February 01 2004

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Below are some photos taken during Ananda Spurana (ASP) program conducted at Los Angeles

Asp - 07--3--2.1.04 Swami-mod_watermark.jpg Asp - 09--10--Swamiji's Paadam_watermark.jpg Asp - 04--6--Swamiji b4 energy darshan 2.1.04_watermark.jpg Asp - 01--9--Swamiji with youngsters-solo_watermark.jpg Asp - 06--4--Swamiji 2.1.04 energy darshan la_watermark.jpg Asp - 03--7--Swamiji in Dhyanama 2.1.-4_watermark.jpg Asp - 08--2--2.1.04 Swami Enerdy Darshan-mod_watermark.jpg Asp - 05--5--Swamiji 2.1.04 LA Energy Darshan_watermark.jpg Asp - 02--8--Swamiji The Ultimate 2.1.04_watermark.jpg Asp - 10--1--2.1.04 Swami ending od Sahasrahaara Chakra--solo_watermark.jpg