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Altered States of Consciousness Part 2 - Patanjali Yoga Sutra 119 Nithyananda Satsang 17 Feb 2011


Living Incarnation and Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda continued with his explanation of the Altered States of Awareness in this morning's discourse.

"When you expand your understanding about the different states of awareness, your fear, greed, joy, everything changes. Naturally many of the problems you think are problems disappear. Enlightenment means having expanded, complete understanding about the cosmos continuously and the ability to maintain that understanding in your bio memory and muscle memory."

"If you sit and watch some movie about space, where they explain in a detailed way about the sun, moon, stars etc, you will be completely transported to a different space. Suddenly, when you come back, you will come back to your continent, country, city, finally to the compound where you're staying. You will feel, in such a huge universe, we are dust."

"Similarly, when traveling by plane, and the aircraft lands in the compound of the airport, you just think, where was I and where am I? That's exactly the way I feel whenever I open my eyes, where was I and where am I? The moment the aircraft lands in the airport, your very consciousness is getting into an ideological prison, this country, state, law, regulations, poor human beings."

"If you understand the 5 elements in a very broad way, then, understand the depth of the freedom you will experience. When you understand that life is bigger, broader, in these 5 dimensions - elements, sense organs, natural attributes, the time factor, awareness states, even if you understand one element, so much of freedom is experienced. If in just one element you are liberated, how you feel, in me, I am liberated in all five, imagine how would it feel - still I land here to tell you how it feels up there. Even most of my disciples don't look beyond this form."

"Even if you experience freedom in understanding one element, you will understand how binding this ordinary world is. If you understand the freedom in all dimensions and are able to retain that in your bio memory, that is what I call enlightenment."

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