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Awaken Third Eye & Kundalini Shakti through eN Kriya (guided meditation)


Awaken Third Eye & Kundalini Shakti through eN Kriya, guided meditation (Nithyananda Satsang 20 Feb 2011)

Living Incarnation and Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda began the eN-Kriya initiation with some important truths about the Third eye, Ajna chakra, and how eN-Kriya initiation directly awakens it.

"The brow center is the cosmic browsing center. You can access, download, use, send any info to and from cosmos. The cosmic archives are directly available, you can access it. You have the possibility of experiencing it."

He wasn't being philosophical, he was explaining "something much more tangible than what you think as tangible; more reality than what you think as reality. Understand, the nonmechanical parts of the brain in your system are responsible for the extraordinary experiences and powers. It can send and receive messages to anybody, anywhere in the universe. It can attract the right people towards you and send the wrong people away from you!"

The 5 life breathings happening in you, are directly connected to the 3rd eye. Your body can be compared to an instrument -- your Muladhara (chakra) is a bowl filled with mercury, where the mercury can be equated to the reproductive energy which can create life. Your spine is like 3 tubes, hollow tube -- 3 nadis -- idagala, pingala, sushumna. The root of the spine is on the mercury bowl which is reproductive energy. The top of the tube is the 3rd eye -- the ajna chakra. Through the 2 tubes if you can send intense energy, air pressure, the mercury can directly be sent to the 3rd eye. The tubes are your spine, mercury bowl is your root center, filled with energy to fill a life. When you send prana intensely through the side tubes, because of the pressure, the mercury goes through the middle tube and reaches the top -- then the Ajna chakra gets activated. That is what I am doing in eN-Kriya.

By intensely infusing life-breath, the Ajna chakra opens and extraordinary leadership quality opens. eN-Kriya directly awakens your inner potential energy. It is the essence of the whole levitation process from the whole 48 day LEP process. Do the eN-Kriya at least for 21 days. I can guarantee that your mitochondria cell energy will improve at least 500%. The mitochondria can be roughly equated to the Kundalini Shakti.

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