August 26 2017

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Day's Event

Essence of Nithya Satsang

"Unless we do by ourself physically, we will not be able to cognise in our depth and we will never be able to make others do.

When you are doing hard work, your brain evolves a methodology to do it easily. That's called smart work.

You have to learn smart work while doing hard work, that's a law of life. Smart work cannot be picked up from others' work. Only when you do hard work, the cognitions will evolve to do smart work."

~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Glimpses from Kalpataru - Initiation into Mahasadashivoham

"Pushing humanity to the next level of consciousness. It is not program, it is pushing humanity to the next level of consciousness. Pushing humanity to the consciousness of Sadashiva - Mahasadashiva, the Ultimate.

It is time humanity enters into the next level of consciousness. Thanks to the body, mind, conscious evolution, you all went through patiently.

Listen carefully, you all started as amoeba, cell, from amoeba to fish physical growth, from fish to monkey, physical & psychological, monkey to man, physiological, psychological conscious growth. Now it is time to move from man to Sadashiva - divine superman superhuman. Sadashiva.

The State of Sadashiva - Nirvikalpa Samadhi - unclutched space, pure consciousness. Space of Sadashiva - the software with which he operates, He Himself uses the word #Agama. The State from which he operates into space, is Agama. State, space and manifestation. Everything he manifests is powers, Shakti. This whole Mahasadashivoham program is to give you the experience, experience of state, space and manifestation of powers."

His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda also revealed and introduced the latest new Spiritual Alchemy product, the Guru Prana Murti. This alchemy product, not only is energized but also stores His Holiness' Prana - breathing life energy.

Raising Human Consciousness - Kalpataru Initiation into Mahasadashivoham Day1


In this video Swamiji talks about the purpose of Mahasadashivoham: To push humanity into the next level of consciousness. Swamiji introduces us to the various aspects of the state, space, and powers of Mahasadashiva and causes the same to manifest in us: traveling to different planes, manifesting extraordinary powers, living in complete completion, and more

Link to Video: