December 03 2013

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In today’s morning satsang from Bali Paramahamsa Nithyananda introduced us to the science of neuron mirroring, using an example of someone standing on the beach watching another person swimming and experiencing the same brain activity as the person swimming. He said that when we sit in Upanishad with an enlightened master our brain will mirror his state of completion. This was followed by the Nirahara Samyaa meditation.


Paramahamsa Nithyananda, science, neuron, mirroring, brain, activity, Upanishad, Enlightened Master, completion, Nirahara Samyama.


Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

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I welcome all of you with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Lotus new schannel Sadhna TV, Janashree TV, Eshwar TV, , and through two-way video-conferencing, Sadhna TV all over the world

Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing: Devon-UK, Ohio-Prayag, Paris-Kalighat, Santa Fe-New Mexico, Los Angeles-Arunachalam, Tiruvanmiyur-Chennai, Bangalore North, San Diego-La Jolla, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Port Washington-New York, Bidadi-Nithyananda Nagara, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Seattle-Chidambaram, Surrey-British Columbia, Toronto-Kailasam, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Nithyananda Nagaram-Hyderabad, Singapore-Singapuram, Bogota-Colombia, San Jose-Madurai, Warrington-UK, Oman-Sivagangai, Dakota Dunes, Kuala Lumpur, Kathmandu-Nepal, Jorpati-Nepal, Enriching Temple-Bidadi, Paris-France, Alice France. So I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today third day. Oh now there’s one more centre joining the Sannyas Padayatra from Rajapalayam on the way to Bidadi they are joining blessings to all the Sannyasis doing padayatra.

Today be ready for a mind blowing Satsang!

I am introducing one of the sacred secrets, the spiritual principle to all of you.

Please listen to the key word: “MIRROR NEURONS.” Let me explain the concept then we will re-cognize many of our understandings with this truth, as I said re-cognizing is recognizing.

Mirror Neurons. Very recently I was studying a research paper where they beautifully established with various analyses, researches, one very powerful truth. For example, if somebody is swimming in the ocean, you stand and watch, whatever brain activity is happening in that person’s brain, whatever activities are happening in his brain, in his neurons – please listen – even if you are watching, the same activities are mirrored in your brain, the same neuron activities are mirrored in your brain.

Listen. If you are watching totally, the same effort is mirrored totally in you. If you are absorbed in it, you also know a little swimming – please listen – if you know a little swimming and you are absorbed in it, you are not swimming but you are just standing, both brains are in the same frequency, the same effect, and no difference!

Listen. If somebody is swimming in the ocean, you are standing and watching, if you don’t know swimming, if you are not completely absorbed in it, may be some 80% is mirroring. If you are absorbed in it and you also know swimming, there is no difference at all between his brain and your brain. The mirroring effect, I tell you, if you are watching totally absorbed in it, then the same activity is replicated in your brain. Meaning the same kind of electrical and neurological impulses are activated in your brain. This defines, this de-mystifies many mystical phenomena.

Please listen. Now you know why just by gazing into my eyes you are in the space of Completion, why just looking at me you are in the space of Completion. I am swimming in the Ocean of Consciousness in the space of Completion. Even in these so-called moments of my screaming, whether I am smiling, telling a joke, or rat-a-tat-tat! That is why, even if you are absorbed in what I am doing, even if you are absorbed in the jokes I am telling you, even you are absorbed in the actions, like very mundane, me serving food or ordinary actions – walking, sitting, talking, joking, even in the ordinary actions. See, you will not get 100% absorbed in me if I am sitting in Samadhi; but if I am doing normal activities, like you will feel comfortable – ‘Oh, like us’ – naturally you will get absorbed. Even that feeling absorbed will put you in the space of Completion. This is the reason why the gold, diamonds, silk are all put on the deity. Even if you absorb all that ornaments, even that puts you in the space of Completion.

Usually, you don’t have the 100% capacity to listen or to be absorbed with the happening called “life”. But if you start doing both, your whole 100% will be on me. How many of you are getting it? Only listening 100%, you will not be able to do! Only absorbing 100%, you won’t be able to do. But that is why here I am playing multiple games. It is literally like a big circus! By the time you understand the joke and start laughing, I have already moved on to some other verbal jugglery or brain candy. So, naturally, you are absorbed in total absorption. Actually, total absorption, totally being absorbed happens during Energy Darshan. Whether you are there or not it’s my job I just pull you to that space during Energy Darshan, so you cannot escape, and you have to vibrate in the same frequency as me. That is why people don’t know ABCD of life, just after the twenty-one energy darshans and they go back it is totally different, their life is different.

In this Level-4, fortunate and blessed are you guys. I can take you to the next level of initiations, not just darshans, because, almost all of you have gone through the initiations, gone through many initiations and darshans; now your body is ready to vibrate. As I said, if you already know little swimming and absorbed in somebody’s swimming, there is no difference. Same way, you already know darshans and initiations. See, if that person does not know swimming, not completely absorbed, only 80% mirrors. If he knows swimming, the observer if he knows swimming, and he has absorbed 100% he just mirrors. Almost all of you know initiations and energy darshans; it is not new to your body. Is only one person I heard was a little afraid, and the person expressed to me in energy darshan. I said, ‘don’t worry, I‘ll slowly prepare your body and give you the darshan. Slowly I prepare your body and mind. You don’t need to worry about it.’ Other than that one or two people, every one of you know darshan, initiations.

From today, the initiations are going to the next level, because I am going to be using Yantra below you; you will be on the Yantra. From the first day I was using the Yantra, but behind. I was preparing your body and minds. Yantra is a geometric, sacred diagrammatic representation of the various cosmic energies. The Master’s movements, the body movements, are Tantra. How I move the hand or blow the air, awaken the Kundalini that is Tantra. And the sound vibrations, the music or song or chanting, that is Mantra. And you are going to be sitting on the Yantra. Then understand the power of initiations. Initiation using the Yantra is thousand times more powerful, but your body need to be prepared. I am so happy that, other than one or two persons, every one of you are ready, ready. First two-three days, it will lead to sleepless, tireless nights; but don’t worry about it, because there won’t be tiredness, there won’t be tiredness. Only that one or two people who are a little afraid, you don’t need to get into the Yantra; I’ll directly give you the Darshan, I’ll prepare you also. It’s not that you will be left out; I will prepare you for a few more days. It awakens the non-mechanical parts of the brain, just like that. Very mystical and most powerful initiation.

Please understand, Yantra is actually a geometrical representation of the neuron activity happens in your brain during the Kundalini awakening. When your Kundalini is awakened, when you vibrate in the same space as me, when the neurons are mirrored in you, the geometry appears in your brain, awakening the non-mechanical parts of your brain. That geometry is Yantras. Almost every one of you, your Kundalini is awakened, your non-mechanical brain is getting awakened, your body and mind are balanced to receive this kind of a vibration, to receive this kind of a energy experience, to receive this kind of a neuron mirroring.

Please understand, actually this whole IA Level-4 is about Neuron Mirroring. It’s replicating the highest neural activities inside me, into you. In Level-1, Level-2, Level-3, I may not be able to replicate 100%, because you are new to it. If you yourself don’t know a little bit of swimming, 100% replicating is not possible. Now you yourself know some Completion. You try. You may, may not be successful; that is not the problem. You try; that is enough. And you yourself have learned something about Upanishad and now your body and mind knows what is darshan. When you just like that a jump, your mind doesn’t get agitated, your body doesn’t feel afraid. Says, ‘It’s okay. It’s a fun.’ Have a roller coaster ride without roller nor coaster! Neither a roller or coaster, have roller coaster ride. I tell you, that is why, even when I scream, my Swamis and Swaminis don’t get afraid of me, because only in the superficial outer they get afraid, or they show like they are afraid. Inside, their brain is mirroring my neuron activity which is deep love and compassion. The impact of this will be when you go back, when you begin living your life. It will be like me not like you.

Otherwise, I tell you, I’ll be screaming in my seventh pitch, eighth pitch, ninth pitch and these fellows will be laughing inside.

Listen, listen. When I read about this whole research, I was so relieved; I was so relieved about one thing. Now I know, whether I am able to convey it verbally or not, everybody who comes and sits in my presence will have the glimpse of me and will have the space of Completion.

So this Inner Awakening Level-4 is all about awakening, mirroring the same neurological activities, mirroring the same neurons experiencing and living life with the cognition, energy and the inner-space of an incarnation. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready. Sit back and enjoy the flight!

Actually, when I read that report, I felt that a big load has been taken away from me, because I am always feel ‘Am I making people understand? Am I doing the job properly? Am I really capable of what I am doing? Will I be able to replicate what I am talking? Or am I talking somewhere and people are somewhere?’ No, I doubt my capability sometimes. When I read this report, I was so complete. I felt, ‘wow what a big relief.’ See, I know this mystery; this is the basic science of Upanishad, sitting with the Master and all that. I know this mystery. But it’s now beautifully, step-by-step validated by science. Like a.... The new, new understandings which I got is: If that guy does not know swimming, it’ll not be 100%. If he knows a little bit of swimming it will be, if he’s absorbed it is 100%. All this are a beautiful thing to know, now I know why you also need to know little bit about Completion.

Ramana Maharishi used to say, ‘If you do the search, Atma Vichara, “Who am I?” my presence will make you enlightened.’ So, the person also needs to do a little bit. He also need to know a little bit. Only then the 100% reflection happens, mirroring of the neuron happens.

I tell you guys, when I understood step-by-step this whole mystery being scientifically validated, I was so happy. Oh God! Now you guys just need to know a little bit about Completion. You should have tried with your sincerity; that is enough. There’s no need of anything else. Whatever you call as “sincerity”, you understand as “sincerity”, with that much if you try, that is enough. You just sit and absorb; that’s all. You are teleported to that space, you are transported to that mystery, you are transported to that level to that initiation, to that experience. It’s not bound by Time and Space. I really, really, sincerely, with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching wanted to replicate 100% of that enlightenment experience into all of you. See, I tell you honestly, I never keep anything for reserve. - ‘No, no, no, no, it will be reserved for IA level 5.’ No, only when people don’t catch in Level-1, I make Level-2. If they miss again, then I make Level-3. These levels are not made out of my pleasure or joy or some purpose. It is made out of necessity.

Sit, please all of you sit for a few minutes. Now you all know Completion. So, now you don’t even need to be doing Completion, because you know Completion. You are absorbing, you are absorbing me; that is enough to mirror these neuron activities in your brain also. Just sit mirroring Nithyananda! Namah Shivaya!

I’ll move to the next segment of the morning satsang – Dial-the-Avatar. But all AI participants, you continue to be absorbed. May be you can keep your eyes open, that’s all; because your body and mind is already prepared for initiations and darshans, because you already know the Science of Completion. Just be absorbed you will experience 100% mirroring neuron activity.

Let you all achieve, experience, live, express, radiate, share and explode in eternal bliss, Nithyananda.


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