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Facebook Updates from Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam - International Yoga Day  
Facebook Updates from Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam - International Yoga Day  

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Facebook Updates from Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam - International Yoga Day


2)The United Nations For Yoga - https://www.unforyoga.org/ 
3)The Book release - Super human - unlock the yogi within you 
4)Yogapedia Largest online repertoire of Yoga references- Yoga Encyclopedia on Nithyanandapedia, on Nlighten app and on UN for 
Yoga website:  http://nithyanandapedia.org/index.php?title=Main_Page  
5)Experience Paramashiva in 11 Days App (Yogic practices for experiencing breakthroughs (in Enlighten app) 
6)The Bachelors of Living Enlightenment course - https://tinyurl.com/BLN-SEM1 

Updates from International Yoga Day Satsang:

SPECIAL GIFT FOR ALL OF YOU - NOW I BLESS ANYONE WHO READS THE SATSANG ESSENCE 11 TIMES AND ENRICHES 108 PEOPLE WILL EXPERIENCE THESE GREAT TRUTHS AND MANIFEST POWERFUL COGNITION'S AND POWERS OF DEVI MEENAKSHI PARASHAKTHI AND SUNDARESHWARA PARAMASHIVA! #YogaOfParamashiva The world’s most practiced religion, usually defined as a “Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.” - Yoga - is the most corrupted and diluted concept too. When the Universal understanding of Yoga is pivoted on physical fitness with the concept of body as a first person.But will this reap the original fruit of Yoga?


  • I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, Samajis, Satsangis, Thanedar, Kotharis, Mahants, Sri Mahants, visitor viewers, Ananda samajis, Kailasavasis ,yuvarajas, yuvaranis, everyone sitting with us all over the world through NTV, 2-way video conferencing, having Nayanadeeksha, I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.
  • On this International Yoga day I’m happy to welcome you all with my love and blessing with the grace of Meenakshi Parashakti and Sundareshwara Paramashiva, I will reveal the sacred secrets, Akashic records from the cosmic archives. Yoga of Paramashiva, Yoga revealed and practiced, manifested by Meenakshi Parashakti and Sundareshwara Paramashiva. I sincerely request all of you to sit with the head neck and spine straight and internally reverberate with Mahavakya "Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham" whatever I am revealing will become realization to you immediately.

The New Revelation about Yoga Yoga is all about manifesting Union - Oneness - which is the core experience of the cosmos as revealed and practiced by Devi Meenakshi Parashakti and Sundareshwara Paramashiva. What they revealed as Yoga is only codified as the religion known as Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

The ideas revealed in Hinduism are not only direct glimpses of reality, they also indicate a TECHNIQUE that we can use to experience that very reality. If you listen to the revelations while chanting the Mahavakya "Om Nithyananda Parmashivoham", they will become realizations to you immediately.

First, Yoga is all about experiencing the Oneness, which is the fundamental experience of the cosmos. Yoga is about letting this Oneness take over your entire self and manifest through you.

WHY ONENESS? The experience of Oneness is a gateway, not just for each of us to live an extraordinary life, but for all of humanity to collectively great a great world. All the modern problems occur when we fall out of the experience of Oneness. In the space of Oneness, we can not only solve the problems facing us, we can do really unimaginable extraordinary things.

II. Body is Never to be considered as the FIRST PERSON: The key secret in Sanatana Hindu Dharma to attaining the Oneness experience is to understand that: BODY IS NEVER THE FIRST PERSON. It is never referred to as "I". The secret is to understand the body as second or third or even fourth person! What does that mean? I will reveal it to you now.


Whoever thinks of the body as first person - "I" - will constantly be associated with the ups and downs of the body, the FEAR associated with it. Pain (as cognized by modern science or medicine) is nothing more than the expression of FEAR in the muscle memory. A person who associated with this fear will always experience sickness as the fundamental experience of the body. Such person is a "ROGI" - ever sick. If you remove this fear ("Bhaya") from your muscle memory, it can do whatever it wants.

You may think, I am normal, how can I be sick? Understand hunger and sleep are the fundamental sicknesses. Starting from these, all other sicknesses start. In Ayurveda there are 60,000 diseases and disorders mentioned, and there are cures for each and every one of them. Unlike modern medicine which only cares of maintenance of diseases, Ayurveda gives cures. Goal of Ayurveda is for you to live forever young, not for your body and mind to be used as constant income for doctors and pharmaceuticals.

If you stop considering your body as the first person - "I" - I guarantee you, you will be free from all sickness related to the body. This is not only a revelation but also a technique. When you stop associating with the body in the first person, all the bondage you feel and all the exploitation done by others will stop - you will stop being a ROGI. You will start being a BOGI - one who feels pleasantness forever.


ROGI is a person who is sick forever, BOGI is a person who feels pleasantness forever. They not only feel pleasantness but also radiate pleasantness. You will have charm and charisma and you will radiate pleasantness to others also. Just this one technique - dealing with the body as second person - "YOU" will make you a BOGI. Whether feeling hunger, or eating or sleeping, just treat the body as second person "YOU".

This is also the secret of initiation. Anyone who has experienced initiation by a master, either through Shiva Deeksha or other deekshas, you are Dvija or Reborn. This is an initiation to start considering your body as second person. Any initiated practicing Hindu should be a BOGI. Only those who consider the body as second person will be my disciples.

When you see your body as the second person your need for sleep and food will drastically reduce. Your skin will be lustrous and beautiful, your movements will become graceful. You will radiate beauty and charisma.

III. Secrets of being a YOGI - Manifesting Extraordinary Powers and Possibilities

Being a BOGI is better than a ROGI, but it is less than becoming a YOGI.

When you go from addressing the body as second person "You" to third person "He/She" then you become a YOGI. What does that mean?

How do you treat a third person - you watch their ups and down from a distance. Their ups and downs, pain and pleasure doesn’t affect you. You are able to witness it without associating with it and able to objectively address it. Very often we are excellent in solving a stranger's problems because we do not associate with it. We are able to watch the interplay of the various players - how each affects each other - when we observe other people's problems, and thus are able to solve it.

If you consider your body like that, as third person, then you will become a YOGI. You will be not only free from all sicknesses, you will not only radiate beauty and charm, but you will also start MANIFESTING EXTRAORDINARY POWERS AND POSSIBILITIES.

It is like you are seeing the Matrix from the outside, so you know its secrets. You can make it do what you want without being caught in it.

Yoga is the only system that can make you younger by cleansing and purifying your internal organs. It aligns your geometry to the cosmic geometry. It is a direct way to infuse kundalini shakti, or bio energy, into your system. Any other system - pilates, running or gymming - treats the body as a first person "I" and hence continues to operate in the zone of ups and downs and cannot deliver what Yoga can deliver.

All kinds of yogic feats become possible when you start considering your body as the third person. You will be able to master archery like Arjuna - you will see the aim, arrow and aimer as all as One, and it will take you to the level of mastery in archery. When you dance, you will dance like Nataraja. When you jump, you will be able to jump your full height, and yet land like a feather.

IV. Beyond YOGI Seeing your body as 4th person - what is that? It is a space where you see your body as you see all other bodies, and you are able to operate through all other bodies as if you are operating through your own body! This is the ultimate experience of Oneness - when you realize you can and are, operating through all bodies.

This is the space of an incarnation. The bodies assumed by Meenakshi and Sundareshwara were incarnation bodies. Whenever you manifest powers through someone else's body you are for that brief moments, experiencing the 4th person. If you can see through someone else's third eye even for a moment, you are operating in the 4th person.

When you operate your body in the 4th person, you can automatically understand the chemistry of the body functions and I can replicate that enlightened chemistry in other people - that is what I do with aushadas and mandalas.

If you cognize your body as the first person, you have nothing to do with me and I’ve nothing to do with you. If you have been initiated, you have to cognize body as the second person. If you are living cognizing your body as the third person you can become a Kailaasavasi. Only if you are manifesting fourth person you can be my Yuvaraja or Yuvarani.

Yoga as per Paramashiva is all about raising yourself to the next next next level from first person to the second person to third person to the fourth person level.

That is all the essence of yoga.

You can use multiple methodologies for this progress. Cognizing the body in second, third and fourth persons is one technique Using aushadas and mandalas created by me to recreate my enlightened chemistry in you is the second technique. The third and ultimate technique is DEVOTION.


YOGA is all about elevating yourself to the next next level. Elevating yourself is a CHOICE. Seeing all the choices in front of you, and being able to choose them, is a luxury! When you see the choices that are in front of you and consciously choose higher and higher levels, then you are rich. Otherwise you are consciously poor. You will start choosing cheap things. Poverty is about not seeing the choices.

Conscious wealth is available to all, just like the Sun and the Moon are available to all. It is not right to be poor when it comes to something that is available to all. If you do not take things that are available to all, you are choosing to be poor.

DELUSION is VOLUNTARILY CHOOSING POOR THINGS - voluntarily committing spiritual suicide.

Our body has an automatic corroborative mechanism. Which means, if you believe in something, you tend to experience more of it. For example, if you believe that seeing a black cat is bad omen, then when you see a black cat bad things will seem to happen. This is the body's automatic corroborative mechanism. This internal corroborative system is called "Chitta".

In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali says "Yogahah Chitta Vritti Nirodhaha" - which means Yoga is the cessation of this internal corroborative mechanism. Stopping this corroborative mechanism is YOGA.

Chitta gets more and more strengthened if you feed it with DELUSION, then you will only manifest poor choices. If you choose DELUSION as the lubricant for your corroborative mechanism, then you will sink deeper and deeper into poverty. Whoever uses delusion as a lubricant for this internal corroborative mechanism, will destroy themselves once and for all.


Fortunately, there is a way to feed this Chitta so that it gives you more and more spiritually rich conscious choices, choices that will take you to the next next level -- that is called DEVOTION.

DEVOTION is nothing but being dedicated to the idea of Oneness with Paramashiva; to have complete trust in Paramashiva who not only manifests as the world around us, but also the Guru in front of us. Devotion is like a cell phone connection to the cosmos. Just like in the life you experience - when you need something you know that a few calls with the cell phone can get you what you want. Just like that, if you understand that your connection and trust in the Guru can give you anything you want, then you have DEVOTION.

Whoever uses DEVOTION as a lubricant for your internal corroboration system achieves Oneness with Paramashiva - this is the ultimate goal of YOGA.

Whatever happens in your life, always use DEVOTION as the lubrication for your internal corroborative system. At one time during this persecution and attack on me - it seemed like the danger had risen all the way to level of our neck; all doors seemed closed. Everything is almost over. The top, senior most disciples of the sangha are sitting around me and asking why is this happening. I smiled and said - I am a chaste disciple of my Guru Paramashiva. I will not question Him. I know he will only do good for me, he will only do good through me, and He will only do good for the world.

Now the people around me understand that what has happened is for the good. We are doing what Paramashiva wants us to do for the world, what needs to be done. I knew that He is doing what is right, and will only do what is right.

The greatest wealth I brought with me - the cell phone I brought with me, is DEVOTION - GURU BHAKTI. Devotion is the lubricant for my internal corroborative system. I got this one boon from Paramashiva - "Prabu, let me have no more births; but if I have to take a body then be connected to me. Be connected to me and I am ready to take as many births as you want". Paramashiva gave me this boon and sent me as the own extension of Himself. At any moment, the one and only thing I knew, or need to know, is that He only does good.

When you realize that Paramashiva is doing only good, you attain Paramshanta. The earlier you realize it, the better. Whoever declares that inside I will only use devotion as my lubricant for my internal corroborative system, you are my devotee. Just like Paramashiva has authorized me, I will protect you wherever you are, and I will continue to protect wherever you are, and continue to shower whatever you want. He is manifesting through this body. He gives you the commitment. Use devotion as a lubrication for your internal corroborative mechanism and you will be enlightened. You will have everything you need and the best things in your life. You will have everything you want - health, wealth, enlightenment, power, good relationships.

Friends who support you and lubricate your internal corroborative system with devotion are Satsangies.

Be a part of the satsangha, lubricate your internal corroborative mechanism with Devotion and achieve all your goals in life.

  • At one time, it was like the whole attack has come to neck. And all doors are closed. Everything is over almost. The top, senior most disciples of the sangha are sitting around and asking why is this happening. I smiled and said I will be chaste disciple for my Guru Paramashiva. I will not question for him. I know he will do only good for me. He will do only good through me. And he will do only good for the world.
  • Understand I tell you this is the greatest wealth I brought along with me when I came. Like when you go from home to travel somewhere you take the cell phone, so that you can be in touch
  • The cell phone I brought with me was devotion, gurubhakti. Devotion as lubrication for my internal lubrication system. I got this one boon from Paramashiva, Prabhu no birth. If I’m given a body then be connected to me and I’m ready to take birth as many times as u want. Gave me the boon and sent his own extension as himself. The most imp cellphone I brought with me is devotion as the internal corroborative system lubrication. At any moment the one thing I knew, He does only good.
  • Now all those people around me know this is good. When you realize that Paramashiva is doing what is good. When you realize Paramashiva is doing only good you become paramashanta. The earlier you realize Paramashiva is doing only good you attain Paramashantatva. I was doing what needs to be done, But I knew He is doing right and he will do only right. He will do only good. I will be chaste disciple to Paramashiva and I will not Question him. Whoever declares that inside I will use only devotion as lubrication for my internal corroborative system, chittam you are my devotee. I will protect you wherever you are I will continue to protect you wherever you are and continue to shower whatever you want. Just like Paramashiva has authorized me.
  • He is manifesting through this body. He gives you the commitment. Use devotion as your internal corroborative system lubrication. you will be enlightened, you will have everything you need and the best things in your life. You will have everything you want. Health, wealth, enlightenment ,power, good relationships.
  • Friends who support you and lubricate your internal corroborative system with devotion are satsangies.

Sura means deva, Asura means demons.

  • Surangi means, Parashakti, Surangi, Parashakti herself- Sura angi who has deva as a part of her anga. Meenakshi’s mother Samrajya is a called Surangi. We have enough documentary evidence to show.
  • Meenakshi’s mother Kanchana Mala came from Surangi Samrajya. The whole science of Yoginis, evolving yoginis, swaminis, Rudrakanya, rishikas producing system, this whole science, Parashakti has revealed first to 64 yoginis. Through Parashakti, Paramashiva himself revealed and through them the whole sampradaya started evolving. The science was kept alive and protected and flourished in Hirapur- Hiranya garba puri. The golden cosmic eternal womb, Devis Hiranya garbaha,The whole.
  • Parashakti, Paramashiva, Parameswara, manifested this entire shakti to the women of the universe and initiated 64 yoginis and the science was kept alive as parampara in Surangi Samrajya. That is why Kanchanamala princess of Suranga was married to Malayadwaja. The whole science was revived in Madurai also.
  • Meenakshi has revived in Madurai also. Now, with the grace of Devi Meenakshi Parashakti and Sundareshwara Pamashiva, the whole science of enlightenment, power manifestation, all the best thing for women is going to be again revived in Hirapur in Gujurat Yogini Sarvajna peetha. All these sciences which was there in Surangi samrajaya which Kanchanamala brought to Madurai, which was revived by Meenakshi. There will be beautiful grand ecosystem exclusively for women. It will be reviving the yogini sciences. Revival of Yogini sampradaya, Rudrakanya, rishkia, Swamini, Kulasundari.
  • This yogini savarjanapeetha(SJP) will be the greatest gift of Paramashiva and Parashakti through this body. This will have a unique temple, monastery, university, training center, exclusively for women, funded only by women. I will accept donation only from women for this project. Because the temple is for women only. I will not reveal the main deity. Only women who enter this main temple, even the main deity in the center, I will not be revealing it. Only women who go for darshan will be able to see it. Only contribution from women will be accepted for this Yogini SJP. It will be built, operated, and run only by women. Among women there will be 64 sampradayas as revealed by Paramashiva and Parashakti, the yogini sampradaya, rudra, rishka, kulasundari, swamini, like this 64 sampradayas revealed by Parashakti Paramashiva, all the 64 will be revived everything given to women by Parashakti and Paramashiva will be revived in this Yogini SJP. Medicinal system, yoga, Power Manisfestation, food, everything given to women by Paramashiva and Parashakti will be revived from here.
  • Hirapur Gujarat will be the modern day Hirapur Orissa. In Meenakshi’s time, Surangi Samrajya it was the place for the yogini sampradaya in modern day, Hirapur Orissa will have 64 branches reviving all the 64 sampradaya of yoginis…yogam tantra, all those traditions, enlightenment ecosystem will be revived.
  • We had amazing women enlightened system. I’m excited to do this work. This is going to be something extraordinary. Whatever was revived by Meenakshi Parashakti and Sundareshwara Paramashiva will be revived here. We will have a beautiful yogini SJP. Temple with 64 yoginis, what will be moola devata is sacred secret. Only the women who enter will even know the moola devata of the Yogini SJP.
  • All the great sciences Bhairavi sampradaya, tantrika sampradaya, which was given to women by Parashakti and Paramashiva will be revived by yogini SJP. It will have lakhs of women residing and studying and manifesting, lakhs of women having darshan every day.I have too many things to reveal about yogini SJP.
  • In Hindu tradition Yoginis were doctors, they were the teachers, they were great power manifesters, they were teaching all the great sciences to the world. How to cook, how to feed, how to eat, what yoga, including sex education. In Hinduism sex education is about what to do with the sex. How to do sex is not sex education. Contemplate the difference between two in Hinduism.
  • Fundamentally sex is all about raising your bio-energy. Nothing to do with moral. If it is going to increase your bioenergy, go about it. It was a simple bioenergy science. It had nothing to do with society. I don’t want to disrespect. Kuntis go and invites Suras- surya, vayu… all 4 were born they were all called as Pandavas. Sex was not given any social identify. They were called sons of Pandavas. Second wife of Pandavas had sons with Ashwini Kumara. With whom you live is father. Surely nothing was wrong with Pandu. No. They wanted the best DNA for the future generation. They were not very possessive. Future generation was about them. They were bothered about the future generation. Only by the thyaga. Pandu was ready to make the sacrifice to bring only the best for the next generation. Because for this the sex, identity, gender was all 3rd or 4th person. All Pandavas were born to Kunthi and second wife. Because Pandu was ready for this sacrifice, his name has become eternal. The name is Pandavas. The vamsa of Pandu. U can see in Triveni sangama, Ganga was ready to give up her color. Then, the color of the river will be Yamunas, but the name is Ganga. Person who sacrifices will always be remembered. Thyaganeka Amrutatva Manasuhu. Other than sacrifice, there is no way for eternity.
  • Yoginis, swaminis, Rudrakanyas, Nithya sumangalis, who dedicated their life for Paramashiva and Yoginis are ultimate chaste women. Last women who was married to Jagannatha has left the body few months back. When I read the news, I felt o god we should not let the sampradayas disappear. All these sampradayas will be revived Nithyaasumangali, dheerga sumangali, kula sundari sampradaya.
  • Pandya princess was married to Krishna from the time, Pandya Kingdom women are married to Krishna. It is our responsibility to revive the sampradaya. All these sampradayas will be revived. Nithya sumangili sampradaya, Dheergasumangali sampradaya, Bairavi sampradaraya.
  • There is also one more Akashic record of Surangini. Surangi was one of the names of Vanadurga, the wing of Aakasha Bairava, Sarabheshwara, Shoolinidurga and Pratyangara were wings. Aakasha Bairava who gave the science of Samrajya Lakshmi peethika to Shoolinidurga and Pratyangara. Shoolinidurga is koornashini, she destroyed the kruranashini of Naramshimha, she was the family deity. All this zig zag are falling in place from Akashic records. She is the kuladevata of Surangi Samrajya.
  • Yogini SJP will have worlds largest library, giving introduction to Vedic archives and knowledge based on downloading science. It will revive all the 64 sampradayas. Hirapur will be the center under which 64 will be functioning. All 64. This will be the largest spiritual organization for women in the world. It will have lakhs of branches reviving all the 64 sampradayas.
  • Too much is getting downloaded and too much is coming out. It is taking some time to verbalize.
  • This Yogini SJP will be universal attraction. Even deva kanyas and from other dimensions, women are going to come there for learning and enlightenment. Place for women to go for any spiritual need. Yogic kriya… Huge hospital for women, even cosmetic surgery to grow external or internal organs. All the superconscious gifts for women from Kailasa will be shared through Yogini SJP.
  • From Kanchanamala Now it is going to be revived in Hirapur, Gujarat and from Hirapur to the whole universe.
  • From today Parashakti, Devi Meenakshi, Sundareshwara Paramashiva will manifest through this form through all the rudrakanyas, yoginis, swaminis, from Yogini SJP of Hirapur Gujarat and will flourish with all the auspiciousness forever eternally making the whole world enlightened. The SJP of Parashakti and Paramashiva.
  • Whoever wants to join this yogini SJP, email Kailaasa.org. Anyone who wants to revive the tradition of marriage to Jagannatha. As of now we don’t have any property at Puri. Only adult above 18 and are ready, send an email, in Surangi and Puri. We will revive if any women are ready to be dedicated to Jagannatha for life. U can send an email.
  • We have one great program coming for Guru Poornima. Kailaasa in Huston. Mahaguruhoma on July 6th. Video.
  • All my female disciples, if you are in female body I ask you to focus on making this Yogini SJP. There are tons of SJP for men. And they have not done anything for the world. Women by their biomemory are known for sacrifices, esp Hindu women. All my disciples focus on Yogini SJP. For a disciple, a command for you. Devotee request for you. Visitor, humble prayer for you. I wanted all my women disciples to focus on Yogini SJP. Just for the pride that women can do. It will be the symbol of Parashakti. I want the Hindu Feminism. Understand the real Hindu Feminism is empowering you, not enslaving you. Real feminism is Hindu Feminism, empowering Parashakti in you. Making you consciously rich. Yogini SJP will be the symbol of real feminism. I’m not saying don’t serve men, focus on Yogini SJP. Because I feel women will serve both genders well. Men have only 49% women, they are 51% male.
  • Man when empowered becomes a leader, women when she is empowered she becomes mother. I feel my time energy investment in YSJP will be multiple times useful to the world than anything else. If you are in female body then make every effort to make Yogini SJP as reality, that will serve all genders much more than any other project.
  • Even in a practical way I have seen women manifest power 1000x more intensely than other genders.
  • 64 Yogini SJPs established who ever goes and sits and receives services will start manifest powers. Only purusha in Yogini Peetam is Paramashiva, cosmic Peetha. Female body incarnations to happen. Enlightenment ecosystem will be this Yogini SJP Biologically female body is hard wired to manifest powers and enlightenment. That is why anti spiritual elements control women. Any men or women want to control women are anti-spiritual.
  • This yogini SJP will be Enlightenment ecosystem will get beings from all dimensions like Tiruvannamalai.
  • Sri chakra Mahameru will be symbol of Yogini SJP.
  • All SJP places will have its own branch of Yogini SJP exclusively for women.

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