April 30 2014

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In today’s morning Satsang from Varanasi, Paramahansa Nithyananda spoke about how the whole of Kashi is Gods and Goddesses celebrating. It is like a miniature cosmos. This city is not build out of stone, pillar, pole or construction material it is build out of all our intense sincere sacred sentiments. This city is older than history itself. Far older than legends itself. And still most fascinating.


Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Kashi, Gods and Goddesses celebrating, miniature cosmos, intense, sincere, sacred sentiments, older than history, older than legend.


Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, sitting with us all over the world at this time through Nithyananda TV, Lotus news channel, SadhanaTV, and through two-way video-conferencing having nayana deeksha in many cities, many countries around the world.

This place is Ananda Vana. Varanasi is called as Ananda Vana, because this is Mahadeva’s quarters! This is where he lives! The first quarters he built for himself. The first city he developed for himself! Ananda Vana.

All of you may be aware that 26th Inner Awakening is starting tomorrow in Ananda Vana, Varanasi. 23rd eN-Genius!


Let me be very honest: Whenever I come to Varanasi, I feel like a owner. That is the exact feeling; Like a king, owner!

This is the place of Vishwanatha, Kaalabhairava.

॥Nithyam Adhwitheeyam Ishta Daivatham Niranjanam॥

Kaalabhairava, the space of eternal Advaitha.

॥Nithyam Adhwitheeyam Ishta Daivatham Niranjanam॥

This is Ananda Vana, this place. Whenever I land in this place, just Kundalini goes crazy. My Kundalini itself! And where it is I don’t know. And the energy the body radiates. So healthy it feels. The whole inner-space, and the...... So, literally, the word ‘Ananda Vana’ is true. That is why this place melts away all the karmas.

Please understand, yesterday, yesterday evening, I can say, late evening, we were all having night out with Ganga in a boat. We all went to be with Ganga. It was so nice. And we did the formal Kashi Yaathra, which you are supposed to do from Assi to Varuna; that is called Kashi Pradakshina; means, going around. All the IA participants, don’t worry, you will also be doing that in next few days. And we were doing Rudrabhishekam. After the Rudrabhishekam – I myself performed Rudrabhishekam for the Shivalinga which is supposed to go to Seattle; that deity I energized and did the Rudrabbhishekam – after the Rudrabhishekam, I told our Swami to put that flowers and milk into the Ganga. I saw, the moment he poured that flowers and milk into Ganga, some thirty-forty bhootaas holding that. Only very little fell on the Ganga. These fellows were holding and running, sprinkling here, there, here, there, that milk and that flowers. I was wondering what these fellows were doing. They are all Ganga cleaners. They were all the conscious cleaners of Ganga. They serve Mahadeva, means Kaalabhairava. They serve Kaalabhairava, helping Kaalabhairava to keep Ganga spiritually clean. There are few places where some of the worst sinners have taken bath. These fellows are taking that milk and sprinkling in all those ghats, those areas!


Only in Varanasi the bhootas and prethas have a right to enter into an enlightened Master’s energy field. Otherwise, they cannot enter my field. They will be liberated. The moment they enter my energy field, they will be liberated. But in Kashi they serve Mahadeva, Kalabhairava. So, they are all like Ishvara Kotis. Kaalabhairava allowed them to be in that shareera. So, they never harm anybody. They only serve. Bhootas and prethas, means the people who leave the body before the time they were supposed to leave the body. And in Kashi these fellows get a special opportunity to serve Mahadeva, serve Kaalabhairava, for keeping the place clean, like scavengers, and kicking out the unwanted fellows out of Varanasi. The fellows who are not qualified to be in Varanasi, they kick them out. And people who are supposed to be in Varanasi, they bring them here. It is like cleaning and security job these bhootas and prethas do in Varanasi.

The whole Kashi is celebrating, understand that. The whole Varanasi is celebrating. All the gods, goddesses, Shiva Ganas, Shiva Bhootas, Shiva Bhaktas, all of them are celebrating. I can only say, get ready to have the best spiritual blast. And, anything else I say, you may think marketing. And I don’t want you to have that cheap word ‘marketing’ for Varanasi.

I tell you, this is the most fascinating city in the world. Here cows, bulls, dogs, beggars, dead bodies, snakes, all of us have to literally scratch each other while we walk, and that is the way we can survive. That is the only way we can survive. You will see the dead body cloth will be touching your body while you are walking. Bulls and cows literally scratching their itching or irritation on you, you can see! And dogs! But, you know, none of them hurt each other. It is like literal miniature Cosmos. Miniature Cosmos! None of them hurt each other. They all live together in such a small place....that main Varanasi. Main Varanasi is the place they all live together. It is a tradition that bulls don’t hurt here anybody. And the lizard will not make sound. The Garuda will not, eagle will not fly on this Varanasi. And any flower you bring inside the Varanasi it will not have smell; any flower! Because, all smell belongs to Kaalabhairava. That’s the tradition.


Sometimes people think....these stupid fellows think, seeing my devotion to Kashi, all this, they think, ‘He speaks so logically all great principles like Advaitha and all that. Why is he so irrational and superstitious about all this Kashi and this, that?’ I want to tell those stupid fellows: ‘The real me is, my love and devotion and belief and faith in all this, what you call as simple things, touching every stone in every street corner, in Vishwanatha Temple in Kashi, and every day sprinkling Ganga, sitting with Ganga, I will be more happy to do all this than anything else.’ I tell you, this is real Nithyananda. Even some of our own devotees were not able to digest. In Kashi, when any stone, any pillar, any post I see, I will do Namaskar. ‘O Vishwanatha, Vishwanatha’. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Because, this city is not built out of stone or pillar or pole or any construction material; this whole city is built out of all our intense, sincere, sacred sentiments; Intense, sincere, sacred sentiments. This whole Varanasi is built on sacred sentiments. That is why Ramakrishna says it is a Golden City.

We were publishing a special issue on Inner Awakening in sacred places – Varanasi and Haridwar. In that, my editor, she has written about Manikarnika Ghat, saying that, ‘This is the largest crematorium ground’ and all that and people burn their near and dear ones’ dead bodies here believing that they will directly go to heaven or liberation. I immediately called and ‘What do you mean? What do you mean by saying, believing people will reach the heaven or liberation? I told her, ‘Put it in affirmative and put my name as authority.’ Anybody burnt here is liberated immediately. Mahadeva appears and initiates them, liberates them. This is Avimuktha Kshetra – never forsaken, never given up. Avimuktha Kshetra.

Varanasi is literally like a Cosmos. If you understand it, it is most fascinating. You will see such a beautiful order in the chaos. If you don’t, you will see so much of chaos even in the order. If you don’t understand, it will be frustrating. If you understand, this will be the most fascinating city.


And I think, next twenty-one days, I am not going to speak anything other than the glory of Varanasi. I don’t think anything will even come up in my mind or in my inner-space. I can’t say ‘mind’, because I don’t have mind. At least my inner-space, I am going to be only speaking about Varanasi, Varanasi, Varanasi, Vishwanatha, Vishwanatha, Vishwanatha.

This city is older than history itself, and far older than legends itself. And still most fascinating. If you are watching me, I tell you, just come. I know, even now it is not too late. Get up and be here. I know, you may be thinking, ‘Oh, every time Swami does like this same thing. He goes to Kailash and says, ‘Get up and come.’ And he goes to Varanasi and says, ‘Oh, it is so nice here. Please come.’ Anyhow.... Inner Awakening in Varanasi is too much. Varanasi itself is too much. Inner Awakening is too, too much. And Inner Awakening in Varanasi is too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too much.

After the marriage with Parvathi, Mahadeva wants to stay with all the Ganas and Ganapathi, Subramanya, and everyone, the large beautiful community. So, they all decided and chose this place, Varanasi, and settled down here. Then after that only Ganga came and had darshan of Mahadeva. Varanasi was older than Ganga. At that time, this place iss called Ananda Gandha, Ananda Vana. And the word ‘Ananda Gandha’ is used in our whole spiritual literature only once – by Adi Shankara, when he sings about Vishwanatha in Vishwanathashtaka. He sings. That time he uses the word ‘Ananda Gandha’. And those days it was called Ananda Vana. Then after the Ganga came and had darshan of Mahadeva, Varuna and Assi joined, it became Varanasi.

I think, may be, one of my longest stays in this body in Varanasi is this next twenty-five days. I will be here in Varanasi twenty-five days. Nothing much to tell other than HARA HARA MAHADEVA! It is a place to freak out. That’s the truth. No...Really! It’s a place for spiritual freaks. Actually, I can only define me as a spiritual freak. That is the tradition of Paramahamsa. Paramahamsa means ‘spiritual freak’. That’s a right translation of the word ‘Paramahamsa’. So, this is the place to freak out. All the spiritual freakers gather here. The meaning of the word Shiva Gana is nothing but ‘spiritual freaks’. This is the place where spiritual freaks gather. This is not Vaikunta; this is Kailaasa, Mahadeva’s community - Varanasi. Of course, Vishnu also is here, but he also becomes one of the Shiva Ganas and spiritual freaks. Even Vishnu applies Vibhooti and becomes a spiritual freak here. Here even Devi worships Mahadeva.


Ananda Vana! Here even death is a liberation and celebration. Even death is a liberation and celebration. Among the seven Jeevan Mukthi Kshetras, this is the foremost. Kashi is the foremost Jeevan Muktha Kshetra.

Ananda Vana - where even now, Mahadeva relaxes and enjoys his own inner-space and glory, does Ananda Thaandava, celebrates his own existence. How when you are in a high mood you take a selfie and put it in the Facebook, same way, Vishwanatha is selfie of Mahadeva. Vishwanatha and Kaalabhairava are selfie of Mahadeva. Because he is in such an ecstasy, he took a selfie and posted it to all of us. That is Vishwanatha and Kaalabhairava.

And for all the Inner Awakening participants who have arrived here one day early, I have a special surprise for you guys. Today I am going to take you guys to Ganga. Programme starts tomorrow only; But, today a personal, intimate time with Ganga. Be ready here in this same hall around, sorry hall will not be available, but outside around 4:40. The organizers will announce the time. Please all of you gather. We will have a beautiful time with Ganga, and Ganga Arathi.


I was having some other plans, but I decided to accommodate and spend time with you guys. This is a special gift from Ganga Ma to all of you for coming one day early. I know organizers and all may not be able to come. They will have to be preparing for tomorrow. I know they will be already crying, ‘Oh God. Tomorrow there is so much to be done and’, But you guys have to co-operate, whole, the day time you guys finish everything required for all the formalities registration everything. You all finish and be ready to have time with Ganga and the Master, in the evening.

First, the first human-being who started thinking is Kapila. And he lived in Varanasi. His Samadhi is in Varanasi. He had his enlightenment, education, everything here and his Samadhi is in Varanasi. He is the founder of our Akhada, Mahanirvani Akhada. And from Kapila the unbroken thought-current chain of eternal spiritual flow is available. Still he himself is alive here. Vishwanatha is alive here. You will be surprised and shocked to know the devotion of Varanasi vaasis, Kashi vaasis, towards Vishwanatha. See it’s like, local people will always take the deity and temple for granted. But only here you will see, you will be shocked, the devotion the Kashi vaasis, the localites carry, Kashiites carry for Vishwanatha. He is a lifeline for them. He is the lifeline for them.

The essence of today’s satsangh is:

Varanasi! Varanasi, the place of Ananda Vana – blissful forest, and place of spiritual freaks!

I bless you all. Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you.

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