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Altered States of Consciousness - Part 4, Patanjali Yoga Sutras 119 (Nithyananda 19 Feb 2011)


Today, Living Incarnation and Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda explained that the ability to play with all the 21 dimensions of your logic and the ability to rest from all of them; the ability to live with them and also to leave them, is Swadharma, innate intelligence. When the Kundalini is awakened, the media nadi is awakened. This allows you to play all dimensions of logic. It's an extraordinary power and strength.

He explained the 5 key terms in this Sutra. Then he emphasized the fact that "dharma, the innate nature when you flow with it, an innate intelligence in which your very system operates, based on which the cognition operates in your system gets awakened when the dharma becomes swadharma, when nature becomes your innate nature you become liberated. Understanding nature and making it your bio memory, the core in which you operate, makes you liberated."

Liberation is a basic sacred secret. The moment you realize it you feel completely relaxed. By nature every human being is inconsistent. In your brain, there are 21 independent logics functioning all the time, we call them Nadi. Unfortunately, when you try to be consistent, you accept only one or two logical systems and try to suppress and avoid the other part of you. To illustrate, Nithyananda described how in the morning, when he wakes up, he feels like falling at the feet of Anandeshwara. When he meditates, he feels he is Anandeshwara, yet later during the day, he feels like a teacher.

"The joy of bowing down, joy of relaxing, the joy of namaha, is one aspect of your brain, the power of asserting, the power of standing up, the power of proving your identity, is one aspect of your logic, and the identity you show to the outer world, how people should remember you, that is one aspect of logic, the identity which is really you is another dimension of logic."

You have 21 logics functioning in you, all the time, constantly in your system, but the problem starts when you expect consistency in the 21. When you understand the 21 can't be consistent, you only need to play intelligently with the 21. Liberation means being with restful awareness and knowing how to play with logic, not having or creating suffering.

He finished by giving everyone an instruction for the day: "Carry this one truth today and share with at least 5 people, discuss. When you listen from the master ¼ is understood, when you think, the 2nd quarter is understood, when you discuss the 3rd quarter is understood, and when you teach the 4th quarter is also understood."

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