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Uncover Your Inner Light Patanjali Yoga Sutras 103 Nithyananda Satsang 26 Jan 201


Today living incarnation (avatar) Paramahamsa Nithyananda dove into the Patanjali Sutra on Ashtanga Yoga which gives solutions for one of the major problems all seekers face in the life: uncovering your inner light.

The last sutra dealt with the science of absorbing Prana or life energy without any unnecessary load on your system. If you can absorb the highest frequency in your body without thoughts being awakened, that is what Patanjali calls Pranayama.

When you absorb the Pranic energy directly from the cosmos all mood swings will disappear. The only way is to tear your body and mind and offer it to fulfill the truth - Thyaga - Renunciation. This is the only path to achieve the eternity. There is no short cut. Only utter renunciation, honesty and integrity that will remove your mood swings and uncover the inner light.

He went on to warn devotees about the danger of not being true to your path. "Again and again, I see the hypocrisy in some people even if you awaken the Kundalini. People cheat, have a hypocritical mental set up, even if the Kundalini is awakened, the energy does not stay in the system. Most of us in the name of practicality do not stay true to the spiritual truths that have clicked in us."

Not being honest to the truths which have clicked in you - is the covering of the light. Sit and take a look in. Your whole life will boil down to a few truths. Again and again be honest to those truths. You will see that the inner covering is removed. Uncovering the light is the fruit of Pranayama. "If you are not honest to the truths and ideas that have clicked in you, then depression is the only result. Nithyananda is not just a space of life, but a way of life."

Yogic body means - squeezing the body and taking the tamas out of it. When you do yoga or weight lifting the pain that happens in you is due to tamas. The amount of pain is directly related to tamas in your body. Pain is your silent cooperation in your body to tamas.

There is another way also - find out those truths and be honest to them by continuously working. Then you will have the same result. The whole day, work with sincerity; take responsibility for the commitment you took up. It's a direct responsibility to absorb from the cosmos, for taking Prana in without thinking The idea of productivity is not inserted into your life for any other reason. People who do not take responsibility fall into depression.

So decide to surrender to the honest truths and the master and not to the demons and devils you carry inside you. The dangerous part is surrendering to your demons and claiming that you have surrendered to master.

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