August 02 2013

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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares another beautiful dynamic of completion - the science of completion will not only help us to experience life, it also teaches us how to remain eternally in love with life! The continuous completion process infuses us with tremendous bliss, showing us our highest possibility and allowing us to enter into the cosmic space. Completion becomes part of our very being. Let us be constantly in love, which is living in pure excitement free from fear and worry, by completing with every aspect of our life and sharing this great science with everyone!


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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmadachaarya Paryanthaam Vande Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome you all with my love and blessings!


I am not going to leave this subject of Completion for some more time, because completion directly leads you to liberation; completion directly liberates you from the karmas; completion directly leads you to experience the truth; completion directly makes you to experience the reality of life! Completion shows you the real reality! I can’t even say, new reality, it shows you the real reality! Completion, completion polishes you, makes your being shine in every step.

Human-beings reach their possibility only through completion. See, any spiritual practice has the component of completion in it, whether it is Catholic confession, or Hinduism’s átma vichara, or self-introspection of Buddhism, whatever may be the technique and whatever may be the religion, in every successful spiritual practice there is a component of completion. How much the component of completion is, that much the practice gives the result. Understand, in every inch, in every step, in every way, completion becomes the being; completion becomes life. Listen to these two words!

Please come to the space of listening!

Completion becomes your being because anything before completion is not your being. The broken parts of your being cannot be your being. Spare parts of your car cannot be your car. Only when the spare parts are assembled, it can be your car. The broken parts of you cannot be you. Only when all the broken parts are assembled, you become you. Listen! Only when the broken parts are assembled, you become you! Only when the broken parts are integrated, you become you! Completion makes you integrated!

Start anything with completion. Start anything after completion. With whomever you are living, teach them the science of completion. That is safety for you! Your life will be stable if you live with people who live completion, who practice completion. Whether it is your brother, father, mother, sister, husband, wife, son, daughter, with whomever you are living, teach them completion. Make them live completion. Don’t live with people who don’t know completion. Please understand, I am going one step ahead. Don’t live with people who don’t know completion, because they will be creating karma chakra. Please understand, when somebody has incompletion of anger, when they pour that incompletion, they are going to agitate, create anger in somebody else, in the other person, and it is going to just create the karma chakra. Same way, when somebody has the lust, when they throw that on the other person…please understand, love is a gift of completion; lust is a gift of incompletion. If you complete all the root-patterns, suddenly you will see lust dissolves into love. Love is the by-product of completion. Lust is the by-product of incompletion.

A very deep understanding is required. I always told, even in earlier satsangs I have revealed, the good news is, lust is not a root-pattern and, it cannot be a root-pattern, because root-pattern starts before the age of seven, but lust starts only when your body is getting matured. The good news is, lust is never a root-pattern. It is only the complicated, different root-patterns which support lust to grow. Usually, it will be the root-patterns like “I am not worthy” or “I have to conquer”, “I have to win”. It is the incompletions which form the basis for lust to grow. I tell you, complete all these incompletions, suddenly, the lust will flower into love!

In the Vedic marriages, there is a beautiful blessing: “By the eleventh year, let the husband become child for the wife, let the wife become mother for the husband!” It is a very beautiful verse!

You may be thinking, ‘What is this?’

But when the pure love blossoms, the experience becomes different. Violence, vengeance, anger, “I am good for nothing”, the victim hood, pattern of victimization, if all these things can be completed, life is life. Then starts life!

Understand, in every level, every step, every phase of life, learn the science of completion. Live the science of completion; experience the science of completion, because in every level, in every line, every line of your biography should be written with the ink of completion! I can say, if you write your biography, every line with the ink of completion, your biography will be written in golden letters! The ink of completion creates golden letters. Life of completion, joy of completion, experience of completion! It is completion that even starts your life!

I can tell you, I can sing poetries about completion! I can sing the glory of completion! I can do stotras for the completion process, because completion is God!

Just yesterday, I was contemplating “oh Mahadeva, You revealed so much in Vijnana Bhairava Tantra!’

See, there is a book, “Shiva Sutra”- a collection of various teachings Mahadeva gave to Devi. I was thinking, ‘how come, Mahadeva, you never spoke about completion?’ Suddenly, in front of my eyes, literally in golden letters, the sutra popped up and I went and referred to the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra; Mahadeva has clearly explained the process of completion. I thought that the process of completion is from Vedanta and the Upanishads, because I have read only in the Upanishads. Even in Tantra, direct words of Mahadeva, completion is described in a very detailed way as a definition. Mahadeva has given completion in Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. He recommends, every night we sit, before falling asleep, doing completion!

In every level, whether you are in a beginner level, or growing level, or advanced level, whatever level you think you are in, whatever level of spirituality you think you are in, completion is the best process, completion is the most powerful process, completion is the most blissful process! Completion is completion! Completion just for the sake of completion, completion just as a life of completion, because what all completion can add, still I am not able to describe!

The day-before-yesterday, there was a radio talk-show, and she (the hostess of the talk show) was asking, ‘Why completion?’

I said, this question can be answered only by another question, ‘Why life?’

You should actually ask the right question, ‘Why life?’

Then, the answer for the question, ‘why life?’ is: “Completion!” You take the human body only to complete all your incompletions, so that you can be liberated. Please understand, you take the body of demon, asura, for suffering. You take the body of deva for enjoying. But the body of nara, human-being is for completion! Whatever incompletions you may carry, complete it.

I tell you, you experience life rarely in your life! You experience life rarely in your life! Listen to this statement. May be when you are highly enthusiastic to learn something like music or dance, when you are highly enthusiastic and learning something, those few moments in your life you live life. Or, suddenly,

you fall in love. Falling in love is not restricted to your age, the other gender, and all that. Sometimes you may fall in love with a deity, god. Sometimes you may fall in love with a book. Sometimes you may fall in love with a place. I have experienced falling in love with the whole Arunachala Hill! I’ll just be crazy about that hill. I’ll feel ‘why people are wasting papers printing things other than Arunachala in the life! What else is there to be seen other than Arunachala!’ There was a time I remember, I used to feel, if I see a newspaper I used to feel, ‘why these fools are wasting papers, in this world what is the only thing to be seen, this Arunachala!’ So, whoever is living in Tiruvannamalai, they should all be sitting and gazing at Arunachala! And whoever is not there, they should get the newspaper where only different photographs of Arunachala is printed! Every day they should be seeing that paper and gazing at it! If I was given the governance of the world at that time, I would have done that only; ‘hey ban all the newspapers, you can print only Arunachala! First side, second side, third side, fourth side, you can put different poses of Arunachala, different photographs of Arunachala, but only Arunachala! There was a period in my life, I just experienced that falling in love! I still remember, my eyes had become big because I wanted big eyes to see the whole Arunachala! When you fall in love, you experience life!

I tell you, I can give you the science of retaining that joy, that excitement! When you fall in love with music, you will live life. When you fall in love with dance, you will live life. You will not know anything called fear. Fear is always out of powerlessness. You will not know anything called fear. When you fall in love, no question of fear. As eleven-year-old or twelve-year-old child, boy, I would roam around all over Arunachala. I would just climb! I can see, there will not be a single stone where I have not put my foot in Arunachala! When you are in love, you will not know anything called fear! That’s the way I got on to the horse and foolishly broke my hand! I fell in love with that horse riding and got on to the horse without any protective mechanism! But, I’m not worried even one inch about it. Because, when you fall in love, no question of fear or worry! You will be in pure excitement! I tell you, I can give you the science of that pure excitement through which you can retain that pure excitement throughout your life! That is Completion! Do completion, throughout your life you will live excitement, joy!

Your body will show the grace that you are in love with life, you are in excitement, you are in joy. Your very body language will show that joy, the life!

The essence of today’s satsang is:

Science of Completion will keep you eternally in love with life, eternally experiencing life. Live the science of completion. Mahadeva has beautifully described the science of completion. Please understand, all of you should know, and some of you might have had this question, ‘Why Mahadeva has not described the Science of Completion?’ I had this doubt. And, yesterday, Mahadeva revealed He has spoken about completion, he has elaborately, and He has defined the completion. He has spoken elaborately in Vijnana Bhairava Tantra and also in the Sutras. This only strengthens our trust in the Science of Completion.

So, with this, I will move to the Nirahara Samyama.

I will explain some more things about Nirahara Samyama.

• First thing, please understand, if you have any illness, I’ll sincerely recommend you consult your doctor, your physician, before taking up this Nirahara Samyama.

• If you are already underweight, your BMI (Body Mass Index) level is lower than what it should be, you should not be doing this Nirahara Samyama.

• But, if your haemoglobin level is low, you can do this Samyama. Please understand, when I am making this statement, I am really responsible, because many people’s haemoglobin level became normal through this Nirahara Samyama. Because, this Kriya and this process awakens the method of absorbing the prana into your system.

So, the first level is two days, we will be concluding the first level of Nirahara Samyama we will be concluding tomorrow. Tomorrow, after satsangh, you can eat, break the fast. And then, tomorrow whole day, you can eat, three times, not more than that!

From the day-after-tomorrow, we will start the second level Nirahara Samyama. For seven days you will be doing the second level Nirahara Samyama. Then, after that, you’ll have a break for, again, two days.

Then, we will start the third level Nirahara Samyama for eleven days.

We will start the Samyama Kriya. Sit straight. Cognize you have become Bidadi Kalpa Vruksha. Inhale through both nostrils and the mouth. Hold as long as you can. Exhale through both the nostrils as slowly as you can. Do this same Kriya for the next twenty-one minutes.

I bless you all! Let you all experience Kundalini awakening and live health, bliss and enlightenment by producing the energy directly from space. Namah Shivaya!

Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, with eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!


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