August 28 2013

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Krishna…on the occasion of Krishna Jananasthme ,Krishna’s 5,241st birthday. Krishna is responsible for all the good things we have in our life. He introduced the science of Completion as a path to enlightenment showing by example that it is possible to live in completion, in joy, in livingness. Krishna did everything out of completion. He was the consumate politician and expressed as no one before or since the boldness of romance. He conquered the jealousy of others as a courageous lover…so complete that he exuded love in every situation. Krishna was not logical but highly intelligent , in the space of Sankhya. Throughout his time on planet earth he continually radiated knowledge, love, romance intelligence and poornatva in the face of huge and sometimes violent opposition. He showed us all that when you operate from completion life is Leela, joy and bliss. He never moved into incompletion. Krishna was so whole, so established in spirituality and so eloquent in his expression of innumerable Spiritual Energies. It is no wonder that lord Krishna is the most worshiped being on planet earth. The largest number of people have a crush on him, because he expresses that quality of making every one feel that he belongs to Them. Lord Krishna is the Lord of our hearts…Jai Sri Krishna.


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I welcome you all with my love and respects on this great auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, With the help of the scriptures we found that Krishna’s birth year today, 5241st Jayanti of lord Krishna. As per the bhagavatam, the scriptural references, we calculated, so today is 5241st Jayanti of Krishna.

Today you can have darshan of Venugopalaswami. Krishna bhagawan in Sesha Vahana, and other side Kali dancing on Shiva.

Today auspicious day Bhagawan Krishna’s birthday and we have offered 108 Naiveidhams to Sri Krishna and Los Angeles centre is offering 38 Naiveidhams. And today we will also have festival of Krishna jayanti in the evening. Salem is offering 38 Naiveidhams to Krishna. And we will have an important and beautiful festival remembering Krishna in the evening. All the Gurukul kids and inner Awakening participants and everyone in the Adheenam will be part of this.

Alright, Naturally, today I have to speak only on Krishna. Today’s satsang, Nitya Satsang will be on Bhagawan Sri Krishna.

It is Sri Krishna who is responsible for all the good things we have in our life. Please understand, anything good, anything joyful, anything auspicious. Living the life out of completion and joy. The science of living the life out of completion and living the life out of completion will lead to enlightenment, whatever you may be doing, without renouncing, this science is introduced to the world first time by Sri Krishna. Understand, till Krishna all incarnations were teaching science of leaving, renouncing if you want enlightenment. But it is Krishna who gave the science of living in completion. The space of completion, live in the space of completion, you don’t need to renounce anything. Wherever you are you will be radiating life and enjoying life. Krishna’s life is an example of living in the space of completion, he has not done any .. Please Listen, come to the space of listening, He has not done anything out of incompletion. He has done everything out of completion and he has done everything which you think is done only out of incompletion. Understand, he is the greatest politician, after him or before him no one or no politician is so complete like him. No politician can be compared before him or after him, with him. He is such a politician and unimaginable lover. Before him or after him no one can be compared to his boldness to romance.

Understand. You need certain boldness to romance because whenever somebody is seen with romance  the whole society is agitated out of jealous, anger. It attacks that person who is in the space of romance.  You don’t need to romance with opposite gender.  Just sit in a romantic mood with a tree, a river, people will be angry with you. Just sit in romance with the moon, the sun, the tree, the river and mountain, People will be angry with you. Because they are jealous, agitated. Really can’t digest somebody in the space of romance. And this guy, God,  What a courageous lover. What a courageous lover, He is so complete, soaked in the space of completion.  Please understand, he is not a guy who is not logical, he is established in the space of sankhya, Knowledge. That is why, the moment he has to open his mouth to teach Arjuna, the whole Sankhya yoga comes out. And when he describes his glory he says “ SIDHA NAM, KAPILO MUNNI HI” I am the Kapila among the Siddha’s. The great incarnations.  And that is why I say Krishna is also among the Mahamandeleshwars of MahaNirwani Akhada.  Because he studied Sankhya as a follower of Sankhya philosophy. 

Please understand, suddenly, out of the blue, if I am cornered to solve a problem, If I am forced to solve a problem, the fist solution which comes out of my mind, is What the solutions or philosophy, out of which I am solving MY problem. Please understand, if I am put in a difficult situation and asked to solve certain issue, first what I utter will be the ideas with which I am solving my own problems. When Krishna was cornered, see it was a shock even for Krishna when Arjuna dropped the bow and arrow and saying, “I am not interested in fighting”. Oh GOD, trusting these fools he went all the way as a peace ambassador and planned the whole thing. That’s the first World War. Mahabaratha is the first World War. Please understand, at that time the whole humanity, 54 Desha’s are divided as two part. The whole world is participating. Either you are on the side of Duruyodana or Arjuna. And suddenly one fellow is telling “I am not going to wage the war”. How will you handle this. That is too much. Impossible to handle. Now Krishna feels you see….. Every knows Krishna may not be in the front but he is running the whole show. So he is completely cornered now. He has to solve Arjuna’s problem. The first ideas with which he is sorting out Arjuna’s problem is from Sankhya yoga. The moment he opens his mouth what comes out from him is Sankhya. Kapila’s philosophy. Means Krishna himself was practicing Sankhya. He himself was practicing Sankhya, person established in knowledge. And one more thing, if you see the way he radiates knowledge, love, romance, intelligence, strategy planning, Only he can be called as Purna Avatara. The word Purnavatara can be given only for him. Krishna Unimaginable expression of ultimate consciousness. The power of his presence and the amount of suffering, opposition he has to go through due to his pure love, his pure energy and his pure intelligence. Even after he created his own kingdom, he had to face so much. And you all need to know, he is such a powerful strategy planner, he is not a dry empty egoistic. When needed he even escaped from war field. When needed he even hid himself. The space of completion he was holding, the spce in which he was operating, I tell you, please Understand, When you operate from the space of completion, whatever you do is Leela. It is not boring life. Krishna is the first incarnation, demonstrated the concept of Leela on the planet earth. First incarnation who demonstrated that life can be lived from the space of completion. Life can be lioved from the space of joy. Krishna is embodiment of joy. Embodiment of bliss. Embodiment of life. Among the polluted politician, he is the embodiment of purity. Never ever he moved into the space of incompletion. If one politician falls into river, its called pollution. If all polliticians fall and drown in the river its called solution. But Krishna being the great politician, never ever entered into the space of incompletion. And established in the spirituality, that is why it did not take even for one moment to leave all hios Gopis and Gopikas and gopas to go to Mathura to fulfill his life’s mission. The greatest protector of Dharma. Established in spirituality. There is no materialism, if he was materialistic he cannot so easily leave whole Brindavan and go just like that.

Story, a lawyer opened the door of his BMW when suddenly a car came along and hit the door, ripping it off completely. When the police arrived at the scene, the lawyer was complaining bitterly about the damage to his precious BMW. “Officer, look what they have done to my BMW” he whined. Office said “You lawyers are so materialistic, you make me sick”, he started screaming, “ You are so worried about your stupid BMW that you don’t even notice that your left arm was ripped off”. “ Oh my god” replied the Lawyer, finally noticing the bloody left shoulder where his arm once was. And he is screaming, “Where is my ROLEX”.

Understand many time, matter seems to be more important than the life. Many time people give life for material. But Krishna never bothered about matter or material. Such a embodiment of completion. There was no incompletion.

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Krishna – the sacrifice he had done to establish ‘Dhamma’, the way he lived ‘Dhamma’ and protected ‘Dhamma’ unimaginable; amazing. Actually, when I start or trying to talk about Krishna, I am stuck because which dimension you can speak? You can’t speak about any dimension. He is such whole. I can say whenever you try to describe his any one dimension, the words looks so futile. His Anantkalyangunas, his innumerable spiritual energies, or the spiritual qualities. Still he is the one man ruling the whole Hindu consciousness and largest worshipped man. Please understand, largest worshipped incarnation on the planet earth is Krishna. Jesus can be said as largest followed man but only Krishna can be said as largest worshipped being, largest worshipped human being. A man with whom so many people experience the joy of love and romance. Understand, making everyone feel that he belongs to them that is the basic needs for the romance to happen. He was able to do and ability to handle all the anger and jealous from the people who are not able to raise themselves to the level of Krishna and what a personality. Don’t ever use the word womanizer for him. Please understand. It is my since request, don’t ever use the word womanizer for Krishna. Because by the time he left Vrindavan, he was only 9 year old. So you can’t say he was a womanizer. As a child, still he was a child. So 9 year old child can never be a womanizer. Sure, no doubt he had such beautiful romance and radiated love but he was never womanizer.

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Bhagwan Shri Krishna- you see just through his logic he is not convinced as about his greatness, the way he handled every moment of his life, the way he lived every moment of his life, the way he held himself, the way he expressed himself, he has stolen our hearts and he is the lord of our hearts. Krishna – lord of our hearts and through this one stanza, one prayer, I offer my whole being with integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching, I offer my whole being at the feet of Bhagwan Shri Krishna –

“Vasudeva sutam devam

Kamsa-Chanoora mardanam

Devaki parama-anandam

Krishnam vande Jagatgurum”

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With this I bless you all. Let you all radiate with integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching with eternal bliss. Nithyanadam. Thank you.

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Kali dancing on Lord Shiva. Krishna Naivedyam Offered to Lord Krishna Morning Padapuja Morning Satsang on Krishna Sarvadarshan Blessings Blessings