February 01 2013

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In today’s morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda interprets the 8th verse of chapter 2 of Katopanishad. Spiritual wisdom can never be grasped unless it is taught by an enlightened being. It can be realized only beyond logical reason, imprinted into the bone marrow. Thus, the four tattvas can only be taught by one who is living them completely. Only one who has accomplished authenticity can become an acharya. The way to discern whether a devotee has achieved authenticity is to note whether he can listen. If he listens patiently without any tiredness to every speaker, he is integrated and has found his authenticity. Then he is able to effectively transmit the truth to others


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“Sadashiva samarambam, Jnanasambandha madhyamam asmadachaarya paryantam vande Guru Paramparam!”

I welcome you all with my love and respects!

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, Samajis, Satsangis sitting with us around the world at this moment 434 places through Nithyananda TV, 44 places in 2 way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha, in 234 cities, in 26 countries around the world!

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Today Nirahara Samyama starting, I welcome you all with my love and blessings!

Today Nirahara Samyama 1st level 1st day 8th batch. We are inaugurating 8th batch Nirahara Samyama 1st level 1st day. I would like to remind you guys, Nirahara Samyama is a powerful Spiritual process to liberate you from all the food patterns. So, the first level Nirahara Samyama will be 48 hrs. from today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow morning we will break the fast. After one or two day break we will start the 2nd Level. Great!

Blessings to Satoor MVPCR family. Blessings for the Muhurthakaal and Homa. Blessings. The Kumbhabhishekam happens successfully. Blessings. Blessings to the whole Gemin family.

Today, Brahmanyam Bahuputrataam happening successfully 7th Day. Yes. Now I can see Maha Kumbapuri – Prayaag. Blessings to Maha Kumbapuri Adheenam. Blessings! Great!

Literally we have a mobile temple, the whole set goes and lands and Nithyanandeshwara just fills the whole place. Beautiful. Hmm. As on now, we have 52 applications, still application are coming for Nirahara Samyama. Today I will be initiating all of you guys, all the 52 applicants into the 1st Level Nirahara Samyama after the Satsang.

Let’s enter the Satsang. I will continue on Authenticity with Kathopanishad.

Second Chapter 8th verse I will expand. Yesterday I started the 8th verse of the 2nd Chapter. Today I will expand on it. 2nd chapter 8th verse of Kathopanishad. Gurukul Kids, gurukul.

Gurukul Kids chanting:

na nareṇāvareṇa prokta eṣa suvijñeyo bahudhā cintyamānaḥ |

ananyaprokte gatiratra nāsti aṇīyān hyatarkyamaṇupramāṇāt ||

Once More

na nareṇāvareṇa prokta eṣa suvijñeyo bahudhā cintyamānaḥ |

ananyaprokte gatiratra nāsti aṇīyān hyatarkyamaṇupramāṇāt ||

The translation:

“When taught by an unenlightened being, this atman cannot be truly known even though frequently thought upon. There is no way to know it unless it is taught by an enlightened being an incarnation, for it is subtler than subtlest. It is beyond argument”.

Understand there are somethings which has to be taught by the bone marrow just by you BREATHING, just by you LIVING it. An unenlightened being will not be able to teach the subtlest truths unless your whole cognizance becomes conscious cognizance you will not be able to teach. You will be caught. Just yesterday I was telling in the Brahmanyam Bahuputrataam, about Ma Maneesha’s patience – Listening, Listening, Listening for days together unless you become authentic to listening you will feel agitated, bored, irritated will not listen. You will try to jump. I was observing her for last so many days, not even one conversation she is trying to wind up quickly. Many time, I will say hey come to the point straight. That may be useful for different purpose but when you do this kind of work especially helping an individual to find their root thought pattern of suffering you need a tremendous listening. For last 17 days she is listening. I am so happy she is not shown tiredness even for a moment because she is never had a tiredness.

I tell you guys, if I see that in you guys I know you have become authentic. All of you have become authentic. Because when you develop listening, you will not be able to carry inauthenticity in you, lack of integrity in you because the lack of integrity you are carrying that will be heard by you again and again. Listen, only when you are not listening to you, you can carry lack of integrity in you. If you are listening to you, the cry will be too much you will see to it, you will complete it. Why do you stop listening to you, because too much crying inside, the suffering is too much. One of my Brahmachaari said, I have too much pain the day, from the day I have come to the ashram I have not done anything big, so I don’t want to come to this BB program. All I thought is arreh, you only have to come and sit. This is the exact pattern with which you are suffering. Unless you dig out the pattern and complete it. You are not going to get out of this suffering. And I wanted to tell you, he is the most sincere worker. Poor fellow – Yogananda. Such a sincere guy. How many of you in the ashram feel that Yogananda is a real sincere guy. Yogananda just raise your head and see, look around. How many votes for you and I will vote for him. I will vote for Yogananda. But this poor guy, he is suffering with this one pattern. See till this pattern leaves him, he will not have that completion, the joy of participating in my Sangha. He delivers so much, he does so much of work. Still the joy of part of my Sangha is not granted to him because he suffers with this root pattern. If he listens to him, he will complete that pattern, he will come out of it, he will become authentic. But what to do, this guy is Stubborn. And I have never seen him resistance, any resistance. In my whole his life around me, I don’t know, how many years? 5 years, I have never seen him resisting. So I could not force him. I said all right, leave it, don’t don’t tell anything to him. He never said no, not only no to me, to anybody. He is the one stood by me so much, so when he wants to resist, I said all right let him have that place, it’s ok. He is qualified. Hey don’t show him too much, he is feeling shy. Laughter. No, I tell you – he is my very extension. Hmm. He is my very extension. Never, never, never I have seen him resisting for anything, anything. But this poor guy caught in this one engram - I am not delivering. Maneesha, if he does not come to the class, its ok, atleast sit with him and help him to find the source of that pattern. Hey if you don’t want to come to the class, it’s ok. But atleast sit with her and find the source of that pattern. He is always there for me and always there in the background, never pushing me. Never asked for attention, never asked for anything. Will not even ask things like a – I will come to Kumbhamela or I will come to Tiruvannamalai, even those things. But the only pattern this fellow carries is that I am not delivering. Please understand, I want all of you to enrich out of completion. All the work he does with the mood I am not delivering may be work, but does not give him the fulfillment poornatva of being part of me. I feel he is part of me. Poor fellow – he is not feeling that he is part of me. That’s a very sad thing. There are very few whom I think they are part of me, and they don’t think they are part of me. Listening, listening, I tell you listening listening just transforms you. If you are listening, you will not be inauthentic and you will not have lack of integrity. Because one lack of integrity step you take, immediately hey heyy, heyy… stop stop stop come back come back, come to the completion. You will come back to completion, from there you will function, you will move. This tattvas I am sharing with you all can be taught only by the guy who lives it. I am so happy I made a foolproof system I will not have Pseudo Teachers now. The system is such only if you are in completion, you are in poornatva again and again and again, you will be able to teach to others. Otherwise not.

Suddenly I am seeing out Kalabhairava is having the full-fledged garland, new new dress, the lamp, full decoration, much more than Anandeshwara, Nithyanandeshwara. Of course both are one and the same. I am saying more than Nithyanandeshwara deity in the temple, Kalabhairava is having all the glory. I said he is earned it on his own right and merit. The way he blesses people and bring joy to people’s life. Otherwise sitting in the center of thousands of atheists. No really, now I am seeing whether they go to Nithyanandeshwara or not, they all go to Kalabhairava now. He is able to prove his power and his presence. I decided we will have a beautiful temple for him. And, we will also have a silver kavacham, gold kavacham and everything we will do the work, we will start. Some people go there out of devotion, some go there out of fear. Better to have ourselves in good books with him. Jagrath! Jagrath devata! Just and I also feel when people become more and more authentic they are able to feel connected to Kalabhairava.

Kalabhairava is Guru. Nithyanandeshwara is more like a father, mother. He tolerates everything. But with Kalabhairava people behave he is Guru, hey, he is Guru. No, everyday night I am seeing he is having so many lamps around him and big big garlands around him, he is wearing new new dresses and fully highly maintained, clean, with his Vibhuthi, Kumkum. I think he has his own Poojari’s also. Am I right? Or Main temple Poojari’s do. I think people do it on their own. We will keep Kalabhairava as deity to people to do Pooja on their own. Let them offer whatever they want on their own.

Anyhow, why do you think because of he expresses his authenticity. Now I can see some more cities joining – Scottsdale, Burongo and Dhyanaaatma. Burongo which country? Hmm. And Dhyanaaatma. Yes, blessings!

Understand, only when you are able to live these tattvas you can even teach. I am so happy automatically the quality of our Acharyas has increased. Because these tattvas you can never teach unless you live it. You cannot just do like a guaranteed solution, memorize, mug up and go and blast and come back and live as you want. No. You cannot. You cannot do it. Now, I can see the authenticity of the organisation’s structure and the qualification of Acharyas, healers, everything is drastically raising because this tattvas cannot be taught by unenlightened being. To teach these tattvas, you have to become certain level of enlightened only then you can even teach these tattvas. And you will be stuck where you are enlightenment is stuck. See Enlightenment is like a constant expansion. If you are stuck for somebody’s question, understand you are stuck same for same question inside you.

Integrity if you are authentically integrated you will not give a single false promise to you and false promise to others. Literally you will be moving around Unclutched. You may not have destroyed the mind, you will have your mind to use only whenever you need. How many of you cognized after you started practicing authenticity and integrity, the quality of your unclutching has become atleast 10 times more. The quality of your unclutching is increased. When you authentically practice Integrity and Authenticity, the unclutching because the completion level increases. Continuously, consciously cognizing. The incompletions are getting healed. Completions are raising.

na nareṇāvareṇa prokta eṣa suvijñeyo bahudhā cintyamānaḥ |

ananyaprokte gatiratra nāsti aṇīyān hyatarkyamaṇupramāṇāt ||

All over the ashram I am seeing LISTENING is happening. That’s the most beautiful thing. Listening. How many of you cognized your listening quality has increased? I tell you when your listening quality has increased you able to listen to you also increase. You able to listen to you, the authentic listening of your mamakara is Unclutching. Understand, I am defining. If you are able to listen to you on authentically, complete Integrity and Authenticity – you will be Unclutched. Listening! I can see to become a Acharya, first thing, second thing, third thing and last thing you need is Listening, nothing else. Listening!

In this Brahmanyam Bahuputrataam program itself, now I know who are all going to become acharyas. Whoever is sincerely listening to the conversations happening between the person who is sharing and Ma Maneesha, all you guys are going to become Acharyas. Whoever thinks this is not for me, when I talk I will listen, when Ma Maneesha talks to me I will listen, this is not for me and playing with something, playing with your mind and playing with so many other things – you will be helped by the program but you will not going to become an Acharya.

An Acharya, the basic quality for an Acharya is Listening, Listening, Listening!

na nareṇāvareṇa prokta eṣa

If an unenlightened being teaches this truth it cannot be known. Person who does not live this 4 tattvas cannot teach, cannot teach. If he teaches you will not know. More and more and more I am defining, redefining, the subtler and subtler questions of authenticity and Integrity. How do you think? Because I am living and I am getting the questions from the people who are authentically living. Only when you live authentically authentic, you will even ask whose Anyakaara I should fulfill, whose I should not fulfill, How do I know. Means you have tried it, you have tested with it. I know the questions comes from time tested and space tested. There are some tattvas time tested, when you test it for years you will have some questions. There are some tattvas space tested, the moment you test it with your space, you will have the questions. Based on the questions, I can tell you is it space tested or time tested or wasted.

There are some questions spouse tested. You don’t use it on you, you test it on your spouse. Time tested, space tested, spouse tested. Now I can see Ottawa Canada also, Blessings! So, all of them are for Nirahara Samyama.

Time tested, space tested, spouse tested and wasted. Tattvas, the questions, the questions you raise is enough proof have you started living the tattvas or not.

I have a story to tell you, a man feared his wife of not hearing as well as she used to. And he thought she might need a hearing aid. Not quite sure how to approach her. If you tell your spouse you need a hearing aid, that’s all. You will lose your hearing, you may need one. So he called the family doctor to discuss the problem, the doctor told him there is a simple informal test the husband could perform to give a doctor the better idea about her hearing loss. The doctor says, here is what you do. Stand about 40 feet away from her and ask her a question in normal conversational speaking tone, see whether she hears it or not. If not, go to 30 feet, if not then go to 20 feet and so on until you get a response. This guy thought after all the test is harmless and I can do it very nicely informally. In the evening wife is in the kitchen cooking the dinner and he was in the den. He says to himself I am about 40 feet away, let’s see what happens. Then in a normal tone he asks – Honey what is for dinner? No response. Then husband moves closer about 30 feet away from his wife and repeats - Honey what is for dinner? Still no response. Next he moves to the dining room where he is about 20 feet from his wife and asks Honey what is for dinner? Again no response. So, he walks upto the kitchen door about 10 feet away and asks Honey what is for dinner? Again no response. He walks right up behind her, next to her. Honey what is for dinner? She says Hurl(the name of husband) Honey for the fifth time I am telling you Chicken. Laughter.

Understand who needs hearing aid. If your hearing is impaired, you need hearing aid. If your listening is impaired, you need authenticity. Listening aid is Authenticity. When you bring authenticity you start listening, when you bring Integrity you start listening. Listening! Listening!

na nareṇāvareṇa prokta eṣa suvijñeyo bahudhā cintyamānaḥ |

ananyaprokte gatiratra nāsti aṇīyān hyatarkyamaṇupramāṇāt ||

When taught by an unenlightened being, this atman cannot be truly known, this tattva cannot be truly known. Even though frequently thought upon, it will not be known to you, it will not become part of you. There is no way to know it unless it is taught by an enlightened being an incarnation, for it is subtler than subtlest and beyond argument.

At one point, you just need to feel the person who is teaching you is living it. You need to feel not convinced, not to be convinced. You need to feel he is living it. He is living it. Only if it is taught by an enlightened being, an incarnation – you get it because it is subtler than the subtlest and beyond argument, subtler than the subtlest and beyond argument.

We will move to the next verse.

Next verse, 2nd chapter, 9th verse. Gurukul.

Gurukul kids chanting:

naiṣā tarkeṇa matirāpaneyā proktānyenaiva sujñānāya preṣṭha |

yāṁ tvamāpaḥ satyadhṛtirbatāsi tvādṛṅno bhūyānnaciketaḥ praṣṭā || 9||

Swamiji chanting:

naiṣā tarkeṇa matirāpaneyā proktānyenaiva sujñānāya preṣṭha |

yāṁ tvamāpaḥ satyadhṛtirbatāsi tvādṛṅno bhūyānnaciketaḥ praṣṭā || 9||

The translation, O dearest this atman cannot be attained by argument, it is truly known only when it is taught by another, a wise teacher. O Nachiketa Thou has attained it, Thou has fixed in truth. May we never find a questioner like you.

He says, O dearest. First time he is expressing his love. I can never imagine Yama dharma saying O dearest.

naiṣā tarkeṇa matirāpaneyā proktānyenaiva sujñānāya preṣṭha |

yāṁ tvamāpaḥ satyadhṛtirbatāsi tvādṛṅno bhūyānnaciketaḥ praṣṭā || 9||

He says, O dearest this atman cannot be attained by argument, it is truly known only when taught by a person who is living it, who has become it, only when you listen from a person who has become it.

From tomorrow Adheenamites also will chant verses. You can memorize one verse, it’s not a problem. Maximum I will speak on one or two verses, so I wanted to stop with this verse because tomorrow I wanted all of you to chant these verse, then I will expand on it.

With this, I move to the next step of the, next part of the morning Satsang – Dial the avatar!

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Morning Yoga in Akada http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2468.JPG Brahmachari Doing Preparatiory Exercise for Brahmacharya Kriya http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2467.JPG Cave under The Banyan Tree Meru Ambal http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2479.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2487.JPG Swamiji Having Darshan of Nithyanandeswara and Nithyanandeswari Morning Padhapuja http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2507.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2531.JPG People watching Satsang through 2 way Video Conferencing http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2545.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2546.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2556_0.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2558.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2560_1.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2564.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2567.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2568.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2572.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2576.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2580.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2582.JPG Swamiji in Sarvadarshan http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_2598.JPG Blessings to all