August 31 2013

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Ganesha Brahmotsavam Starts today with flag hoisting 10:30-11:00am and continuing for the next 10 days. Ganesha Puja is for the completion of all negativities and incompletions that form obstacles in our lives.Now and for the next 10 days complete with all the obstacles in your life. One more Sacred Secret of completion: you think you can only complete with things that you can find the root of. This is a wrong cognition. We can even complete with self-failing, self –rejecting patterns. Even if we can’t find the source we can complete. We can complete with desires from too many incompletions. One inadequate cognition that we all have is the strong belief that our bad space will always overpower our good space…the bad space is the default program. This idea that the Negative space is the default and the positive space is not strong enough is faulty cognition. Both can be completed .the true default program of our Inner Space is Unclutched. Unclutched is our default program. Completing with the belief that Wrong cognition is strong Cognition is Ganesha Puja. Create a space of Ganesha. Complete with all ideas of impossibility for the next 10 days. Do completion on all obstacles and layers of Negativity. Layer- by- Layer Complete.


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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

And, today, Independence Day of Malaysia! My blessings to all the people in Malaysia and our devotees in Malaysia! Blessings to all of you! Selamat Hari Merdeka! And let the whole Malaysia have peace, blessings, bliss and all the auspiciousness and growth! My blessings!

And, today, I have one more beautiful announcement.

As you all know, Dhyanapeetam is Nityotsava, always filled with festivities! Today, we are starting our Ganesha Brahmotsava. So, Vinayaka Chaturthi Brahmotsava is starting. 10:30 am to 11:00 am (Indian Standard Time), in that twenty-one minutes – I can say half-an-hour – in that twenty-one minutes, we will be doing the Dwajarohana – “Raising the Flag” and Ganesha’s Brahmotsava. Actually, from today, tenth day will be Ganesh Chaturthi, the day Vinayaka happened, Ganesha happened. All the Nithyananda TV viewers can join live on Nithyananda TV. And all the other TV viewers can also join Nithyananda TV. It is free. It is web TV. You can join to have the darshan of Ganesha and Ganesha’s Dwajarohana – flag hoisting of Ganesha Brahmotsava.

And tomorrow morning 8:00 am to 9:00 am (Indian Standard Time), during satsang time, we have Meenakshi’s marriage, Meenakshi’s wedding, Meenakshi’s wedding which will be conducted and enacted by our gurukul kids, first time!

So, today, Ugra Pandya – Subramanya – is gracing us with the Leela: “Meruvai Chendaldit Rangam Gun Aditha Padalam”.

Once, the Pandya Kingdom was caught with the famine and poverty. All the astrologers said it was because of an unfavorable planetary position.

So, Sundareshwara appeared in front of Ugra Pandya (Subramanya) and said, “Attack the Mount Meru with the weapon he gave, Sundareshwara gave, “Chendu” and get the gold from Mount Meru; that will take care of bringing the economy of Madurai kingdom back.

So Ugra Pandya does the same thing. He goes and hits Mount Meru. Mount Meru says, “Yes, I have stop performing shiv pooja for a quite a long time, that is why I had to get hit by your Chendu. So he offers gold to Ugra Pandya, and Ugra Pandya brings that gold and the Madurai kingdom’s economy was rejuvenated.

So, this is the way Lord Sundareshwara protected the Pandya Kingdom.

Today, you can see Subramanya – Ugra Pandya – gracing us in that position.

I will move to Satsang, Nithya Satsang.

Today, I have some of the beautiful things to share with you all as part of Nithya Satsang. Some of my recent discoveries.

“Hindi Transalation”

Actually, Todays Brahmotsava, Ganesha Brahmotsava is beginning and 10 days it will happen. But tomorrow, the Meenakshi Thirukalynam is part of the Inner Awakening program. So understand, Meenakshi Thirukalyanam does not happen in Ganesh Brahmotsava. These two are two different things.

“Hindi Translation”

Alright! Let’s move to today’s Nithya Satsang.

Please understand, listen, I am throwing one more sacred secret about Completion. I am throwing more light on the science of Completion.

Listen! If you are constantly struggling with your life, anything you touch never becomes successful, brings suffering, even with those un-understandable, even with those failures which you can’t grasp logically, you can complete!

Please listen, you always think you can complete only with the things of which you are able to find the root. For example, your agitation pattern, the part of you fighting with people. You all believe it started at some time, you go back to the root-pattern and complete with it; it is possible. But, I am telling you one more thing, there are many things which you logically don’t know why, how, when. For example, many of us carry, what many, almost all of us carry this pattern: ‘Whatever I want never happens. Whatever I touch always becomes a failure. May be, one percent if God fulfills, ninety-nine percent he fails me!’ How many of you have this kind of pattern, idea? Raise your hand. If others are not raising, they don’t even know or want to raise! Anyhow…! Even with these kind of patterns you can complete. You can declare, ‘These self-failing patterns, self-rejecting patterns, I am completing with it.’

And always, all of us feel too much is in our plate. ‘Oh, God! You don’t know! So much is there! So much is there! So much is there!’ Too much is in our plate, we always think. Understand, even if you are not able to find when you started believing that, even if you are not able to find when that pattern started, even if you are not able to find how that pattern started, even if you are not able to find the source of that pattern, I tell you, you can straightaway complete with those concepts, ideas you carry in your brain, in your system. If you think life has lot of suffering, if you think life has lot of desires which cannot be fulfilled, if you think your consciousness is putting too much of load of desires on you due to your incompletions which you may not be able to complete with your whole life, please understand, even with all that you can complete! Even with all that you can complete!

And the good news you have is, your inner space by its nature cannot be influenced by any incompletion. Unfortunately, you strongly believe you cannot hold the good space you are having. If you cannot hold your good space and you will fall from it, it means that your good space cannot become permanent in your inner space. If your good space cannot become permanent, then logically, you should know, your bad space also cannot be permanent! But you don’t believe that. You always believe your good space will be slipped, that ‘I will just get imbalanced in a moment, It will tumble down.’ But your bad space you think is a default program. The good news is, your inner space has no default program. Its default program is “unclutched”. Being unclutched is the default program of your inner space. Your strong belief that your bad space, means, negative, impossible, attracting more and more incompletion, that negative space you think is the default program and permanent. That is wrong. You can complete with that belief. You can complete with that belief. Even that belief is an inadequate cognition. Even that belief is an inadequacy of your being. So, understand, you can complete even with that belief. When you complete with that belief, the inadequate cognition of your life, suddenly you will see you are in your default cognition. Your default cognition is “unclutched”. “Unclutched” is your default cognition.

I think our whole Sangha is stuck collectively in this mode only now. When I introduced all the four spiritual tattvas, four principles and the power of Completion, experience of Completion, everyone was very excited. ‘Yes, let me try! Let me try!’ And they all jumped! And they saw some beautiful results! But you have a strong belief that life cannot be a beautiful “Vasantha” (Spring), or life cannot be beautiful Completion forever. ‘Yes, yes, I experienced Completion and the space of Possibility and all that. But that cannot be default. I have done only this much sadhana na! So, I will fall back!’ So, because of the faith that our default cognition is negative, this positive space we created is we created by tapas, you fall back. You fall back.

It is like that day we had Krishna’s play, celebrating Krishna’s pastimes, how we had a play. You tie a mud pot in a rope and take it up and down. See, when I raised it (the mud pot), naturally it has to come down to go again up. See, whenever you asked how can I hold on to the positive cognition? That is where, already you created the problem. Because, you believe now holding on to positive cognition is difficult. Now no technique will help you. No sadhana can help you. Nothing can help you. No technique can help you. No sadhana can help you. Understand, today whole Sangha should decide they complete this inadequate and wrong cognition. Negativity is your default cognition, is the wrong cognition, inadequate cognition with which you have to complete. You should know the truth that Unclutching is your default cognition. Unclutching is your default cognition.

“Hindi Translation”

Understand, completing with the wrong pattern, inadequate cognition that “anything you do will have lot of obstacles, impossible”, is Ganesha Puja. Understand, complete with that wrong cognition which you think as a strong cognition which is not! You always think wrong cognitions are all strong cognitions, which is not true. Wrong cognitions are not strong cognitions as you visualize. Inadequate cognitions, inadequate cognitions are not strong cognitions. Complete with it. Wrong cognition is never a strong cognition. Understand, we have a strong belief: ‘Anything I am going to take it up is going to be very difficult. Anything I am going to take it up is going to be very difficult and impossible. When you have that strong cognition of “it is going to be difficult and impossible”, naturally you already felt the tiredness in your muscle-memory, you already created tiredness in your bio-memory; please understand, already tiredness and boredom have become your default cognition. That’s the most difficult problem! That is the most difficult problem! We have to complete with that.

Completing with the pattern of “impossible”, “most difficult”, is Ganesha Puja. That is what is worship of Lord Vigneshwara. Vigneshwara, Ganapathi, Ganesha stands for “Possible”, “No Obstruction”. Lord of Obstructions! Means, when he stands, all obstructions disappear. He stands for the “Possible”, removes obstacles. I tell you, please understand, create the space of Ganesha in all of you and remove. Complete with the pattern that “impossible”, “difficult”, “lot of obstacles are there”, for the next ten days. This is the Ganesha Brahmotsava for the Sangha. For the next ten days, we are going to work on only this one thing: Completing with all our “impossible” cognitions, completing with all our ideas of impossibility, completing with all our ideas of “lot of obstacles”, completing with all our ideas of “this is not good”, “this is not possible”, “that is not possible”, “this will not happen”, “that will not happen”. Complete with all that wrong cognitions. Complete with all that wrong beliefs. Complete with all that inadequate cognition. This is the Ganesha Puja for all of us this time. This is the message for Ganesha Brahmotsava. This is the message for Ganesha Chaturthi this time, these ten days, doing completion. Anything which you think is obstacle for your declaration is “Vigna”. Completing with that is Vigneshwara Puja.

Unfortunately, you even give up on yourself. Even this idea does not excite you. You think, ‘No, no, I will try, but it will not work out. I will try, it will not work out. I will try, I will try, I will try, it will not work out.’ Means what? You are already finished! You can even complete with the strong layers and layers of negativity. The layers and layers of negativity, you can complete even with that. You can complete all the negative beliefs of your subordinates. Please understand, for whoever you take responsibility, you can complete even for their negative beliefs. So, keeping Ganesha as witness, with my Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, I am completing for all your negative beliefs. I take the responsibility for the whole Sangha and all the devotees and disciples. I am completing with all the wrong cognitions – the cognition of “impossible”, the cognition of giving up, the cognition of “lot of obstacles are there”. I am completing. And you will all experience the power of my completion!

For whomever you are taking responsibility in your life, you can complete for their incompletion. It is possible, because the space of Completion which you carry, the power of that will naturally impact them and create completion in them, make completion happen in them. Completing with that wrong pattern, understand, whatever you declare in your life, anything you feel as obstacle to make your declaration into reality, is wrong cognition, inadequate cognition. You can complete with it. Completing with that is Ganesha Puja.

This time, this Ganesha Chaturthi, my message for all of you is, completing, completing with whatever you carry as impossible, whatever you carry as obstacle, complete with all of that. Each one of your declarations should become reality. Anything you think is stopping your declaration becoming reality, is wrong cognition, inadequate cognition. Complete with all of that. Complete with all of that.

Today, with the inauguration of the Ganesha Brahmotsava, I give this message: Complete with all your inadequate cognitions. Complete with your self-doubting patterns whether you can complete with your inadequate cognitions or not. Even your self-doubting patterns “whether I can complete with my incompletions or not, whether I can complete with my inadequate cognitions or not” is one more inadequate cognition. Complete with that also. So, layer by layer by layer, all the cognitions which smells with impossible – “No, no, not for me”, “Later on”, “I have back pain”, “I am tired”, “Life is boring”, “No, no, these all after ten years”, “I need more resources”, “Too many obstacles”, “I tried my best”, “My logic is stuck there”, “This is much only I can do”, “This is what I am” – all these are layers and layers and layers of inadequate cognition, wrong cognition; complete, complete with all of them. That is why Ganesha is sitting in Muladhara. Ganesha is Lord of Muladhara. Once you complete, complete, complete, complete with all these inadequate cognitions only, he will come out. ‘Yes, I am here!’

Wrong cognitions are not strong cognitions. You strongly believe wrong cognitions are strong cognitions and they are default cognitions and that is the way of life, which is not true.

Understand, today inaugurating Ganesha Brahmotsava, I give this as a message to all of you. Next ten days, all of us will complete all the inadequate cognitions, wrong cognitions, the cognition of impossibility, “I can not”, “I don’t”, “I won’t”, the cognition of obstacles; we will complete with all that. We will complete with all that. And completion with all these inadequate and wrong cognitions is the real Ganesha Chaturthi Brahmotsava this time for all of us. That is Ganesha Puja for our whole Sangha. Let us start Ganesha Brahmotsava from today.

And with my Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, keeping Maha Ganapathy as witness, I complete for all of your inadequate cognitions, all your “impossible” cognitions, all your cognitions of “it is not possible” or “impossible” or “obstacles”, I complete for all of you. I bless you all with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, let you all experience the power of Completion, completion with all the obstacles, and completion with all the “impossible” cognitions, and create possibility and fulfill your declarations.

With this, I will move to the next segment of the morning satsangh – Nirahara Samyama.

Lets move to Nirahara Samyama . Before that, I have an announcement.

Tomorrow, 18th batch, next batch of Nirahara Samyama Level-1 is starting. If you want to enroll – it is a free program – you can register by visiting, or call +91 (80) 2727 9999.

“Hindi Translation”

With this I will move to the Nirahara Samyama.

I request all the participants to sit straight. Close your eyes. Cognize you have become Bidadi Kalpavriksha, living, alive! Inhale through both the nostrils and the mouth. Hold as long as you can and exhale through both nostrils. Do this Kriya continuously for the next twenty-one minutes as comfortably as possible.

With this, I bless you all! Let you all experience intense Completion! Let you all experience intense Kundalini awakening and produce energy directly from space! Let you all live health, bliss and enlightenment! Namah Shivaya!

Let you all achieve, experience, live, express, radiate, share and explore in eternal bliss, Nithyananda!

Photos From The Day:

Morning Paduka Puja in Progress Sri Nithyanandeswara and Nithyanandeswari Meru and Ambal Bhoga Shakthi Swamiji's utsavamurthy Dakshinaurthy Nithyanandeswara and Nithyanandeswari in Different Angles Today's Leela: Meruvai Sendal Adithu Thangam Konardal Subramanya Morning Satsang on Completion Blessings Nithya Dharmam Program by Swamiji in Tanthi tv Swamiji Welcomed with Purna Kumbha to Temple. Ganesha Brahmotsavam Flag hoisting Ceremony Temple Flag Hoisted Arathi to Ganesha