March 31 2014

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At today’s morning Satsang in Haridwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda advises us not to worry about our thought current, just make our daily thought trend non-dualistic – the space of Advaita. When we align ourselves, our relationships and everything else to Advaita, we will begin to understand how everyone, who is part of our life, is also part of us. We will discover that the more we establish ourselves in the space of Advaita, the more life becomes smooth, victorious and successful!


Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Haridwar, non-dualistic, space, Advaita, relationships, victorious, successful.


Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Lotus TV, Sadhna TV, Janashree TV, Eshwar TV, and through two-way video-conferencing.

The cities sitting with us through two-way video-conferencing: Nithyananda Nagaramu-Hyderabad, Nithyananda Nagara-Bidadi, Nithyananda Nagar-Tiruvannamalai, San Jose-Madurai, Phoenix-Kanchipuram, Nithyanandeshwara Temple-Charlotte, Toronto-Kailasam, Peethadeeshwaris’ Training Centre-Salem, Ohio-Prayag, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Seattle-Chidambaram, New York-Varanasi, Ohio-Ma Shivananda, Monterrey-Mexico, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Indrani-New Jersey, Calgary-Amarnath, Jorpati-Nepal, Austin, San Diego-Tirualavai, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Santa Fe-New Mexico, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Toon Moon-Hong Kong, Dhyanapeetam-Hosur, Houston-Kalahasti, High Point-North Carolina, Dakota Dunes, Grasse-France, Nithyananda University-Paris, Mississauga-Canada, Nithyananda University-Los Angeles.....................

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

I welcome all the participants of Kalpataru program in Nithyananda University-Los Angeles, and in San Diego-Tirualavai.

I can also see Oman-Sivagangai, Colorado Springs-USA, New York-Varanasi, Tiruvanmiyur-Chennai.....................

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today is UGADI. In Karnataka and Andhra, we celebrate the Hindu New Year. I bless all the devotees from Karnataka and Andhra. Let everyone have auspicious, blissful life.

In Vedic Tradition, we have two calendars: Solar and Lunar. One based on the Moon, one based on the Sun. Today, the New Year starts based on the calendar which functions on Moon.

My blessings to all the devotees and the people of Karnataka and Andhra!

Some more cities have joined on two-way: Kuala Lumpur-Palani, Kulim-Tiruttani....... I welcome all of you.

Today, I will expand on “The Space of Advaitha and Living”.

And, today also is the Phoenix Temple’s fifth anniversary! My blessings to the Phoenix Temple! Phoenix-Kanchipuram! My Special blessings to all the founding members! I sincerely bless with all my Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, Let everyone associated with the Phoenix Temple be blessed by the presence and blessings of Nithyanandeshwara! Let all of you have all the auspiciousness, and let the Nithyananda Sangha happen in Phoenix-Kanchipuram, and cause all your realities! Thathaasthu!

Today is the New Year for Maharashtra also. Gudi Padwa! My blessings to all the people and devotees from Maharashtra!

The Space of Advaitha! Please understand, the more and more you establish yourself in the Space of Advaitha, more and more life becomes smooth, victorious, successful.

The thought-current, thought-trend.....

Please understand, you have two things: Thought-current and Thought-trend. Thought-trend is how you consciously choose to align a few thoughts as part of you. That is “thought-trend”. “Thought-current” is, which is the default thinking style of your personality, your being, your inner-space.

Please understand, if I have to put it in the language of psychologists.....I don’t want to put it! These fellows have cheated the whole Planet Earth, abusing the whole Planet Earth. If all the psychologists and their dirty books, if all of them just get burnt, the Planet Earth will be free from so much of dirt! In the name of Psychology, they put so much of wrong beliefs into the system. They made our childhood as a disease! If a kid is remote, in those days we used to call it as, ‘Okay....he is spending a little time with himself.’ Now they call it as “ADHD” (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)! If a man is spending a little time with himself, we used to call it as, ‘It is okay....he is contemplating.’ Now “Depression”! These fellows have completely made the whole life as a disease!

I have a few lines: ‘Psychologists say: If a person laughs too much even at stupid things, he is lonely deep inside. If a person sleeps a lot, he is sad. If a person speaks less, but speaks fast, he keeps secrets. If someone cannot cry, he is weak. If someone eats in an abnormal manner, he is tense. If someone cries on little things, he is innocent and soft-hearted. If someone becomes angry for silly or petty things, he needs love.” These are all psychology tips to understand people. If you believe all this, you are a foolish psychologist who is going to commit suicide very soon! This is MY statement! These psychologists and psychoanalysts and psychiatrists, this field....there are various sub-branches I think.....these fellows should know that this is the profession in the world in which the largest number of people commit suicide, because their crime is so much! But many psychologists are poor, unfortunate fellows, they themselves are victims; they start believing it. Whether you believe knowingly or unknowingly, this is the largest number of people in any profession who commit suicide! So, the profession of suicide on the Planet Earth is Psychiatrists, Psychoanalysts, and Psychologists! So many wrong beliefs they go on implanting in you! Because it is already implanted in you, I will use a few terminology to make you understand the concept.

Thought-trend and thought-current. May be, roughly I will equate it to: Thought-trend is like your conscious thinking. Thought-current is your unconscious flow. So, just understand; but don’t get into the words “conscious” and “unconscious”. The definitions of the words “conscious” and “unconscious” in the field of Psychology is too complicated......and too many lies. Don’t get into the whole psychologists’ definition of “conscious” and “unconscious”. I am using the words just to make you understand this concept. May be, I will use different examples; that is best.

For example, the day I went to do Ganga Arati, those few days we celebrate the “Colours of Life” in Hindu Tradition by throwing colour powder. So, I saw, people were throwing colour even on Ganga Ma! They were throwing all the colours on Ganga - celebrating. See, when you throw the colour powder on Ganga, naturally the colour powder will float in the space, on top of the Ganga, and in a few minutes it will disappear into the Ganga. So, imagine the colour powder floating on the Ganga; that is what I call “thought-trend”. And the flow of the Ganga is “thought-current”. Every day, how you perceive you, with what all you are directly struggling, that is “thought-trend”. And your whole life’s thinking flow, what you perceive as you in your dreams, in your deep sleep, all that I will call as “thought-current”. My only request: just co-ordinate your thought-trend; that is enough! You do not need to worry about your thought-current.

“Thought-trend” means, every day in your thought-trend, thinking trend, based on which you make your day-to-day decisions like, ‘Should I drive my car and go to office, or should I go by bus? Should I get up and brush my teeth, or should I just have a cup of coffee and lie down? Should I take up a job or not?’ How every day decisions you make, that you make naturally based on thought-trend, not by thought-current. Understand, based on thought-current you make bigger, stupid decisions like marrying, divorcing, committing suicide; those kind of stupid decisions only you make based on thought-current. But these small decisions like, ‘Should I drive my car, or should I go by bus? Am I feeling sleepy, or am I feeling fresh?’, these things you do based on thought-trend.

Please listen, don’t worry at all about thought-current. Just decide you will align your thought-trend. Means, every morning when you get up, tell yourself, ‘Hey, I cannot have tiredness or boredom. I am the eternal, excited, Satchitananda Swaroopa, Nithyanandoham!’ Naturally, your inner-space will raise a doubt, because you are all brainwashed by psychologists: ‘No, no, no....unless the truth becomes my experience, how can I start living it?’ The SDHD (Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial), one of the biggest diseases with which human-beings are suffering, is supplied, controlled by psychologists. Please understand, the collective karma the profession is suffering is because of constantly keeping people in SDHD, Self-Doubt, Hatred, Denial. The collective joy that sannyasis are enjoying is because we go on giving courage and confidence! I tell you, even the beggar sannyasi who does not contribute anything, just because he wears this cloth (“kaavi” – the saffron-coloured cloth), he gets food and money. Even a foolish psychiatrist who does not know anything much of psychology, just because of his profession, he commits suicide. There is something called “Collective Karma” – with whom you associate yourself!

Please listen, the whole of London is suffering, the whole of UK is suffering with so much of ghosts! Every thirteenth house is haunted! If you want to know the root thought-pattern of a country, read the yellow journals and watch the dirty shows of that country; you will know the root thought-pattern of that country! If you want to know the root-pattern with which Tamil Nadu is suffering, read that yellow journal, Nakkeeran, and see Sun TV; you will know what is the root-pattern with which the whole State is suffering! Same way, the root-pattern with which America is suffering if you want to know, see Jerry Springer’s Show; you will know the root-pattern with which the whole country is suffering! The whole of London, if you see all their yellow journals, the worst rated shows, it will always be about being haunted and ghosts. These black-magicians and ghost-drivers have a big profession, big success in UK. I tell you, how many people you will import, UK has to suffer this at least for the next five-hundred years because of the number of Brahmins they killed in India, the Vedic Pundits they killed in India! See, Understand, if you kill a Brahmin who is really, really chanting Veda mantras and living the great principles, he becomes a Brahmarakshas, I can tell you! No....really! This is the only country I got Visa so many times, but I never put my foot in that country! Just one week before my travel, all these brahmarakshas will appear in front of me and bow down and pray, ‘Please don’t put your foot there, Swamiji. Where will we go? If you come, we all have to vacate! How can you drive us from here also?’ So many brahmarakshas! I tell you, never ever kill a person who practices the Vedic principles. “Brahmarakshas” means, ghost....ghosts of those people who got killed! The whole country is suffering!

Please understand, the psychologists and psychiatrists will continue to suffer because the amount of SDHD (Self-Doubt, Hatred, Denial) they spread among humanity. Thousands of doubts people are having, unable to live the truths of Advaitha, is because of these so-called stupid psychologists. Only one good thing that happening now is, the psychologists themselves are getting disillusioned and slowly moving towards the principles of truth of non-duality. One good thing: this social media has done a very powerful job of democratic media. The media was never actually democratic. Earlier the people were controlling through geography: ‘This is my territory! This is my territory!’ When these fellows understood they can’t control by territory, they moved to Information. Now this social media has broken that also. I am so happy! It is this social media which is educating the mass about the stupid things we are being taught in the name of psychology. One good thing, thanks to Einstein, Physics is moving towards the pure non-dualistic truth. But still these psychologist fellows are not completely moving. But the social media is nicely punching holes in their arguments.

Listen! Do not believe the ideas these psychologists put in your system, only if you transform your thought-current you can be complete, you can rest in peace. No! Just organize your thought-trend; that is enough! From morning waking up to night falling asleep, your every day, if you align it to Advaitha, that is enough. Morning when you wake up if you feel bored or tired, just tell yourself, ‘I am the eternal space, Nithyananda! I cannot be tired! I cannot be bored!’ One part of you continues to tell you, ‘No, no.....I am tired! I am bored!’ Don’t worry about it. It is okay. You be democratic. Tell it, ‘You be tired for little time. I will be fresh for little time.’ Don’t give up, saying, ‘Oh, God! Unless I transform the whole thought-current, I cannot be Advaithi.’ No! Start with the thought-trend; then, every action, small-small actions.

In India we have this bunch of Maoists, Naxals, the terrorist fellows, with weapons. One bunch is with weapons. There is another one bunch with ideology. In Tamil Nadu, there is the bunch of atheist fellows. These atheist fellows are the robbers of society. They rob society. How many thousands of crores they swindled by different means – through cinemas, through media, through the entertainment industry, through politics! But they go on abusing: ‘Why should you give these few coins to sadhus....sadhus and priests?’ Understand some of the important ideas I am trying to share with you. Those few sadhus and priests, they may not have transformed their thought-current into Advaitha, but their every-day thought-trend is mixed with so much of Advaitha! So, please understand, they are thousand times better than any of your psychologists. These sadhus and priests, they are thousand times better than any of your psychotherapists! Anyhow, at the end of the day they don’t work. The priests and sadhus at least help you to align your thought-trend to non-dualism.

All I am trying to tell you as today’s satsangh essence is:

You do not need to bother about the whole thought-current. The thought-trend being aligned towards the Advaitha is enough, because as life you are experiencing only thought-trend. Actually, when you align your thought-trend, the thought-current also will become non-dualistic. But we always think only after thought-current becomes non-dualistic, the thought-trend should become non-dualistic. No! Start with the thought-trend. Then your thought-current will automatically become non-dualistic. Start tuning your thought-trend to non-dualistic. Handle your every-day actions, simple actions like what kind of food you eat, how many hours you sleep, what is your simple perception about your neighbours, what is your simple perception about your boss, what is your simple perception about your spouse, those day-to-day things, align it to Advaitha. Know very clearly, your boss is nothing but one part of you which always wants to rule without explaining! Again your also one part of you who goes on explaining which you don’t want to listen!

Whether you realize it or not, everyone who is part of your life is extension of you. I may not even want to use the word “extension”. I want to correct that word to, “Everyone who is part of your life is YOU!’ Because, the word “extension” gives certain gap. Everyone who is part of your life is YOU! All spiritual experience, whether it is Kundalini awakening or Energy Darshan, Shakthipat, Puja, Homa, Yoga, Pranayama, Kriya, whatever, all of that is useful as long as it aligns you to non-dualistic truth, the non-dualistic principles. As long as it aligns you to non-dualistic principles, everything is okay. From the crude form of worship to crude form of tapas to, everything is okay.

In our akhada, there are two sadhus. One sadhu is keeping his hands up for the last twenty-three years up! I asked the other sadhu, ‘How long are you keeping your hands up?’ He said, ‘No....just eighteen years...’ HAHAHAHAHAHA! No, you just try that for eighteen minutes, then you will understand how raw a form of tapas it is! Kundalini awakening, Yoga, meditation, Kriya, everything is great as long as it leads you to experience the non-dualistic truth, Advaitha Sathya, Advaitha Poorna, Advaitha Jnana.

So, I wanted our whole Sangha – please listen – the whole Sangha, whether you are a Thanedar, Mahant, or Kothari, Shrimahant, whoever you are, align all your relationships with everyone to Advaitha. If there is a problem that the other person is not listening to you, first see you are not able to speak into your listening; that is why you are not able to speak into others’ listening. See where you are not able to speak into your listening. Do that! My dream Sangha is: Never anybody will force the other person for anything; where everyone is able to speak into his listening and others’ listening.

In every step of your life, infuse Shuddha Advaitha Sathya, the pure Advaithic principles, pure Advaithic knowledge, pure Advaitha. Make it as thought-trend. Make it as thought-trend.

The essence of today’s satsangh:

Do not worry about your thought-current. Just make your thought-trend non-dualistic; that is all!

The Facebook one-liner for all you guys: “Do not worry about your thought-current. Just make your thought-trend into non-dualistic.”

I will bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing the eternal bliss, Nithyananda!

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