August 30 2013

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Postponing and hiding will not solve the issue of your incompetions. We think we ca escape by not being identified but hiding your identity just shrinks you and isolates you from all the people in your life. Open to all the forces in your life with completion We associate with our laziness pattern and justify it with sickness and then we hide and this just strengthens the incompletions. Every step of our life any incompletion we try to protect by hiding just puts us into bigger bondage. All the patterns, habits, incompletions and mental set up we try to protect will kill us. If we are open and complete and just sit with the Master wherever we are the Kundalini will awaken. This is not dependant on time and space. Living in completion is the most joyful way to live. All Hindu rituals are completions. What you try to hide from life inside or outside will destroy you. The fear that you develop about your pattern is what kills you.


Paramahamsa Nithyananda, laziness, association, incompletion, pattern, fear, time, space, kundalini, bondage, habit


Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmadaachaarya Paryanthaam Vande Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings!

Today, the Leela we are seeing is Kadal Suvara Vel Vitta Leelai; it’s one of the Leelas where Ugra Pandya, the son of Sundareshwara and Meenakshi, who is Subrahmanya himself, protected the Pandya Kingdom using the weapon given by Devi Meenakshi.

As per the story, Ugra Pandya started performing many Ashwamedha Yajnas.

Indra felt threatened, because if people have more punya (merits), they will become Indra. And, Indra and Muruga (Subrahmanya) always had a problem; they never got along well. The Son-in-law, Father-in-law problem! Indra is the father-in-law of Muruga, and there was always a tiff between them. So, Indra was trying to destroy, attack the Pandya Kingdom. Then Mahadeva appears and instructs Ugra Pandya to use the Shakti Ayudha, the weapon given by Meenakshi, and protect the kingdom. So, Ugra Pandya does the same.

Today, you are seeing the Leela being depicted in the form of deity and by our gurukul brahmachari.

With this, I will move to today’s satsang.

I will start with a story:

A man joins a big corporate empire as a trainee. He dials the pantry, shouts into the phone on his very first day at work. ‘Get me a coffee quickly!’

The voice from the other side responded, ‘You fool, you have dialed the wrong extension! Do you know who you are talking to dumbo?’

‘No!’ replied the trainee.

The voice on the other side said, ‘It is the CEO of the company, you fool!’

The trainee was completely shattered, but tries to shout back, ‘Do you know who you are talking to, you fool?’

The CEO on the other side replied, ‘No!’

This guy said, ‘good! That is what I wanted!’, and kept the phone down!

Many a time, please listen, many a time, you escape, because the other side does not know who has done it! No, even with incompletions, please understand, you go on postponing the possible problems! You need to catch it! You need to get it! Postponing is not going to solve the issue. Hiding is not going to solve the issue. May be, in this story, this guy has successfully escaped from this one situation. And, it is also not very difficult, if the CEO wants to find out where the call came from, he can trace it back!

How this guy thinks he is saved because he is not identified, we think in life continuously we can save ourselves if we are not identified.

Listen! Life starts happening if you can be open to every force available in your life. Your child is a force in your life. Your business partner is a force in your life. Your teacher is a force in your life. Anybody whom you see every day and interact with in your life are all forces in your life. Fortunately or unfortunately, all of you are forces in my life! Whether you want it or not, I want it or not, this is the truth! Same way, I am a force in your life. Understand, the ability to be complete with all the forces in the life only allows life to happen in you!

I tell you, if you open…..I have seen some of my own disciples and ashramites, because they can’t handle their laziness, they try to protect their laziness, they will start hiding themselves from me! For example, if they don’t come for morning yoga due to their laziness; to justify their laziness they create sickness! When you can’t come, after a few days, just to protect yourself, see the number of mistakes you do! First, you associate yourself with that laziness, then to justify your absence in the morning yoga session, you make yourself fall sick. And next, you strongly wanted to protect your identity, you start hiding yourself from my eyes. So, the incompletion gap starts building. With everybody, you start creating incompletions and distance. Please understand, actually if you complete with me and the Sangha, suddenly you will see, the very laziness which you are converting into disease will disappear from your being!

I am telling you every step in your life. This is one example I am giving. Every step in your life, anything you try to protect by hiding, any incompletion you try to protect by hiding only becomes more and more incompletion, more and more powerlessness, more and more suffering. You move out of your life more and more. Moving out of your spouse, or moving out of your business partner, or moving out of your family or moving out of people who exist in your life, forces which exist in your life, is not an intelligent decision. Please understand, we always think moving out of people to protect our habits and patterns is freedom. No! That is the biggest bondage! People who move out of life to save their pattern is the biggest bondage!

I tell you, if you are open and complete, even just sitting with me live, will awaken your Kundalini wherever you may be. It is not dependent on time and space! Please understand, it is not dependent on time and space! If you are incomplete, you may be sitting in this very hall, but you will be feeling you are burning, you are sitting inside the fire!

Incompletions in your existence is like a thorn in the flesh. All the patterns and habits and lifestyle you are trying to protect, all the patterns and habits and lifestyle you are trying to protect is the most dangerous. Please understand, what you are trying to protect only is going to kill you! I tell you, whatever you try to protect from the life is only going to sting and kill you! Whether it is your habits or patterns or mental setups or incompletions; listen! Whether it is habits or patterns or mental setups or incompletions, what you try to protect from others and life, what makes you move out of life and others is only going to become cancer in you and kill you!

Most joyful life is having completion with everything around you, having completion with everything around you. Understand, all the rituals in Hindu tradition are nothing but completions. If you are doing Lakshmi Puja, worshipping the Goddess of Wealth, that is nothing but completion with Lakshmi, the wealth energy. If you are doing Shani Puja, worshipping Saturn, that is nothing but completion with Saturn energy. If you are worshipping Naga Devatha, that is nothing but completion with snake energy, the concepts, fears you have about snakes.

Understand, what you try to hide in you from life is going to kill you! What you try to hide from life is going to destroy you! Listen! Your laziness pattern will be a very simple pattern as long as you are ready to expose that to others. But, when you decide to hide that from others, it will simply become disease. Just because you associate yourself strongly with that pattern or the fear you develop about that pattern, destroys.

Please understand, when you develop fear even about a small guy, the guy himself may not have the power to kill you, destroy you, but the fear you developed about that guy will destroy you!

I tell you, whenever you try to hide something, the fear you develop about it itself will imbalance you. In Tamil, there is a proverb: “If you hide the comb of the bride, you can’t stop the marriage!”

Please understand, whether you are hiding something which is inside you from the life, or trying to hide something outside you from the life, in both situations your own incompletion kills you, destroys you! You don’t need a separate punishment.

Understand, life is so powerful, you cannot cheat it with your logic. It functions with the simple, natural Law of Existence. Please understand, the power of the natural Law of Existence is such, nobody needs to teach you. By your very birth if you start growing, you will catch it! You will catch it!

I am studying Kapila’s teachings and Kapila’s sutras. I am just overwhelmed by the purity of Kapila’s thinking! I can tell you, god! He is a pristine, pure, clear crystal water! A few days before, I saw a photograph of a lake which is five-hundred feet deep. But I could see through the water everything at the bottom of the lake so beautifully! I remembered exactly that photograph when I read Kapila’s teachings! That is the exact visualization I had! Why Kapila’s teaching has not become popular you know? Because it is a natural thing! You don’t need to popularize it! Your body, your mind, your bio-memory, your muscle-memory, your consciousness; if I consider you as a computer, Kapila is the default program! Understand, if you consider your body as a computer, Kapila is the default program! Default program need not be sold or made freely available in the Internet or anything. It is the default program! Understand! Only Kapila’s words can have, only Kapila’s words match with the definition of “Dhamma”, a natural Dhamma. He starts with Completion, he flows in Completion, and he ends in Completion! He starts with Completion, flows in the space of Completion, ends in the space of Completion! Completion, the space of Completion makes you understand the natural Dhamma. Please understand, I really feel, other than Kapila’s, everybody else’s teaching is a torture to humanity, because everybody presumes, assumes something other than the natural flow and starts. Kapila assumes the natural flow, natural Law of Existence, continues with the natural Law of Existence, and dissolves in the Natural Law of Existence, ends in the Natural Law of Existence!

I was getting ready to speak on Kapila’s Sankhya Kárika and Kapila’s teachings recorded in Shrimad Bhágawatham, the third chapter, third canto. There is a beautiful book called “Kapila Geetha”, Kapila’s teachings to his mother, Deváhuti, and Kapila’s Sankhya Sutras and Sankhya Kárika. Sankhya Kárika is developed based on Kapila’s philosophy. I was trying to speak on all those books, suddenly I discovered I need training, I need training to speak on Kapila, because He is too natural. Just because of this English language itself, my tongue is corrupted a little bit. Please understand, this language is not designed to express the natural Law of Existence. The Law of Natural Existence! This language is designed for make-up. This language is not designed for the natural flow of Existence. This language is not designed for Dhamma. I think, continuously speaking, speaking, speaking in this language, my tongue has become a little corrupt. So I thought, I need a little training to speak the purity of Kapila in its original form. So, I need to learn better, refined words which I can put in such an organized way that these words nullify their unnatural expressions and finally make you understand the natural flow of Kapila. He is such pristine purity, I am afraid to translate him in any other language. His original Sanskrit is literally like playing the Veena, not like drums. English is like drums, the language of MTV. Kapila is like morning chanting. Kapila is like mother’s lullaby to a child. English is MTV compering. So, I am still finding, and I still wanted to train myself before singing the beautiful flow of Kapila. If people can understand Sanskrit directly, I would really love to speak on Kapila directly in original Sanskrit; but, unfortunately, I have to use only English as a medium.

When I was studying, I found such beautiful expressions! He is one of the great incarnations celebrated in Shrimad Bhágawatham. If you read Kapila, you won’t find a single moral lesson or even definition of morality or immorality! But I tell you, the followers of Kapila will be the most beautiful moral beings on the Planet Earth; because he just puts you into the natural flow of your being; you do not hide anything from others, you do not hide anything from yourself, you are not afraid of anything which is within you or outside you.

I tell you, I will make my kids, Gurukul kids, learn Sanskrit just to understand Kapila! What pristine purity! Kapila is the definition of the natural Law of Existence. Kapila is the definition of innate intelligence. He doesn’t give any big instructions on “dos” and “don’ts”. No! He just makes you understand your natural flow, that’s all!

Soon, very soon, you can expect satsanghs, Nithya Satsangs on Kapila Geetha and Sánkhya Kárika and Sánkhya Sutras. Soon! Be ready to receive the beauty of Kapila, because even to receive Kapila you need a certain level of Completion in your heart, because Kapila is so beautiful, so powerful, so natural! It is unfortunate, human-beings always understand “beautiful”, “powerful” as something not natural. Kapila is as beautiful as the Gopikas of Bhágawatham, and as intelligent as Krishna’s Geetha, and as natural as Dharmaraja! Only with certain Completions you will understand intelligence, beauty, naturalness all can flow together in one space; that is Kapila!

The essence of today’s satsang:

The incompletions you are trying to hide inside or outside, leads only to more and more suffering, incompletions and destruction. So, I request everyone to drop the incompletions inside, outside and not to disturb your inner space with your incompletions!

With this, I move to the next segment of the morning satsang – Nirahara Samyama.

Please sit straight. Close your eyes. Cognize you have become Bidadi Kalpavriksha. Inhale through both the nostrils and mouth simultaneously. Hold as long as you can comfortably. Exhale through both the nostrils. Do this continuously for twenty-one minutes. Even the non-Niraharis, please do this Kriya!

With this, I bless you with my Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching! Let you all experience Kundalini awakening! Let you all produce the energy directly from space, live health, bliss and enlightenment! Namah Shivaya!

I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, with eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!

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Morning Padapuja in Progress Morning Satsang on Completion Leela: Kadal Suvara Vel Vittadu Blessings Blessings Ganesha Ananda Nandhi Sri Nithyanandeswara and Nithyanandeswari Bhoga Shakthi Ambal Swamiji's Utsava Murthy Dakshinamurthy Patanjali Shrine