw. Where is there border in the Cosmos? I entered into that light in the form of a brilliant meteor. The very next sight that I perceived with my inner eye was Arunācala, and I knew that I had assumed the body once more. I had entered the womb of My mother. The reflection on planet Earth happened! It was a conscious birth."

Only incarnations can recall the moments of their assuming the human body.

Birth - 20748348_486380838389643_7854598057115637663_o.jpg

1978 | The Government hospital in Tiruvannamalai, where The Avatar was delivered from His chosen biological mother's womb.

The Avatar says of His own delivery, "It was a normal delivery without any pain. Only thing, the baby was really big! Doctors thought it was going to be twins! My mother said that I was ten pounds in weight."

The Avatar's mother shares on the delivery, "The delivery was smooth. The baby was really big! They said that the baby was so chubby, beautiful, fair, and looked like a baby from a healthy family. I had a normal delivery.”

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Tiruvoodal street in Tiruvannamalai where The Avatar lived as a child.
Glancing at this perfect photograph, The Avatar excitedly recalls, "Where I used to live... If you come out of My house, you will see this exact view!

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